Wedding guest dresses to impress but ends up 'upstaging' bride

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A guest at a small wedding went all out with their attire, causing controversy amongst other attendees. Despite the invite stating cocktail attire, most guests showed up in casual clothing, with the bride herself wearing a unique and unconventional dress. The guest, who suffers from insecurities about their appearance, made sure to dress their best but was accused of upstaging the bride. Was their outfit too much for the occasion, or were they just being unfairly targeted? Read on to find out.

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Boosting self-confidence with fashion choices, one coffee at a time ☕

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Fashionista guest steals the show with stunning cocktail attire 👗💍

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Tips for looking your best as a wedding guest 👍

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Dressed to impress at a wedding where guests wore t-shirts

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Mismatched wedding attire steals the show 🤵👰

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Guest's gothic dress 'upstages' bride's unconventional look 😱

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Guest's outfit steals the show, bride stays quiet all night

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Guest upstages bride with her stunning Grace Kelly-inspired dress

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Fashionista defends herself for dressing to impress at wedding 🔥

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Wedding guest 'upstages' bride with her attire 😱

A woman received backlash from her cousin's wedding after being accused of 'upstaging' the bride with her attire. Despite being told to wear cocktail attire, most guests showed up in casual clothing, with the bride herself wearing a custom *gothic* dress with heavy black makeup. The woman wore a tea length dress and matching shawl with flats, as well as real pearl jewelry. She received compliments throughout the night, but was later bombarded with calls from the bride's mother and husband accusing her of 'making the bride feel ugly at her own wedding.' Despite her efforts to look her best and make a good impression, the woman found herself at the center of unwanted attention. Read on for the reactions to this wedding faux pas.

Guest dresses appropriately for cocktail attire, but bride is upset.

foibleShmoible | foibleShmoible

Wedding drama ensues due to different interpretations of 'cocktail attire' 🍸

phelgmdounuts | phelgmdounuts

Confusion over dress code leads to fashion faux pas at wedding 🤔

Princesstiy | Princesstiy

Wedding drama sparks curiosity among commenters. 🤔

loaded_and_locked | loaded_and_locked

Unfamiliar guest wears requested dress, still faces backlash. 🤷

cyfermax | cyfermax

Guest follows dress code, but criticized for being overdressed 😳

bb-babsy | bb-babsy

Mystery guest at small wedding sparks gift speculation 🤔💰

kk112345 | kk112345

Wedding guest claims to follow dress code but insults bride 🤷

AlexisRosesHands | AlexisRosesHands

The mystery of the unexpected wedding guest 🤔👗

Wonderlustlost | Wonderlustlost

Dress code dilemma: Guest upstages bride, but did nothing wrong 🤔

tsukimishin | tsukimishin

Dress to impress, not upstage! 🌟 NTA for following dress code.

Ondidine | Ondidine

Dress code drama: Guest defends attire, sparks no-jeans debate.

IrrevocablyMe | IrrevocablyMe

The color of the dress matters, was it pastel or white?

horsendogguy | horsendogguy

Commenter criticized for trashing bride's style at non-traditional wedding.

Expensive-Pudding-54 | Expensive-Pudding-54

Wedding guest criticized for judging bride and groom's attire.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Did the invite specify dress code? OP might not be YTA.

rachie2312 | rachie2312

Is this comment calling out the article's authenticity? 🤔

oxysmartass | oxysmartass

Wedding guest accidentally breaks dress code, receives unnecessary backlash 🤦‍♀️

laurakershaw | laurakershaw

Polite inquiry about dress code on an NTA comment.

Soiree1999 | Soiree1999

Commenter skeptical of story, receives backlash for pearl comment 💍

DesperateInCollege | DesperateInCollege

Dress to impress but know when to dress down 👚

Letscuredepression | Letscuredepression

Wedding guest mistakenly upstages bride with inappropriate dress choice 😬

smillsy120592 | smillsy120592

Dress code confusion: Guest not at fault for upstaging bride 👗💃

GrannyW3atherwax15 | GrannyW3atherwax15

Dressed to impress but ends up taking the spotlight? 🤔

Anashenwrath | Anashenwrath

Disbelief in the comment section 😱

toscomo | toscomo

Commenter questions wedding guest's motives for 'cocktail attire' claim 👀

NightLightTooBright | NightLightTooBright

Clap back with class 👏📷. Dress code followed, no complaints warranted.

crella-ann | crella-ann

Tea-length dress appropriate, but guests thought otherwise 🤔

Oh_Wiseone | Oh_Wiseone

Was the wedding themed? Comment sparks curiosity 🤔

Spyhippo | Spyhippo

Curious about the dress color stealing the spotlight 👗❓

MaverickAstley | MaverickAstley

Guest misjudges dress code at small wedding, causing confusion 😬

ladysnaxalot | ladysnaxalot

Commenter deemed TA, but why? Find out in replies! 😬

kiteful | kiteful

Dress code confusion? NTA for wearing the right attire 🎉

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cocktail attire? Check. Upstaging bride? Oops! 🤷‍♀️

DildoFappings | DildoFappings

Formal attire faux pas - who really upstaged the bride? 👀

Veronica-Summers | Veronica-Summers

Uninvited stranger overshadows small wedding, prompts confusion and frustration 🤨

small_og | small_og

Respect dress codes or risk being the a**hole. 😍

LunaPick | LunaPick

Misunderstood dress code leads to wedding day fashion faux pas.

RollingKatamari | RollingKatamari

Wedding guest defends herself against 'upstaging' accusations. NTA 😊

Dovahkiinkv1 | Dovahkiinkv1

Curious why they felt the need to impress their cousin? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Wedding turns into Star Trek convention as guest 'upstages' bride 🖖

TheThrowestofAway | TheThrowestofAway

When in doubt, turn to fanfiction 📚

Hothotdangerous | Hothotdangerous

The dress color question everyone's asking but no one's answering 🤔

reixxy | reixxy

Dress up, but not too much! Etiquette for wedding guests 😬

penleyhenley | penleyhenley

Wedding guest's fashion faux pas sparks family drama 👗💥

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