Mom of Six Claps Back at Critic: 'Should I Teach My Kids to Spit?'

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Ever been accused of being 'too good'? One mom of six, known for her children's impeccable manners and her family's heartwarming tradition of supporting orphans, found herself in the hot seat when another parent took offense to her 'perfect' life. The conflict escalated quickly, leading to a fiery exchange that has left the internet divided. Let's dive into this spicy tale of mom-drama. 🍿

Meet the Supermom

aita_mama | aita_mama

A Rare Church Visit

aita_mama | aita_mama

Social Media vs Reality

aita_mama | aita_mama

A Heartwarming Tradition

aita_mama | aita_mama

A Sour Note in the Choir

aita_mama | aita_mama

The Accusation

aita_mama | aita_mama

The Tirade

aita_mama | aita_mama

The Fiery Retort

aita_mama | aita_mama

The Aftermath

aita_mama | aita_mama

A Note on Giving

aita_mama | aita_mama

Mama Bear vs. The Critic: Who's in the Wrong?

In a tale that's causing quite the stir, a mom of six finds herself in a fiery exchange with another parent, Tara, who criticizes her for flaunting her 'perfect' life. The Supermom, known for her children's commendable manners and her family's heartwarming tradition of supporting orphans, claps back with a spicy retort that leaves Tara offended. Now, the Supermom is left wondering if she crossed a line. 🤔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

NTA. Insulting kindness is a red flag for abusive behavior. 🚨

LeaderOfFizzgigs | LeaderOfFizzgigs

NTA: Shutting down a mom-shamer with receipts 👊💪

the-mirrors-truth | the-mirrors-truth

NTA. Sympathize with her, but her example perpetuates son's behavior. Parenting tips?

xnxs | xnxs

Parent defends taking kids to church during pandemic, faces criticism

LockAzzy | LockAzzy

NTA. A miserable mom? 😮 Let's hear the full story!

nylajx | nylajx

NTA. She's TA. The other mom attacked her first. 👍

kindcrow | kindcrow

NTA: Mom claps back at critic for calling her kids brats 😡

Laramila | Laramila

Mom shuts down critic, you're NTA! 💪👏

Kreeblim | Kreeblim

Mom of Six shuts down rude critic, NTA 👏

angeljumps | angeljumps

NTA, don't let her stress and insecurity get to you 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, jealous mom blames you for her poor parenting skills 😏

DominicanBoi02 | DominicanBoi02

👏 A wholesome badass who knows how to shut down haters!

Serious_Prize | Serious_Prize

Mom of 6 claps back at critic, shares relatable parenting frustrations 😤

munchkinbitch2982 | munchkinbitch2982

NTA. Don't let her jealousy ruin your proud parenting moments! 😊

intheeventofchaos | intheeventofchaos

NTA, and kudos for adopting! 👏

bowtothehypnotoad | bowtothehypnotoad

NTA and good on you for not posting embarrassing stuff 😎

isntellie | isntellie

Block her! NTA for cutting toxic people out of your life 🚫

riyuzqki | riyuzqki

NTA. Tara, however, is a ginormous one. 🙄

chrisnada317 | chrisnada317

Engaging with empathy and understanding can make a difference. ❤️

ajax6677 | ajax6677

NTA: Mom defends herself against mom-shamer with fire 🔥

kowikwithak | kowikwithak

Mom defends herself against criticism, her kid's behavior explained 👏

lovebeinganasshole | lovebeinganasshole

Mom shuts down critic with a Christian clapback. 🔥

Sea_Marble | Sea_Marble

NTA - Shutting down a guilt-ridden critic with sass and facts 😎

HunterRoze | HunterRoze

NTA: Unfriend, filter, or block if she can't handle it! ✌️

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Raising wonderful kids vs. Tara raising a brat. 👏

GroovyQueen67 | GroovyQueen67

NTA: Teach your kids to be polite and stand up for themselves 🙌

Fat_manXXL | Fat_manXXL

NTA. Don't let her negativity ruin your happiness! 🙅‍♀️

Charlie_Parkers_Mood | Charlie_Parkers_Mood

NTA: Proud mom shares how her daughter is a charming sweetheart ❤️

WastelandMama | WastelandMama

Curious about the dad's role in this llama spectacle 🤔

DeathBahamutXXX | DeathBahamutXXX

NTA. Tara started shit-slinging, she got it back. 💥

Senator_Bink | Senator_Bink

NTA, classy response to a critic. 👏

mlowsanchez | mlowsanchez

NTA claps back at mom's parenting skills, savage and honest

Professional-Art4303 | Professional-Art4303

NTA: Don't insult a good parent with well-behaved kids! 👏

LuminDoesStuff | LuminDoesStuff

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