A mother's journey to becoming a better parent

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A mother's controversial post on Reddit about throwing her daughter's clothes on the floor when they weren't folded correctly went viral. The post received mixed reviews from the Reddit community, but it wasn't until the mother saw comments on Twitter that it hit her that her actions were wrong. She booked a virtual therapy session with a psychologist who diagnosed her with OCD and has since had eight sessions with her. The mother is on a journey to become a better parent and has apologized for her actions. Read on to learn more about her journey.

Organizational struggles of a mom, relatable much? 🤔👩‍👧

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Twitter reacts to viral post on parenting journey 🐦

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Denial won't solve parenting struggles 🤔

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Clear denial sparks engagement in comment section 🔥

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Heartbreaking moment: Mother shares struggles with parenting and online criticism.

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Breaking the cycle of bad parenting to save relationships ❤️

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A mother's love vs actions - the struggle to balance both ❤️

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Overcoming OCD: One mother's journey to better parenting 🙌

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Transforming into a better parent with the help of therapy 🌟

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👩‍👦 A mother's journey to better parenting is already showing progress

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A mother's honest account of her journey towards better parenting.

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A mother's journey to improving her parenting skills 💪

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Learning to let go: a mother's journey towards better parenting 🌱

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Reddit helped me become a better mom and wife ❤️

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Reflecting on past mistakes and making amends 🙏

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Heartfelt desire to improve parenting relationships with emotional impact ❤️

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A mother's journey to becoming a better parent 💜

After a viral post about throwing her daughter's clothes, this mother faced the harsh reality of her controlling behavior. Thanks to the help of a psychologist and Reddit's wake-up call, she's taking steps to improve her relationships with her kids. Read on for her inspiring journey towards becoming a better mom and wife.

Congratulations on taking the initiative to change and seek help! 👏 It sets a great example for your kids and shows them the importance of mental health.

ZNBraeleon | ZNBraeleon

A supportive comment on personal growth after past parenting mistakes.

Iprofessionalstudent | Iprofessionalstudent

Overcoming OCD during the pandemic and the importance of seeking help ❤️

darcicjstuhlman | darcicjstuhlman

OP's journey towards becoming a better parent inspires others ❤️

CharlzyWoodzy | CharlzyWoodzy

Supportive words for a parent on a journey ❤️

dee09thur | dee09thur

Glad to see positive progress in your parenting journey! 💪

4ries20 | 4ries20

Encouraging support for personal growth 🌱👏

babamum | babamum

Taking responsibility for our actions is tough but necessary 👏

sopranna23 | sopranna23

Parenting is hard, admitting your faults is harder 🙏

EmmaInFrance | EmmaInFrance

Heartwarming comment shows support for mother's parenting journey ❤️

Blobfish_Blues | Blobfish_Blues

Overcoming OCD and becoming a better parent deserves celebration 🎉

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Small gestures can have a big impact on mental health 👍

ruthmbx | ruthmbx

Owning up to mistakes and getting help - that's great parenting! 👍

KittyScholar | KittyScholar

Encouraging response to positive personal growth 🌟

Chicken_and_chips07 | Chicken_and_chips07

Changing our perspective on rules can lead to stronger relationships ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Acknowledging mistakes and seeking help is admirable. Good luck, OP!

dweeb2319 | dweeb2319

Overcoming denial and working on internal problems. 👏

Reptar1988 | Reptar1988

Admitting fault takes a huge person 👍, seeking help is even bigger 🙌

Armakus | Armakus

Empathy and growth in parenting journey ❤️

gehanna1 | gehanna1

Overcoming OCD is a tough battle. Proud of you! ❤️

matelulu | matelulu

Encouraging support from a commenter on a mother's journey. 🤗

NovaScrawlers | NovaScrawlers

Overcoming past mistakes and seeking help can improve relationships.❤️

Maharani_Radha | Maharani_Radha

Glad to see personal growth acknowledged! 😊

m_lucien | m_lucien

A heartwarming comment applauding a parent's dedication to self-improvement 👏

Lovely1Valentine | Lovely1Valentine

Commenter applauds OP for recognizing their behavior and becoming a better parent 💕

