Man takes back beer he bought for party he was uninvited from

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A 19-year-old man got a text from someone he had a crush on in high school, inviting him to a party. She asked him to bring beer, and he happily agreed. However, when he arrived with the beer, he realized he wasn't actually invited to the party. Feeling humiliated, he took back the beer and left. Now he's wondering if he was the a**hole for his reaction. Read on to find out what happened and whether or not he was in the wrong.

19-year-old takes back beer from uninvited party guests 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Unexpected message from high school crush leads to...

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

🤔 Unexpected friendliness after social media block 🤔

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Party foul: Uninvited man asked to bring beer for party. 😒

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Underage party drama: Uninvited guest takes back purchased alcohol 🍻

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Man takes back beer after being uninvited from party 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Uninvited guest shows up to party, chaos ensues 🍻

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Unexpected twist: Uninvited man reclaims party beer 🍻

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Party crasher reclaims Budweiser bought for uninvited appearance 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Unexpected party twist leads to uninvited beer retrieval 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Unexpected turn of events during party preparation 🍻

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Surprise encounter leads to awkward situation with uninvited guest 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Uninvited guest took beer back after being embarrassed. 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Unexpected kiss from uninvited guest leaves man blushing 😳

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Uninvited man takes back beer he bought for party. 😑

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Uninvited man takes back beer after being called out. 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Awkward encounter leads to beer retrieval 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Man seeks revenge after getting uninvited from a party 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

When the party's over... and you're not invited 🍺

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Uninvited guest takes back beer and leaves bitter taste 😒

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Navigating social situations can be tough, but was he justified?

irrationaloffer | irrationaloffer

Man uninvited from party takes back beer 🍺

A 19-year-old man was uninvited from a party after he was asked to buy beer for the group. The man had a crush on the host and agreed to buy the beer, but when he arrived with the alcohol, he was told he wasn't actually invited to the party. Feeling humiliated, he took the beer back and left. Now, he's facing criticism from the host and her friends for his reaction. Was he in the wrong or was the host playing a cruel game? Read on for reactions and comments from the internet community.

Commenter suggests pouring the beer down the toilet with a snap. 💩

court_in_the_middle | court_in_the_middle

Taking back uninvited party beer, NTA and a satisfying win 😎

inimeg68 | inimeg68

Man takes back beer he bought for party he was uninvited from. Commenters agree NTA and criticize friend's behavior.

galpalnykki | galpalnykki

Uninvited from party, man takes back beer. NTA for sure 👍

KrymsinTyde | KrymsinTyde

Turn uninvited beer into delicious bratwurst syrup with skillet 🍺🌭

bobbo789 | bobbo789

Taking back uninvited party beer 🍺👀 NTA, but Budweiser?

sonja_says | sonja_says

Victory story! 🎉 Play a drinking game with friends and cheladas.

ObiWanCombover | ObiWanCombover

Man uninvited from party takes back beer; commenter defends Budweiser.

Rex-A-Vision | Rex-A-Vision

Enjoying Buds with real friends after standing up for yourself 🍻

MediumDrink | MediumDrink

Engaging debate on whether Budweiser is a decent beer 🍻

dj-norequest | dj-norequest

Entitled girl asks guy to buy beer for party he's uninvited from. NTA.

bigboidaddy123 | bigboidaddy123

Not the a-hole, but let's avoid controversial phrasing 😅

389idha | 389idha

Overeager social media behavior leads to awkward party disinvite. 😬

justmy2centsthroaway | justmy2centsthroaway

Rise above the hate and take the high road 🙌

mtlmike85 | mtlmike85

NTA. Taking back the beer from manipulative friend 👍🍻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends OP and invites for Budweiser 🍺

SwishMyTail | SwishMyTail

Clear NTA situation, post on r/TIFU for more entertainment 😂

NormalButterscotch4 | NormalButterscotch4

Uninvited guest takes back beer meant for party, NTA responds

Sheepie125 | Sheepie125

Buying booze for underaged idiots during pandemic? ESH 🤦‍♀️

Llamasinthewild | Llamasinthewild

Don't break the law for anyone! 🚫👮‍♂️

Sidhejester | Sidhejester

Cheers to standing up for yourself 🍻 You deserve better!

[deleted] | [deleted]

Drink beer with your friends, not hers 🍻 #NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter defends man who took back beer uninvited, suggests pouring only one for photos 🍻

tech_GG | tech_GG

Real or fake, NTA wins!

Maddkipz | Maddkipz

Commenter calls out Bud drinkers in hilarious reply thread 🍺😂

pjain317 | pjain317

Supportive comment receives no response, but deserved some 🙌

ThirrinAust | ThirrinAust

Did the OP really forget to mention this important detail?

ShirtPanties | ShirtPanties

Block the negativity 🚫🙅‍♂️ You don't need them in your life.

MissDarylC | MissDarylC

Underage drinking debate sparked by beer retrieval. 🍺🤔


Standing up against toxicity, NTA deserves better friends 👏

n77nac | n77nac

Misunderstanding or intentional deception? 🤔

xoemily | xoemily

Buying beer for ungrateful underage a**holes? Not the a**hole 👍


Clarification on who paid for the beer and potential partial assholery.

Corne777 | Corne777

Block and beer, a satisfying revenge 🍻🚫 #NTA

Terror_Beer | Terror_Beer

Savage move! 🍻 Not the a**hole for taking back beer.

qweerrrtyyu | qweerrrtyyu

Commenter questions why anyone would blame the person reclaiming their beer 🤔

Wopitikitotengo | Wopitikitotengo

Man gets duped into buying beer for uninvited party 😒

AiTAthrowitaway12 | AiTAthrowitaway12

Empathizing with OP's situation. Heartbreaking 😢

cafetzin | cafetzin

Clarifying the invite: innocent mistake or malicious intent? 🔎

Sessylia | Sessylia

Not the a**hole for taking back beer from uninvited party.

CMSkye | CMSkye

Man takes back beer he bought for uninvited party 🤩

maybeitwasfoxy | maybeitwasfoxy

Standing up for yourself is never wrong! You go 😎

jadeS242 | jadeS242

Cheers to being NTA! But...Budweiser? Really? 🍻

ifhysm | ifhysm

Questioning the authenticity of the story 🤔

PuffinCurrie | PuffinCurrie

Being uninvited from a party doesn't make someone an a**hole 🤔

sarahelizabeth1999 | sarahelizabeth1999

Cheers to being better off without toxic 'friends' 🍻

[deleted] | [deleted]

Etiquette for underage drinking, pay for alcohol and tip friends.

NoNarcsJustMarx | NoNarcsJustMarx

Stand up for yourself! 🙌 NTA takes back unappreciated beer

[deleted] | [deleted]

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