Wedding Drama: Violinist Refuses to Play for Peanuts 🎻💔

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Meet our 19-year-old violin virtuoso, who has found herself in the middle of a family feud. A music student and part of a talented string quartet, she's used to hitting high notes, but not high tensions. When a relative asked her to play at her wedding reception, she agreed, but with one condition - they had to discuss payment. But when the bride-to-be balked at the price, things quickly went off-key. Let's dive into the drama, shall we? 🎻💔

A Musical Request 🎶

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The Proposal 💌

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The Shocking Revelation 😲

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The Explanation 🗣️

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The Counter Argument 🔄

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The Price Negotiation 💰

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The Final Offer 💸

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The Consequence 🚫

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The Fallout 🌩️

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The Family's Verdict 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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A Symphony of Family Drama 🎻💔

So, our violin virtuoso is caught in a discordant family drama. She stood her ground, refusing to play at the wedding unless compensated fairly. The bride-to-be was shocked at the price tag, offering a measly £15 per musician for a 3-hour performance. Our violinist refused, leading to a family fallout. With the bride-to-be fuming and family members calling her ungrateful, she's left questioning her actions. But she remains firm: music is her livelihood, not just a hobby. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Cousin expects free quartet performance, OP refuses, NTA 😜

BengalBBQ | BengalBBQ

"NTA I love the 'it would be good practice' - I was a wedding cake maker and you can add 'you'll get more jobs from this', 'we should get a family discount' (also known as free labor + free supplies) - my absolute favorite is being volunteered to work for friends and relatives of in-laws - not only are you expected to work for free, but for people you don't even know. The only exception is if they have something you want - my aunt did the flowers for my wedding, the next year I did a wedding cake for her daughter. Just stand firm, sorry you got un-invited by the Petty Party though." 💍💔

Affectionate_Ice_658 | Affectionate_Ice_658

NTA. Cousin wants professional service at amateur prices. 😳

VixNeko | VixNeko

NTA: Bridezilla expects free music, strains relationships for her entitlement! 🎻💔

AussieSkittles81 | AussieSkittles81

NTA. Refusing to play for exposure, uninvited from wedding. 🙄


NTA. Entitled cousin expects free music, gets called out 🎻😍

s3rndpt | s3rndpt

Put up or shut up: Let the family pay the fee 💰

FunnyRingaling | FunnyRingaling

Semi-pro musicians face the harsh reality of playing for exposure 🎷

Beligerent | Beligerent

Fair pay shows respect. Mom's offer was weird. NTA, obviously.

thatdude_james | thatdude_james

NTA and a ridiculously cheap price for a string quartet! 😱

Accurate-Most-8445 | Accurate-Most-8445

NTA. Know your worth and don't play for peanuts! 🎻💔

bitplayr | bitplayr

Professional musician refuses to play for free at family wedding 💼

Algebralovr | Algebralovr

NTA: Family assumes DJ will work for free without asking directly 🤷‍♂️

Sol9393 | Sol9393

NTA: Stand your ground and value your time and talent! 👏

the_jesstastic | the_jesstastic

Congrats on having a backbone! NTA 🎉

ladytypeperson | ladytypeperson

NTA. Don't play for peanuts! You deserve fair compensation! 🎻💔

moojuece | moojuece

NTA: Relatives should be grateful for discounted services 🙏

boppiloppi | boppiloppi

NTA. Not one bit. 😊

Zibellina | Zibellina

NTA, your friends would also be underpaid 💯

Kindix_ | Kindix_

NTA. Stand up for your worth and don't settle for peanuts! 👏

MouthwashAndBandaids | MouthwashAndBandaids

NTA at all. 👏

Minimum_Reference_73 | Minimum_Reference_73

NTA. Family values? More like free labor exploitation! 😡

Major_Barnacle_2212 | Major_Barnacle_2212

Cousin demands free musicians, but commenter says NTA. 💸

voluntold9276 | voluntold9276

NTA. Second cousin is a huge AH. Taking advantage of students 🤦‍♀️

Maleficent_Ad407 | Maleficent_Ad407

Playing for free? Not the a**hole, even for close family. 🎻💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Musicians deserve fair pay for their talent and hard work! 🎶

OhioGirl22 | OhioGirl22

NTA: Stand up for yourself and set boundaries with entitled relatives 👏

Sfb208 | Sfb208

Entitlement: Expecting free services from family. 😑

Ambitious-Screen | Ambitious-Screen

NTA - Family wants free music, but that's not how it works 😔

Valuable_Ad_742 | Valuable_Ad_742

NTA. Professional musician refuses to play for peanuts 🎻💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Violinist stands up for herself, sparks wedding drama 🎻💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Working for free is unreasonable and insulting. 🙅

TheGoldenPineapples | TheGoldenPineapples

NTA. Entitled violinist insults your talent and hard work. 😠

Missicat | Missicat

Musical family stands up against entitled cousin. 🎶

True-Research817 | True-Research817

NTA: Ungrateful family expects free labor, tell them off! 😠

sillyvilly31 | sillyvilly31

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