Salma Hayek, 56, Wows In Bikini-Clad Ocean Dip

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Salma Hayek
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Salma Hayek stunned fans earlier this week as she showed off her ageless good looks in bombshell swimwear snaps shared on her Instagram. Stripping down to a lime-green bikini, the actress wowed while enjoying an ocean dip, and it all came with her announcing her rejuvenation.

Bikini Bombshell

Salma Hayek in a dress
Flickr | richardcoeurdelion13

Salma opened descending a ladder leading into ocean waters. The MCU star, 56, looked decades younger than her years as she drew attention to her youthful face and curves. She opted for a dangerously-low neckline with a knotted bust, and she also when tight as she showcased her hourglass silhouette.

Ocean Dip

Salma Hayek in a dress
Flickr | kevin31er

Salma went bare-faced as she posed with wet hair. Fans then saw The Eternals actress enjoying her underwater swim while bubbling out oxygen from her mouth.

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Salma returned for a bombshell moment as she dramatically threw her head back while soaking wet and once again clinging to the ladder, post-dip. The Mexican-born star has gained over 1.8 million likes from her 23 million+ followers.

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Ocean Life

In the caption, Hayek had written: "Every time I need to feel renewed I jump into the ocean 🌊Cada vez que necesito sentirme renovada, me meto al mar 🌊#oceanlife."

Suffice to say that fans are floored. The comments section is now overflowing.

Sexiest Thing Ever

Salma Hayek in a dress
Flickr | imogen.80

Gaining likes was a fan replying:

"From where I’m standing, Nature connection and belonging is the sexiest thing you’ve ever done for the global community in your private life that you’ve chosen to share with us. And the lime-green bikini you picked is fashion serving me sprouts serving me power and new life and imagination and serving me hope. Gracias."

Looks Great 'At Any Age'

Also complementing the House of Gucci star was a gushing fan who wrote: "Some say she looks great for her age, no she looks great for any age." Salma refuses to use Botox and has even braved showing her gray hairs on social media.

Stunning At 56

While other stars make headlines for alleged plastic surgery or fillers, Hayek continues to shine as one of the Hollywood A-Listers who is aging gracefully. The photos on her IG are proof!

Dazzles In Silk Robe

Salma wowed in burnt orange sequins at this year's Oscars, also posting a second look to her Instagram. Here, the actress rocked a white satin robe, one she paired with a fun pigtails hairdo.

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