Mother vs Daughter: The Doggone Drama That's Tearing a Family Apart 🐶💔

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Meet Amy, a 23-year-old who recently moved back home with her beloved pooch, Max, a medium-sized spaniel mix. Amy's mother, however, had one rule - no pets. Despite this, Amy assured her mom that she would handle everything related to Max, and so, the furry friend was welcomed into the family home. But what happens when Max's behavior starts to disrupt the household, affecting everyone's sleep schedules and even causing physical harm? 🐶😴💥

The New Houseguest: Amy and Max 🏡🐶

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

The Promise and the Problem 🤞💩

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

Max's Mischievous Manners 🐾🌙

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

Amy's Unhelpful Habits 😂🍖

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

Zoe's Struggles and Max's Mayhem 😴📚

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

Amy's Absence and Max's Antics 🏠🌙

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

The Last Straw 🍽️🤕

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

The Ultimatum 🚪🐶

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

Amy's Temporary Move 🏠👫

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

Family and Friends Weigh In 📞💔

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

The Defense of Amy and Max 🐶👧

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

The Blame Game 🎯🤷

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

The Final Word 🗣️🐶

sickofamysdog-aita | sickofamysdog-aita

A Mother's Plea or a Daughter's Defiance? The Doggone Drama Continues 🐶💔

In a household turned upside down by a mischievous spaniel mix named Max, a mother is at her wits' end. From sleepless nights to classroom struggles and even physical harm, Max's antics have pushed the family to breaking point. Amy, Max's owner, seems to find humor in the chaos, leaving her mom to issue an ultimatum - re-home Max or move out with him. As Amy and Max take temporary refuge at her boyfriend's house, family and friends weigh in, defending Amy and blaming the mother for not training Max. But who's really at fault here? And what will become of Max? Let's see what the internet has to say about this fur-flying fiasco...🐶💔🌐

NTA: Tell them Amy and the dog are on their way! 🐶

Encartrus | Encartrus

NTA. Don't let outsiders make you feel bad for defending.

swagdaddio69 | swagdaddio69

NTA: Amy's pet Max is causing issues and she's not taking responsibility 🙄

throwawaysamplesize9 | throwawaysamplesize9

NTA. Amy's negligence and disregard for the dog's well-being is evident 🐶

Liss78 | Liss78

NTA. Stand up for yourself and the dog against meddlesome relatives. 🐶

Slight-Bar-534 | Slight-Bar-534

NTA: Negligent dog owner vs. concerned parent. Who's responsible? 🐶

Pepper-90210 | Pepper-90210

NTA: Untrained dogs as weapons? Remove them for safety 🐶

Jballza | Jballza

Grandma's excuses won't last long. NTA, put your foot down! 🙌

BeeYehWoo | BeeYehWoo

🐶💔 NTA: Amy's neglectful behavior towards her dog is causing tension.

angelaheidt | angelaheidt

Untrained dog causing family drama? NTA for standing up!

BusinessCow5266 | BusinessCow5266

NTA: Tough love and responsibility for the sake of the dog 🐶

Spiritual_Process_87 | Spiritual_Process_87

NTA: You handled the problem, they should offer solutions 👏

Grand-Corner1030 | Grand-Corner1030

Amy's neglect of her dog is causing family chaos 🐶💔

MerryMoose923 | MerryMoose923

🐶👩‍👧‍👧 Drama unfolds as daughter questions mother's honesty about moving.

IzzzatSo | IzzzatSo

Daughter's dog training backfires, causing family feud 🐶💔

Lilkiska2 | Lilkiska2

NTA. Daughter fails to care for dog, time for tough love 🐶

DoozleWoozle | DoozleWoozle

NTA. Let the relatives deal with Amy and her dog 🐶

DrMindbendersMonocle | DrMindbendersMonocle

Dog drama: NTA wants Amy to clean up after Max 🐶

Working-on-it12 | Working-on-it12

NTA: Set boundaries for your daughter's dog and her living arrangements 🐶

Teacher-Investor | Teacher-Investor

NTA: Daughter needs to take responsibility for training Max 🐶

OriginalRaspberry_ | OriginalRaspberry_

Insomnia struggles: NTA seeks help for daughter's sleep issues 😴

Ablette531 | Ablette531

🐶🏡 Your house, your rules! Sleepover at the boyfriend's!

Particular_Elk3022 | Particular_Elk3022

Heartbreaking situation for the dog, NTA for wanting better care 😢

eventer775 | eventer775

🐶 NTA, Max needs training! Amy needs to take action! 🐾


Dog causing drama, needs better training. Time for him to go! 🐶

JupiterSWarrior | JupiterSWarrior

NTA: Defending your choices when no one else steps up 👏

diminishingpatience | diminishingpatience

Max is a people-pleaser, but training gone wrong divides!

Traveling-Techie | Traveling-Techie

"NTA: They expect you to train someone else's dog? LOL!"

