Guy calls out friend's thief friend on live stream

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A 26-year-old man with a great skincare routine caught his roommate's friend trying to steal his expensive skincare products. The friend, a self-proclaimed beauty guru with no job, wanted to use the products to impress her followers. The man confronted her on her live stream, causing her to lose followers and be mocked. Was the man wrong to call her out or was she upset she got caught? Read on for more details.

Confronting a friend's thief on live stream. Is she wrong?

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

Healthy male lifestyle goals shared in comment section 🏋️‍♂️

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

Luxury skincare for the bougie commenter 💅

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Protecting valuables with smart usage 💡

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

Respectful roommate boundaries lead to peaceful coexistence 🏠

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Meet the self-proclaimed beauty guru with 500 followers 💌

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

When borrowing becomes stealing 😒

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

When your friend's friend steals your skincare products for clout 😒

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

Roommate's friend caught stealing on live stream 🎥👀

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

Roommate catches thief friend on live stream while getting ready

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

Friend confronts thief on live stream over stolen items 💰

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

Friend's thief friend gets called out on live stream 😱

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

🤔 AITA or just upset they got caught stealing?

thtowawaygayflower | thtowawaygayflower

Guy calls out roommate's thief friend on live stream 🎥👀

In this post, a guy shares his frustration with his roommate's friend who has been stealing his expensive skincare products. Despite having her own shelf, the friend has been 'borrowing' from her friends without their consent. After catching her in the act, the guy confronts her on a live stream and calls her out for her actions. The friend faces backlash from her followers and loses credibility as a beauty guru. The guy wonders if he did the right thing and asks for judgement on whether he is in the wrong or if the friend is just upset about getting caught. Stay tuned for the comments and reactions to find out what others think about this situation.

Friend's thief friend got what she deserved 👏

Medusssssa1 | Medusssssa1

Friend's 'beauty guru' steals products for reviews with 500 followers 😒

babysterni | babysterni

Don't underestimate the power of a funny dog video 🐶😂

ur-humble-overlord | ur-humble-overlord

Friend's thief friend caught on live stream, commenters side with victim.

amalgamas | amalgamas

Commenter questions believability of beauty guru's theft livestream.

philliamm96 | philliamm96

Friend's thief friend caught on live stream 😱 You go, NTA!

kittymomma2013 | kittymomma2013

Taking a stand against a thief couch surfer. NTA.

DivineTarot | DivineTarot

Stealing is a no-go! NTA for calling her out 🙅‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Comment section more interested in channel link than story.

LifeAsMagic | LifeAsMagic

Caught red-handed: Thief friend embarrasses herself on live stream 😂

NoeTellusom | NoeTellusom

Commenter thinks girl deserved it, no sympathy here. 🤷‍♀️

RedBirdChi | RedBirdChi

NTA for calling out friend's thief friend. Comments are trash.

CounselorCheese | CounselorCheese

Standing up for oneself is not ruining someone's career 💪🏼 #NTA

j4ckbauer | j4ckbauer

Friend's thief friend gets called out, NTA takes the lead 🙌

ricky3106 | ricky3106

Skeptical Redditor demands proof for NTA story 🤨

CulturalMushroom6 | CulturalMushroom6

Public confrontation leads to ESH judgement. Is the story fake? 🤔

LoveaBook | LoveaBook

Demand for video proof, but NTA wins approval 👍

rnbret | rnbret

Doubtful comment gets debunked with logical explanation 🤔

thatgirlfromcollege | thatgirlfromcollege

Commenter shares opinion on AITA posts with frustration 😒

iTrickzGG | iTrickzGG

Don't touch my stuff without asking first! 🙅‍♂️

Peculiar_Owl | Peculiar_Owl

🤔 Doubting the authenticity of the story.

Straightghoulin | Straightghoulin

Protect your home from germy thieves 😱

elwynbrooks | elwynbrooks

Friend calls out thief on live stream, deemed not the a**hole

LilSomebodyOrOther | LilSomebodyOrOther

Commenter tells it like it is 😒

fatalerror_tw | fatalerror_tw

Support for calling out friend's thief friend with anger

[deleted] | [deleted]

Take back what's yours 💪 #NotTheA**hole

KlydeFrog629 | KlydeFrog629

Commenter calls out OP's honesty, drama ensues 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Redditor defends NTA judgment in controversial thread 👍

RhinoSmokn | RhinoSmokn

Calling out a thief led to losing followers. NTA 😂

RikMoscoso | RikMoscoso

Instant karma strikes thief's friend. NTA approves 😂

Original_Sail | Original_Sail

Calling out an a**hole: NTA takes a stand👊

DeliSoupItExplodes | DeliSoupItExplodes

Lock your stuff away instead of embarrassing on live stream 😒

silupilu | silupilu

Stopping a thief? Not petty, NTA! 👏

Nintendo_Nerd_04 | Nintendo_Nerd_04

No need to ask, obvious NTA 👍

Creature_73L | Creature_73L

Skeptical commenter doubts authenticity of story 🤔

sconri2 | sconri2

Confronting a thief on live stream: ESH, but public shaming? 🤷‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate invites thief friend, NTA for calling them out 🔥

kongtroll584 | kongtroll584

Friend's thief called out on live stream, commenter NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Confronting a thief on live stream: justified or just rude? 🤔

i2vulgar | i2vulgar

Commenter shuts down post with a sassy NTA 👀

Chops9391 | Chops9391

ESH. She sucks for mooching, he sucks for shaming her.

QuerulousPanda | QuerulousPanda

Agreeing with a righteous response 👍

gk1400 | gk1400

Clear judgment - no a**hole here. ✌

lolak1445 | lolak1445

Friend's thief called out, commenter not the a-hole 🙌

eggroller85 | eggroller85

Bizarre lotion theft for internet fame, and losing followers?

GrottyHarold | GrottyHarold

Commenter suggests hiding products and confronting later, ESH situation

dell_55 | dell_55

Friend defends thief, gets shut down. NTA 👏🚫👀


Doubtful of the authenticity of the story 🤔

whitethunder08 | whitethunder08

🦆 Don't let her get away with stealing from you.

jmc259 | jmc259

OP called out a thief on live stream, everyone approves 👍

festival-papi | festival-papi

Friend confronts thief on live stream, commenters empathize with victim.

Calm_Initial | Calm_Initial

Calling out a thief on live stream? ESH but effective 🎥👀

aubman02 | aubman02

Friend's thief friend gets what she deserves 💄👋

MiaLaF | MiaLaF

Is it really revenge if it's just calling out theft? 🤔

mostlyargyle | mostlyargyle

Confrontation on live stream: ESH, but friend was wrong.

-Baljeet-Tjinder- | -Baljeet-Tjinder-

Agreeing with NTA comment amidst bizarre reply thread 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate betrayed trust by allowing theft, commenter not at fault.

YeahLikeTheGroundhog | YeahLikeTheGroundhog

Commenter calls out both parties for their insufferable behavior 😬

captainburnz | captainburnz

Commenter questions validity of friend's guilt. 🤔

omniversalvoid | omniversalvoid

Setting boundaries: 👍 friend confronts thief friend during live stream.

PhoenixQueenAzula | PhoenixQueenAzula

Roommate's friend steals, commenter asks how roommate handled situation. #NTA 🔍🤔

JessVaping | JessVaping

Standing up to a thief 💪🏼

HolisticHiatus | HolisticHiatus

Friend's thief friend gets what she deserved. 💰🤷‍♂️

thatonepersoniam | thatonepersoniam