Make Thanksgiving Breakfast Weird With Cinnamon Bun Turkeys

Thanksgiving is all about the food. I mean, of course it's about much more, but the modern premise is to give thanks to friends and family, bringing everyone together for a massive feast.

While dinner is the main event, these cinnamon roll turkeys are certainly putting Thanksgiving breakfast on the map.

How cute are these cinnamon roll turkeys?


They're super easy to make, too.

The recipe comes from none other than Pillsbury, the company responsible for the popular ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls.

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All you need is a can or a few of Grand! Cinnamon Rolls, some bacon (turkey bacon, if you want it to be even more fitting for the occasion), and some decorations, like candy corn for a nose, edible googly eyes, red M&M's, and mini pretzel sticks.

It's such a creative little breakfast for the whole family to enjoy.

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It will also keep your kids occupied while you're busy cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

If it's not already, this is a great breakfast to make part of your Thanksgiving Day traditions.

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Find the recipe here!

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