Dinner Drama: A Skillet, White Wine, and an Ex-Alcoholic

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Ever thought that a simple act of cooking could stir up a whirlwind of controversy? Well, buckle up, foodies and drama enthusiasts! 🍽️🍷 One home cook found themselves in hot water after using white wine to deglaze a skillet while preparing dinner for an ex-alcoholic. Did they cross a line or was it just a harmless culinary choice? Let's dive into this saucy saga.👩‍🍳🌪️

A Dinner to Remember 🍽️

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The Culinary Controversy 🍳

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The Unintended Stir 🌪️

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The Moral Dilemma 😮

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The Aftertaste of Controversy 🍷

The story leaves us with a lingering taste of moral ambiguity. Was the cook's decision to use white wine in their recipe a disregard for their friend's past, or just an innocent culinary choice? 🤔 The internet has been buzzing with varied responses to this unusual predicament. Let's see what the digital world has to say about this intriguing kitchen conundrum. 👀

NTA - Jessica overreacted 🍷. Her husband feeling 'sick' was likely an excuse.

EBlackR | EBlackR

"NTA. Recovering from alcoholism doesn't give you a mystical alcohol allergy 🍷"

CinnamonFinches | CinnamonFinches

NTA. Japanese restaurant cleans grill with vodka, not for sauce.

Valkyries_Wrath | Valkyries_Wrath

ESH: Alcohol cooking off is a myth, but OP's friend overreacted 😬

Petrodono | Petrodono

YTA for not considering the potential health risks for Tim 😔

[deleted] | [deleted]

🍷🍳 Cooking with wine drama: NTA adds flavor, not alcohol!

Adam_Bomb18 | Adam_Bomb18

Debate: Cooking with alcohol - dietary restriction or addiction concern?

colourouu | colourouu

"YTA - You knowingly gave alcohol to a recovering addict. Careless!" 😡

hstevi | hstevi

NTA. Vanilla extract is basically vodka, your friend overreacted. 🤷‍♀️

gordonf23 | gordonf23

🍳 YTA for using alcohol in cooking for an ex-alcoholic. 🍷

[deleted] | [deleted]

Recovering alcoholic explains the risks of using alcohol in cooking.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Uninformed wine usage? YTA! Health issues and alcohol intolerance.

HerNocturne | HerNocturne

Recovering alcoholic defends eating dish with deglazed alcohol 🍲

Oaklandish67 | Oaklandish67

NTA, Jessica needs to chill and respect your boundaries 🍷

lifesensei | lifesensei

Ex-alcoholic defends use of white wine in cooking, educates friend

4damLW | 4damLW

"YTA. Adding alcohol to an alcoholic's food was a bad move."

UniqueBeauty177 | UniqueBeauty177

NTA, but her overreaction and lies escalated the situation 😳

Reddit_User666 | Reddit_User666

Cooking with wine: NTA, alcohol cooks off...mostly. Cheers to that!

[deleted] | [deleted]

ESH for not communicating about alcohol in the dish 🍷

Beeb294 | Beeb294

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