secondphase | secondphase

This comment is giving us all the wholesome feels 🥰

choppyflow1235 | choppyflow1235

Commenter shares personal trauma and thanks parent for change ❤️

thatbikerchick51 | thatbikerchick51

Facing your problems takes courage. Proud of you OP! 🙌

megameh64 | megameh64

Overcoming judgement and striving to be a great mom 👏

Abel69420 | Abel69420

Supportive words for a struggling parent on their journey 🙏

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Supportive Reddit community encourages mother's positive change. 👍

betsycrocker | betsycrocker

Self-awareness is key to being a better parent 🙌

aileeliz | aileeliz

Supportive comment offers help and resources for OCD community ❤️

Irey_West | Irey_West

Keep going! Your children appreciate your strength and bravery 👏

EmpressJainaSolo | EmpressJainaSolo

Encouraging support for OP's positive personal growth 👏

deadhoe9 | deadhoe9

A heartfelt plea for accountability and reconciliation with parents ❤️

SharMarali | SharMarali

Heartwarming comment shows the power of self-improvement 💖

Winecoffeetea | Winecoffeetea

Healing relationships with parents takes effort and therapy. ❤

EarthCrustBreaker | EarthCrustBreaker

Admitting to personal issues and seeking help sets a great example 👍

Squinky75 | Squinky75

A touching story of how a teddy bear became a symbol of resilience 😭

punkiniswhatimcalled | punkiniswhatimcalled

Heartwarming comment spreads positivity 🌞❤️

PunditusMaximus | PunditusMaximus

Grateful comment shows positive impact of good parenting ❤️

Ragingredblue | Ragingredblue

From trauma to triumph: A journey of growth and healing ❤️

idbanthat | idbanthat

Encouraging comment shows importance of seeking help in parenting 👏

diamonddna | diamonddna

A supportive comment defending the OP from previous haters.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Overcoming OCD is tough, but you're strong enough 💪

partypancakesbacon | partypancakesbacon

👏 Amazing progress! Congrats on being a better parent 👍

everynameistaken000 | everynameistaken000

Therapy is a great step! Keep up the self-care 🙌

nan1ta | nan1ta

Crafting helped with OCD, inspiring effort to change for kids

bookskeeper | bookskeeper

👏🏼❤️ A heartwarming comment that shows the power of support.

LawlessMind | LawlessMind

Commenter expresses skepticism about parent's ability to change. 🤔

nerdybirdykris | nerdybirdykris

Overcoming personal obstacles and growing as a parent 💪

KayleighEU | KayleighEU

Overcoming past mistakes to become a better parent 🙌

positivepeoplehater | positivepeoplehater

Glad she sought help, now her daughter will have happier childhood 🙌

tassiegirl94 | tassiegirl94

Overcoming toxic parenting to be the dad you envision 👨‍🏻👩‍🏻

LordFlord | LordFlord

Acknowledging past mistakes and striving to be a better parent ❤️

TheMysteriousCartoon | TheMysteriousCartoon

Therapy helped a strained mother-daughter relationship blossom 🌸

[deleted] | [deleted]

👩‍👧‍👦 A heartwarming journey of growth and self-improvement.

fatmexican09 | fatmexican09

The struggle of letting go and letting your child be independent 😕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Create a code phrase with your kids to tackle control issues 👍

miladyelle | miladyelle

Touching comment on repairing relationship with mother gives hope 💖

ksed_313 | ksed_313

Commenter expresses frustration with COVID post removal on parenting sub.

RnRLoser | RnRLoser

Supportive comment shows the power of seeking help 🙏

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Cheers to personal growth! 🌱

TADspace | TADspace

Inspiring comment on growth and parenting journey 🙏

redjedi182 | redjedi182

Commendable self-improvement journey towards better relationships ✨

TheoX747 | TheoX747

Breaking the cycle of bad parenting. 👏

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