High school senior faces difficult decision about promposal

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Prom season is upon us and it can be a stressful time for high school seniors. But what happens when you're unexpectedly put on the spot in front of your entire class? That's what happened to one senior who was asked to prom by a disabled girl he knew. Despite feeling pressured to say yes in the moment, he later had to reject her in a private conversation. The aftermath of this rejection left the girl in tears and the senior wondering if he made the right choice. Was he in the wrong, or was it simply a misunderstanding? Read on to find out more.

Navigating the stress of promposal season as a high school senior

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Heartwarming promposal for disabled girl that made everyone teary-eyed ❤️

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Unexpected promposal leaves student speechless and anxious 😳🎉

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Student's awkward public promposal acceptance goes viral 😬

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Unexpected promposal leads to tough decision and emotional response.

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Will he ask her to prom? 🤔 A heartwarming dilemma.

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Former friends reunite for promposal surprise 💐

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Senior chooses promposal over friend, regrets decision. 😔

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Promposal plans for crush who likes back 😍

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High schooler turns down promposal, breaks special ed student's heart 💔

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Navigating prom drama: when a 'yes' becomes a nightmare 😰

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A promposal gone wrong and a disapproving aid intervenes 😳

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Regretful commenter seeks validation for promposal gone wrong. 😔

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High school senior faces tough promposal decision 😬

Prom season can be a stressful time for high schoolers, especially when unexpected promposals occur. A high school senior (18M) recently found himself in a tough spot when a disabled girl he knew asked him to prom in front of his AP chem class. Despite feeling embarrassed and wanting to say no, he felt pressured to say yes due to the public nature of the proposal. However, he later realized he couldn't go to prom with her as he had already planned to ask someone else. When he explained this to her, she was understandably upset and he now feels like a jerk. It's important to remember that promposals, while often fun and creative, should not be done in a way that puts pressure on someone to say yes. The senior in this situation did the right thing by being honest with the girl, but it's a reminder to all of us to be considerate when planning promposals. The next section will feature reactions and comments on this difficult situation.

NTA for declining, but handled it well with private conversation ❤️

gwacemom | gwacemom

Public proposals can be uncomfortable and pressured. NTA.

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Handling a promposal rejection gracefully: NTA, rejecting in public worse.

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Navigating promposals and public displays of affection as a teenager 😬

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Promposals can be stressful, NTA for not accepting. ❤️

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Teen faces backlash after rejecting disabled girl's promposal.

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A difficult decision handled with respect, but school can be brutal 💔

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Teen handles awkward public promposal situation with grace, not the a-hole.

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Promposal debate: NTA says promposals need to die 💀

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When a math class crush creates a powerpoint promposal, is it okay to say no publicly? Commenters weigh in. 💔

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Choosing not to go to prom with a friend is tough.

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High schooler faces promposal pressure, deemed NTA by commenters.

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Promposals can be uncomfortable, NTA but NAH in this case.

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Navigating awkward social interactions as a teen can be tough 😩 Luckily, OP handled it well and spared the other person's feelings. NAH.

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😬 A comment sums up the situation as 'f***ed'

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Saying no in front of everyone would have been worse 😬, NTA

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Prom is about having fun, not pity. NTA.

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Commenter and reply agree on ending public proposals 🚫💍

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Defending consent and disabled rights against infantilization 😡🚫

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Navigating high school drama and public promposals - no win here 😕

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Respectful rejection saves her from potential public humiliation. 🤝

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Don't force yourself to go with anyone you don't want to 💃

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Promposal culture receives heavy criticism 🤔

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Maturely handled rejection of promposal for disabled girl. NTA 🙌

HonestScience | HonestScience

NTA for not wanting to participate in a problematic promposal 🚫👑

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Promposal stress relieved by NTA judgement 🎉

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Introverts unite! 🤝 NTA handled it like a champ. 💪

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Friendship goals 🤝❤️

spelunk_in_ya_badonk | spelunk_in_ya_badonk

Maturity in handling rejection with grace and empathy. 👏

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Navigating tricky promposal situations: one commenter's NTA verdict 👍

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Promposals are overrated 🙄 This commenter gets it.

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Empowering response shuts down entitled behavior. 👏🏼NTA

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Promposals can be a cringe-worthy public ambush. #NTA 🙅

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Navigating promposals can be tough, but this NTA handled it gracefully 🎉

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Teacher's public promposal receives backlash from commenters 🚫👀

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Public promposals can be manipulative and put unnecessary pressure. NAH.

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Supportive comment shows empathy for misguided promposal attempt 👏

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Navigating promposals can be tough, but this commenter handled it 💯

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Public proposals without explicit consent are a big no-no 🚫

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Engaging in public proposals can be difficult - NTA made the best choice 💍

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Sweet and empathetic promposal earns NTA judgement ❤️

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Special educator praises high schooler for handling rejection maturely ❤️

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NTA handled situation gracefully, while acknowledging challenges of disabilities.


Senior gets green light for promposal - NTA

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