Man Refuses to House Adopted Sibling: Heartless or Justified?

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Meet our protagonist, a 28-year-old man who's been through the wringer. He had a modest upbringing, but his life took a dramatic turn when his parents adopted a 7-year-old boy, Chris, when he was 17. Suddenly, he was left to fend for himself, working his way through college while his parents focused on their new son. Over time, a deep resentment grew, and he distanced himself from his family. Now, his parents want him to house Chris, who's off to university. But he's not having any of it. Let's delve into this familial drama. 🍿

A New Member Joins the Family 🏡

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Struggles of a College Student 🎓

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The Harsh Reality of Independence 💼

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Hunger and Hardship 🍽

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A Growing Distance 🚶‍♂️

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A Secret Marriage 💍

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The Christmas Bombshell 🎄

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A Shocking Response 😲

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Family Backlash 📞

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Pleas for Reconsideration 🙏

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A Firm Stand 🚫

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The Silent Treatment 🤐

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A Partner's Influence 💑

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A Family Feud Ignites: Brotherly Love or Bitter Resentment? 🔥

Our protagonist's life took a dramatic turn when his parents adopted Chris, leaving him to fend for himself. His college years were a struggle, filled with financial hardship and hunger. As a result, he distanced himself from his family, even keeping his marriage a secret. The tension reached a boiling point when his parents asked him to house Chris, who's off to university. His refusal shocked his family, leading to a barrage of pleas and criticism. Despite the backlash, he's standing his ground, insisting that Chris is not his brother. But his partner's kindness might be softening his resolve. Let's see how the internet weighs in on this intense family drama. 👀

NTA. Parents only care about money. Partner needs to understand.

CivilAsAnOrang | CivilAsAnOrang

NTA. Your adopted brother is not your responsibility. 💔

Alternative_Ad_921 | Alternative_Ad_921

NTA for not taking in adopted sibling, but Chris is innocent 😇

CarrieCat62 | CarrieCat62

NTA: Parents' manipulative proposal to house adopted sibling is vile.

rapt2right | rapt2right

Family members call OP an AH for not helping adopted sibling

Veteris71 | Veteris71

NTA: Don't let anyone guilt you into thinking otherwise 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Living with someone is a big deal, whether they are family or not. NTA.

DinaFelice | DinaFelice

NTA: Let them pay for his education and accommodation 🤷‍♂️

psamedi | psamedi

NTA. Neglecting the first child, but Costco memberships are for sacrifices! 😤

AmettOmega | AmettOmega

Transportation struggles: No license, no car, long commute. 😩🚆

bjornkara | bjornkara

Sibling refuses to house adopted sibling due to toxic family dynamics. NTA! 🙅

sphinx_lynx | sphinx_lynx

NTA. Neglected by parents, you owe them and their child nothing.

One-Confidence-6858 | One-Confidence-6858

Setting boundaries with family: NTA for not housing adopted sibling 🚫🏠

RaysForDays88 | RaysForDays88

NTA - Firm response to sibling's request for free housing.

do-onto-others | do-onto-others

NTA, justified in not housing adopted sibling. Mental health matters.

vik_thewomaninblack | vik_thewomaninblack

Renting to strangers for cheaper rent? Blood doesn't make family.

not-too-crazy-swede | not-too-crazy-swede

Commenter sympathizes with OP's financial struggles and questions parents' fairness ❄️

lizfour | lizfour

"NTA. Teaching 'bro' tough love builds character. Hard no." ✋🏼

TopAd7154 | TopAd7154

Set boundaries and charge rent to avoid being taken advantage of. 🙌

No-Personality5421 | No-Personality5421

NTA. No room, parents abandoned me, pressured at Christmas. Not fair.

Bean_1213 | Bean_1213

NTA - No obligation to house adopted sibling. 🏠

tomtomclubthumb | tomtomclubthumb

NTA. Explain your past to Chris, offer limited support. 💬

cmnsense_superpower | cmnsense_superpower

INFO: No food offered when unable to eat?? 😳

Top-Passion-1508 | Top-Passion-1508

NTA: Parents favor adopted child over biological child. Justified resentment.

[deleted] | [deleted]

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