Family Vacation Turns Sour Over Nanny Dilemma: Who's in the Wrong?

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We've all heard of sibling rivalries and family conflicts, but this one takes the cake! 🎂 A 33-year-old woman and her husband are facing a vacation dilemma that's causing quite the stir. Every year, they take their kids and their nanny on a vacation, a tradition that has always been smooth sailing. But this year, the waters are getting choppy. 🌊 When her husband's half-brother and his family decide to join in, things start to get complicated. The issue? The nanny. Let's dive into this family drama...

The Vacation Tradition 🏖️

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A New Addition to the Tradition 🆕

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The Nanny Dilemma Begins 😮

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Sharing the Nanny? 🤔

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Lauren's Conditions 📝

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The Sister-in-Law's Response 🙅‍♀️

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The Husband's Take 🤷‍♂️

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A Vacation on the Brink of Cancellation ❌

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A Family Vacation Teetering on the Edge: Who's Being Unreasonable?

A family vacation, meant to be a time of relaxation and bonding, is on the verge of being scrapped due to a nanny-sharing conflict. The protagonist's sister-in-law insists on sharing the nanny's services, but without bearing the additional costs. Even though the nanny, Lauren, is open to the arrangement with certain conditions, the sister-in-law deems it unnecessary. The husband suggests they cover the extra costs for the sake of peace, but our protagonist is not too pleased with this solution. She's contemplating calling the whole trip off! 😲 Let's see what the internet has to say about this sticky situation...

NTA: Lauren deserves fair pay and SIL is being entitled 🙄

Turnip_2026 | Turnip_2026

NTA. SIL's entitled attitude may ruin your nanny's trip. 🙄

Independent-Idea1278 | Independent-Idea1278

NTA - Protecting your relationship with the family babysitter 🙅‍♂️💼

LightningLilac | LightningLilac

NTA. SIL should ask, not assume. Your husband agrees. 🙌

FancyPantsDancer | FancyPantsDancer

NTA, protect your professional relationship with your nanny. Cancel the trip or get separate Airbnbs. 👍

slexyquinn | slexyquinn

Nanny stands her ground and demands fair treatment from in-laws 👏

Complicatedrocks | Complicatedrocks

NTA. Unfair to expect Lauren to babysit without compensation. 🚫💰

murphy2345678 | murphy2345678

NTA: Family vacation tensions rise over nanny's treatment and entitlements 😡

drywitforbrains | drywitforbrains

NTA. Planning childcare on vacation can be challenging and overwhelming 😯

Charlie_Bravo7 | Charlie_Bravo7

NTA: Don't pay for SIL's kids, keep your peaceful holiday 🏖️

VanGoghHo | VanGoghHo

NTA for setting boundaries with in-laws and prioritizing nanny's needs 🙌

LadyMjolnir | LadyMjolnir

NTA. Don't risk your relationship with your terrific nanny for her.

AprilL4163 | AprilL4163

NTA. SIL trying to diminish Lauren's worth, she deserves more 💼

Jameson18dude | Jameson18dude

NTA: No nanny, no money. Simple business 💼

mdthomas | mdthomas

BIL wants access to resources, SIL views nanny as appliance. NTA!

HeartpineFloors | HeartpineFloors

NTA> You did what you should have done and asked the nanny what SHE wanted to do. 💪 But if you want to keep the peace and get closer with that side of the family, it may be best to eat the costs this trip and plan better for the next one. 🤔

hBoBh | hBoBh

NTA defends nanny against selfish in-laws. Stand up for her! 👏

whatsmypassword73 | whatsmypassword73

Canceling is the best move. Unreasonable demands won't stop 😤

elcad | elcad

"NTA. Set boundaries now to avoid future free babysitting." 🙌

Cultural-Ambition449 | Cultural-Ambition449

NTA wants husband to set boundaries with SIL over nanny

sleazsaurus | sleazsaurus

Nanny contract norms vs. SIL's expectations: Who's in the wrong?

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, set boundaries with entitled family members to avoid resentment 😤

MockingConvention | MockingConvention

NTA. Cancel trip. Go with spouse & kids if nanny won't.

ServelanDarrow | ServelanDarrow

SIL's cheapness ruins family vacation. Nanny deserves her own room! 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but bringing a nanny on vacation causes family tension. 😬

Miliean | Miliean

NTA. SIL wants to take advantage of your nanny. Don't let her!