PurpleAquilegia | PurpleAquilegia

Setting boundaries and prioritizing safety, NTA for rehoming the dog 🐶

elvaholt | elvaholt

NTA. Amy broke the agreement and dragged others into it 🙄

Little-Martha31204 | Little-Martha31204

Offering to help move Amy and dog in with family 🙌

travelkmac | travelkmac

NTA. Daughter neglects dog, family and friends need to intervene 🐶

Legitimate-Sugar-531 | Legitimate-Sugar-531

NTA. Amy's dog training skills are a real bone of contention 🐶

NGDGUnpunished | NGDGUnpunished

NTA. Amy's irresponsible behavior with Max is causing family conflict. 🚩

Thatcsibloke | Thatcsibloke

Max, the dog, causing family drama. Who will he choose?

queenoftarts25 | queenoftarts25

"NTA Why the hell would it be your responsibility to train HER dog? And the 'she's been a great houseguest other than Max' is like saying Gacey was a great party clown, other than the bodies in the basement--it's a thing so big it eclipses and erases the rest. Look at the people chiding you as if they have paper heads and say 1) it seems to be working out great with Amy and the dog at her boyfriend's, so that all worked out, and 2) Amy is employed and able to afford her own housing, and this was never meant to be permanent, so with those two things in mind, who cares? I'm betting Amy is going to get dumped by her boyfriend over Max pretty soon, at which time you can say 'see, not just me!' Or stay mum and suggest these oh-so-worried friends and relatives take Amy and her amazing dog in. I'm guessing they don't want to, which is why they're trying to guilt you into it."

millac7 | millac7

🐶 NTA - Daughter neglects dog, you set boundaries for your home.

Forward_Squirrel8879 | Forward_Squirrel8879

Creative rehoming solution for Max the dog 🐶

Sufficient_Watch_574 | Sufficient_Watch_574

NTA. Daughter needs to clean up or move out 🐶

WholeAd2742 | WholeAd2742

OP is NTA for refusing responsibility for daughter's untrained dog 🐶

addisonavenue | addisonavenue

🐶 NTA. Daughter disrespects rules, fails dog. Time to be adult.

Redditwitter83 | Redditwitter83

NTA. Amy needs to take responsibility for her unruly dog 🐶

PresentTiffany | PresentTiffany

NTA. Generous with 3 weeks, but she needs to discipline Max 🐶

Ohionina | Ohionina

NTA. Taking responsibility for household safety and well-being 🐶

Fun_Celebration_5623 | Fun_Celebration_5623

Daughter neglects dog, mother not at fault 🐶

Old_Disaster_8729 | Old_Disaster_8729

Not the a**hole 🙌

LongjumpingSwim3271 | LongjumpingSwim3271

Amy's dog drama causing tension in the family 🐶🤷

Ok-Emphasis2902 | Ok-Emphasis2902

Not the a**hole! Drama unfolds in this family over a dog 🐶💔

jtatuog | jtatuog

"Relatives should take in Amy and the dog!" 🐶

1890rafaella | 1890rafaella

NTA: Family feud over furry friend causing chaos 🐶💔

Lazy_Replacement_122 | Lazy_Replacement_122

NTA: Max needs a dedicated owner for his energy! 🐶

Flat_Lengthiness_319 | Flat_Lengthiness_319

NTA. Taking responsibility for a pet is important. 🐶

thebottomofawhale | thebottomofawhale

NTA. Daughter needs a reality check on pet ownership 🐶

SnooDrawings1480 | SnooDrawings1480

NTA: Set boundaries, she's an adult. Don't back down! 👍

everyoneisselfish420 | everyoneisselfish420

NTA. Don't let her dog's bad behavior ruin your household 🐶

erringtonnes02 | erringtonnes02

Putting kids first 👤👨‍👦: NTA prioritizes minor children over adult child's dog 🐶

ShiloX35 | ShiloX35

"NTA. Let Amy and Max go stay with your relatives! 🐶"

MinaBarker | MinaBarker

NTA. Max is Amy's dog. Her responsibility to train.

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

Avoiding responsibility and enjoying puppy snuggles - NTA! 🐶💔

NoDisaster3 | NoDisaster3

Engaging in a doggy dilemma with a sassy daughter. 🐶💔

Ordinary-Leather-545 | Ordinary-Leather-545

Amy's bad pet ownership is tearing this family apart 🐶

Phoenixrose0623 | Phoenixrose0623

NTA. Daughter neglects dog, causing family drama 🐶💔

hellhound_wrangler | hellhound_wrangler

Daughter dumps dog and stuff on mom, friends call her out. NTA 🐶

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

NTA. Stand your ground and find a new home for Amy's dog 🐶

atxtrace | atxtrace

Dog owner prioritizes child's safety and well-being over pet's needs 🐶

MaryAnne0601 | MaryAnne0601

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