Woman Discovers Boyfriend's Shocking Secret 🤯: His Real Voice!

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Imagine being with your partner for two years, only to discover they've been hiding a secret about their voice. This woman found herself in that exact situation when her boyfriend's real voice came out during a phone call with his mom. What started as a laugh quickly turned into a revelation that left her questioning their entire relationship.

Long-Distance Love 💕

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Insecurity About His Voice 🗣️

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Raspy and Sexy 😏

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Moving in Together 🏠

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Strained Family Relationships 😔

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Phone Call with Mom 📞

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A Surprising Voice Change 😲

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Laughter and Confusion 😂

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The Truth Comes Out 😳

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Back to His 'Regular' Voice 🎭

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Ignoring Mom's Calls Again 📵

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Embarrassed and Exposed 😔

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Late-Night Talks 🌙

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A Voice Transformation Uncovered 🎭

After two years together, this woman discovered her boyfriend had been faking his deep, raspy voice the entire time. When his real voice slipped out during a phone call with his mom, she couldn't help but laugh, thinking it was a joke. The truth left her feeling guilty and confused, as she tried to understand why he felt the need to hide his true voice. As they talked through the night, more secrets were revealed, leaving her questioning the foundation of their relationship. 💔

Boyfriend faked his voice for 2 years, can OP trust him? 🤯

stormscaper | stormscaper

Man fakes voice for 2 years, accidentally reveals true voice. NTA

clbrownn | clbrownn

Geralt on Sesame Street? NTA but now trust issues arise 🤯

lilykittie | lilykittie

Boyfriend lied about his voice for 2 years, NTA for being upset.

heatherhobbit | heatherhobbit

Partner's fake voice causes controversy, but is it really a big deal? 🤔

Mister_Crowly | Mister_Crowly

Discovering boyfriend's fake voice after 2 years: NTA or NAH?

justforthemobile | justforthemobile

Discovering a partner's secret voice: NTA assumption or deceit?

cranky_throw_away | cranky_throw_away

NTA for not knowing, but he lied for 2 years 🤯

the805daddy | the805daddy

Accent matters, but lying for 2 years is worse 🤯

iBeFloe | iBeFloe

Discovering a partner's secret voice: NTA's perspective.

biinjo | biinjo

Embrace differences, NAH. Woman discovers boyfriend's high-pitched voice.

SuzyQ4416 | SuzyQ4416

Boyfriend lied about his voice for 2 years 🤯

Emr- | Emr-

Discovering boyfriend's secret voice, not at fault. NTA 🎤

tingtongting12 | tingtongting12

Hilarious mockumentary leaves girlfriend in disbelief 😂

cherophobia- | cherophobia-

Speech training could help boyfriend's hoarse voice situation 🤔

tempestelunaire | tempestelunaire

Supportive comment defends boyfriend's right to change his voice.

Merunit | Merunit

Silencing his true voice for two years, that's a red flag 🚨

Shebolleth | Shebolleth

Is faking a voice different from faking a personality? 🤔

LovelyLioness36 | LovelyLioness36

Red flags raised over OP's credibility 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Shocking discovery of boyfriend's two-year-long lie. Trust no one! 🤯

no_rxn | no_rxn

Commenter finds hilarious line in boyfriend's voice reveal. 😂

tangerinebliss | tangerinebliss

Discovering boyfriend's real voice: NAH, but awkward situation. Offer support.

Silamy | Silamy

Boyfriend lied about his voice and more, huge red flag 🚨

guava_jam | guava_jam

Empathetic comment and advice for supporting partner's self-esteem.

AdmiralDeathrain | AdmiralDeathrain

Heartwarming comment wins over Reddit community ❤️

isaidwhatisaidok | isaidwhatisaidok

Username humorously calls out boyfriend's voice catfishing. NTA.

DumbledorianExpress | DumbledorianExpress

Discovering your partner's real voice can be surprising 🤯

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

Discovering a partner's secret voice raises red flags. 🤯

gibbardsexual | gibbardsexual

Boyfriend faked voice for 2 years, NAH, but lied.

wronghorsebattery0 | wronghorsebattery0

Open communication is key in any relationship 💋

Whisky_Wolf | Whisky_Wolf

Commenter finds boyfriend's voice transformation hilarious 😂

cnh25 | cnh25

Commenter finds boyfriend's secret voice, enjoys pop culture references.

fsaleh7 | fsaleh7

Red flags in a relationship: lying and alienation from loved ones 🚫

CreativeCactus15 | CreativeCactus15

Discovering boyfriend's real voice leads to hilarious moment. 😂

Saulorco | Saulorco

Lying about his voice, what else could he be hiding? 🤔

ademptia | ademptia

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