Ok_Year5200 | Ok_Year5200

NTA - SIL wants free babysitting, shut her down 💪

flutterby727 | flutterby727

NTA! Don't pay their part, get separate Airbnbs! 🏠

HistorySweet9902 | HistorySweet9902

NTA: Consider cancelling trip or going without nanny. 3 outcomes.

kiwifarmdog | kiwifarmdog

NTA. Offer Lauren her own Airbnb for privacy and control. 😊

Odd-Animal-1552 | Odd-Animal-1552

Engaging suggestion to avoid nanny dilemma during family vacation ✈️

TillyMint54 | TillyMint54

NTA. Nanny deserves privacy and respect. SIL wants free childcare.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA stands firm against SIL's nanny dilemma, risking a rough trip 😬

JBW66 | JBW66

NTA, SIL disrespects nanny. Labor laws must be followed. 💼

Sea-Ad3724 | Sea-Ad3724

Dealing with an entitled SIL who's ruining the family trip 😡

Swedishpunsch | Swedishpunsch

Stand your ground! Let them know their kids, their responsibility. 😎

generic_bitch | generic_bitch

SIL might sneakily use nanny. Husband needs to set boundaries. NTA 😱

ResoluteMuse | ResoluteMuse

Stand your ground! Don't let them take advantage of you! 💪

Bright_Sea_7567 | Bright_Sea_7567

NTA stands up against SIL's unfair treatment of babysitter 🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cancel vacation, give Lauren a raise! 🏖️💰

AccurateMeet8615 | AccurateMeet8615

SIL needs to step up 💰 or Lauren won't help! 💼

Smooth_Turnip_8731 | Smooth_Turnip_8731

Don't cancel the trip! They can get their own AirBnB 😎

Accomplished-Mud2840 | Accomplished-Mud2840

INFO: Options for dealing with the nanny dilemma on vacation.

Appropriate-Bar-2822 | Appropriate-Bar-2822

NTA for not wanting to pay more for extra kids 😤

FuegoAvocado | FuegoAvocado

🚨 Beware of SIL's boundary stomping! Protect your nanny relationship! 🚨

lmholot1981 | lmholot1981

"We can't afford to pay for the nanny" - entitled parent

SeePerspectives | SeePerspectives

SIL expects free babysitting, keep the kids with you, AH! 😂

ButterscotchOk7516 | ButterscotchOk7516

Stand up to SIL: Pay for nanny or don't go! 💰

bkupisch | bkupisch

SIL takes advantage of Lauren's skills and time. NTA!

Sea-Mud5386 | Sea-Mud5386

NTA, if they don't want to pay someone to watch their kids 🤔

Ryan233tiger | Ryan233tiger

👶💰 Either pay for nanny or hire own sitter. Set boundaries.

NickelPickle2018 | NickelPickle2018

NTA, prioritize your nanny over demanding SIL. Good caregivers are gold! ✨

awyastark | awyastark

NTA. SIL wants to use your money, calls you selfish. 🤑

Vivid-Masterpiece-29 | Vivid-Masterpiece-29

NTA: Separate houses, day trips, and local babysitters for peace 🏡👶

boatymcboatface22 | boatymcboatface22

NTA: SIL needs to respect boundaries and Lauren's autonomy. 🚫👩‍👧‍👦

latents | latents

Nanny boundaries and a steal of a deal! NTA 👍

Magus_Corgo | Magus_Corgo

Leave the nanny at home and shift the power dynamic! NTA

Ma_Adjowa | Ma_Adjowa

NTA: No a-hole here. Let's dive into this nanny dilemma! 😄

Prestigious_Isopod72 | Prestigious_Isopod72

Cancel the vacation and avoid stewing over entitled people. NTA

loudent2 | loudent2

NTA: They want to enjoy your work and leave you with the bill 😒

TraditionalLie5267 | TraditionalLie5267

NTA. Cancel sil coming. She's a user and she will nuke your relationship with the nanny. 🚫💣

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Nanny might ruin vacation with her kids. 😬

Hetakuoni | Hetakuoni

SIL disrespects nanny, expects her to be a babysitter too 😒

zlm542 | zlm542

Avoid SIL drama on vacation! NTA, set boundaries and enjoy!

ncnhjm | ncnhjm

SIL can bring her own nanny 👯

dsdvbguutres | dsdvbguutres

NTA but a disaster in the making. Pay the nanny!

Dangerous_Prize_4545 | Dangerous_Prize_4545

NTA: Comparing the situation to a doctor's job with no help 👩‍⚕️

blablamcbla | blablamcbla

NTA. Protecting your nanny and prioritizing a relaxing vacation. 👏

totalitarianbnarbp | totalitarianbnarbp

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