'Tis The Season For A 'Golden Girls' Ugly Christmas Sweater

Remember the ugly Christmas sweaters of yore?

Painfully itchy, painfully unattractive, and definitely homemade. These were the knitted atrocities our moms shoved us inside as kids so we could wear them to every holiday party ever.

And as she snapped photos of us giving our aunt Brenda a stiff hug to thank her for gifting us yet another homemade sweater, a little part of our souls died, but isn't that what Christmas is all about?

Nowadays, those same ugly Christmas sweaters have somehow become "ironically cool" and are a total must-have for any holiday wardrobe. So, if you're one for following trends and find yourself in need of a particularly unflattering yet still sort of rad sweater this year, I think I've found the perfect one for you.

This 'Golden Girls' Christmas sweater is exactly the kind of holiday trend I can get behind.

Epic Sunny

Available through the online retailer Epic Sunny, this hideously perfect top is actually a sweatshirt that's meant to look like the same kind of knitted fashion fumble aunt Brenda was guaranteed to expertly craft for you without fail every single year.

But whereas Bren's creations were consistently itchy, uncomfortable, and entirely unflattering, you can bet this top will wrap you in cozy, Golden Girls-themed goodness because it's made of 100 percent premium polyester.

Each sweater is a vibrant blue color with broad pink stripes added for that iconic "ugly Christmas" look.

Epic Sunny

They also feature some pretty intricate details, like snowflakes, reindeer, and Christmas lights, as well as classic Fair Isle shapes and designs to bring the whole thing together.

And of course, it wouldn't be a Golden Girls sweater without the gals themselves rightfully placed front and center for everyone to see and enjoy.

If you want to sport your own "Golden Girls" top but don't like the sweater look, Epic Sunny has got you covered.

Epic Sunny

The design also comes in a hoodie, zippered hoodie, and bomber jacket so everyone can live their best "Golden Girls" life this holiday.

There's currently a sale on, with prices ranging from $46.99 to $79.99, depending on which style you choose.

'The Golden Girls' isn't just a sitcom for blue-haired beauties to enjoy anymore, although I'm sure they still do.

It's been off the air for 27 years but just like Friends, Seinfeld, and basically any other comedy to have come out of the 80s and 90s, it's found a brand new audience in twenty-something-year olds who just can't get enough of vintage humor.

And what better way to display your love for Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia than by sporting their faces in the center of a festive sweater? Answer: there's no better way.

So make sure you head on over to Epic Sunny to pick up your very own 'Golden Girls' ugly Christmas sweater so you can be the belle of every holiday party you attend this season. (And by the way, they'd totally make the perfect gift for anyone you want to thank for being a friend.)