Sister Takes Over Lease, Artist Moves Out in Secret 😱🎨

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Meet our artist protagonist (23F), who had a rough upbringing with an abusive mom, and a sister (18F) who got off a little easier. She moved out at 18, started selling art, and eventually agreed to let her sister move in to save money. But when her sister discovered the nature of her art, things took a turn for the worse. 😬🎨

Sister Moves In, Rent Agreement Made 🏠

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Sister Discovers Art, Freaks Out 😳

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Mom and Sister Team Up 😠

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Sister Becomes Lazy, Dismissive 🙄

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"Only One with a Job" Excuse 🤦‍♀️

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Lease Equality? 📝

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Sister and Mom Demand Lease Change 😤

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Jokes and Disrespect Continue 😒

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Moving Out in Secret 🤫

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Sister Left with Lease 🏠💸

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Sister Demands Artist's Return 📞

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Sister's Lease Takeover Backfires, Artist Moves Out 🎨🚚

After enduring constant ridicule and disrespect from her sister and mom, our artist protagonist decides enough is enough. She moves out in secret when her sister takes over the lease, leaving her with the responsibility and bills. Now, her sister is left scrambling and demanding her return. But should our protagonist have given her sister a heads-up? 🤔💭 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Agreement and advice for handling toxic family dynamics. NAH 👍

Throwaway51276 | Throwaway51276

Setting boundaries and taking care of mental health is important. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister takes over lease and humiliates OP, toxic family dynamics 😱

confusingparadox | confusingparadox

No lease, no obligation. Criticize job, no money. NTA 👍

Jumpyropes | Jumpyropes

Furry porn pays well and has a kind community 🐾💰

terra_terror | terra_terror

Commenter questions why OP let sister take over lease. OP explains exhaustion and realization of not wanting to live with sister.

Bookish4269 | Bookish4269

NTA but commenters debate OP's actions and family dynamics 🤔

yuhju | yuhju

Cutting off toxic family members for self-care 🙌

LeMot-Juste | LeMot-Juste

OP is NTA for moving out, sister took advantage of them. 😱

itsjustanothergirl | itsjustanothergirl

No lease, no problem! NTA for moving out on time 👍

Nikkian42 | Nikkian42

Sister mocked OP's finances, NTA for taking back lease 👍

MariKJa | MariKJa

NTA. Escaped an abusive relationship, no obligation to carry her. 👏

terrapharma | terrapharma

Commenter and reply agree: Sister deserved to lose lease 👏

seraphineclementine | seraphineclementine

Sister takes over lease, artist moves out in secret. NTA.

loxima | loxima

🤔 Confusion over lease renewal and landlord's leniency explained.

schmashely | schmashely

Karma strikes back! Sanctimonious sister gets what she deserves 💯

Practical_Heart7287 | Practical_Heart7287

Leaving toxic relationships behind 👏 #selfcare

lilyintx | lilyintx

Accepting responsibility for the lease makes her NTA 👍

Suonii180 | Suonii180

Legally sound move. NTA for taking back your lease. 💪

RevolutionarySea15 | RevolutionarySea15

Encouraging NTA comment to let sister learn from her mistakes 👍

Umbraten | Umbraten

Moving out without telling toxic family: NTA 👍

mental_out | mental_out

Artist encourages furry porn coin and is NTA ♡

Strawberry_Sweater | Strawberry_Sweater

Engaging with the community for digital art tips 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter explains legal issues and calls out OP's enabling behavior 🤔

Cryptozology | Cryptozology

Sister takes over lease, artist moves out. NTA stands up.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Toxic families play by different rules 👍

handsfull13 | handsfull13

Being a freelance artist is no joke 😱🎨. You're valid as heck 👍.

Amatorious | Amatorious

Sister takes over lease, commenters agree NTA and criticize mother's influence 👍

Skippy2716 | Skippy2716

Commenter uses clever analogy to justify NTA judgement 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Leaving a toxic situation, job shaming is awful. Kudos artist! 👏

ulyssesintothepast | ulyssesintothepast

Sister mooches off you, insults your profession, and kicks you out 🚪. Move out and never talk to them again 💥

ShadyBookDealer | ShadyBookDealer

Asserting boundaries with family can be difficult 😔

victoriaismevix | victoriaismevix

Artist moves out, sister left in lurch. NTA but AH move.

VioletRiceee | VioletRiceee

Don't act like an a** and expect no consequences. NTA

CuriousManDude | CuriousManDude

Sister takes over lease, artist moves out in secret - NTA

No_Proposal7628 | No_Proposal7628

Artist's sister takes over lease, but expects rent from unemployed sibling. NTA.

Portokalia_Naranja | Portokalia_Naranja

Unexpected furry porn discovery causes lease takeover fallout 🤮

Anubis-Hound | Anubis-Hound

Supporting abuse survivors is important, abrupt move justified. 👍

sagekitsune | sagekitsune

Commenter suggests taking back the house from controlling sister 🏠

Asleep-Classic-966 | Asleep-Classic-966

Embrace your art! 🎨 NTA and furry porn pays.

Silvalirum | Silvalirum

Sister takes over lease, artist moves out in secret - NTA

Cocoasneeze | Cocoasneeze

Sister takes lease without permission, but is she qualified? 🤔

zaftig_stig | zaftig_stig

Cutting out toxic family members. NTA, you did the right thing. 👍

seba_make | seba_make

Cutting toxic family ties 💯👋

Unfair_Rhubarb_13 | Unfair_Rhubarb_13

Standing up for yourself and questioning roommate's motives 🤔

Multifaceted_Learner | Multifaceted_Learner

Escaping abuse, living with a copy? Not the a**hole. 💪

billyyankNova | billyyankNova

Commiserating on the struggles of adulthood 😭

mnelaway | mnelaway

Giving her what she wanted, paid for the month. NTA 👍

katmeowness88 | katmeowness88

Support for artist facing family bullying over furry art career 👏

MissCheyenne14 | MissCheyenne14

Standing up to family abuse, NTA artist takes back control 💪

ChinaCatSunflower9 | ChinaCatSunflower9

Artist stands up for themselves against entitled sister 💪

Pawziplier | Pawziplier

Sister takes over lease, artist moves out in secret. NTA.

fiio83 | fiio83

Furry art can earn bank, NTA for leaving toxic family.

Dracon_Pyrothayan | Dracon_Pyrothayan

Artist's sister would have sabotaged her, NTA for moving out 👍

EvulRabbit | EvulRabbit

Sister gets roasted for taking over lease. 🔥👀

Rozefly | Rozefly

Cutting toxic family out of your life is worth it 👍

CirrusMoth | CirrusMoth

Sister belittled OP's job, took lease, can't afford it now. NTA 👍

Drake_Beheeyem | Drake_Beheeyem

Sister tried to pull a shady move, OP was wise to leave 😎

affictionitis | affictionitis

Sibling rivalry escalates as sister takes over artist's apartment 🤪

wizzlekhalifa | wizzlekhalifa

Ignoring divine advice leads to lease takeover disaster 😱

geminimind | geminimind

Setting boundaries and standing up for yourself is important. ✊

LinwoodKei | LinwoodKei

Standing up to a narcissistic family member. Good for you! 💪

Significant_Oven9224 | Significant_Oven9224

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