Babysitter Gets Drunk on the Job: AITA for Firing Her?

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As a working mom with two kids, finding a reliable babysitter can be tough. So when I hired a sweet 16-year-old girl to watch my children, I thought I hit the jackpot. But things took a turn for the worse when I caught her drunk on the job. I immediately fired her, but now I'm questioning whether I made the right decision. She claims she didn't know the hard seltzer I bought for myself contained alcohol and had never drank before due to her parents' alcoholism and PTSD. She begged for her job back, but I refused. Am I the a**hole for not giving her another chance? Reddit, I need your help.

Teen babysitter fired for drinking on the job 🍷👶

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🍸Babysitter's drinking habits led to her firing. AITA?

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Babysitter gets drunk on the job; Should I have fired her?

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Babysitter fired for lack of seltzer water 😱🍼

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Babysitter's behavior raises red flags: AITA for firing her? 🤔

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Babysitter calls in sick, AITA for firing her? 🤔

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Babysitter gets drunk on job and leaves mid-day, AITA?

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🍸🤢 Babysitter drank on the job and got fired. AITA?

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Babysitter gets drunk on the job, blames ignorance. AITA?

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🚫 Fired babysitter for endangering my kids while drunk. AITA?

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Babysitter gets drunk on the job and begs for forgiveness 🍺

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Fired babysitter for drunk on job, AITA? Reddit, decide ⚖️

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OP admits fault and rehires babysitter: happy ending 🎉

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Generous employer offers $1500/week + permit & license tests 👍

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🍹 Babysitter fired for getting drunk on the job 🤔

A mother fired her babysitter after discovering that she had gotten drunk on the job. The babysitter had asked for seltzer water as a drink option but later drank hard seltzers without realizing they contained alcohol. The mother, concerned for her children's safety, let the babysitter go. However, the babysitter reached out to explain her mistake and her difficult family circumstances. After seeking advice on Reddit, the mother realized she was wrong and decided to rehire the babysitter, offering her a higher wage and paying for her driver's permit and test. Read on for the Reddit reactions to this story.

Firing a babysitter for accidentally drinking spiked seltzer? YTA.

Ehhlnoy | Ehhlnoy

Babysitter mistook seltzer for water, got fired & insulted. YTA.

sheramom4 | sheramom4

Firing babysitter for getting drunk and making her walk home - YTA

amiesaffle22 | amiesaffle22

YTA for firing the babysitter who followed all protocols 🤦‍♀️

sphinxhonor | sphinxhonor

Firing babysitter working 60 hours/week at 16 for drinking: YTA.

MsBaseball34 | MsBaseball34

Firing babysitter for drinking your forgotten drink: YTA, and underpaying too 😠

thefrenchphanie | thefrenchphanie

Underpaid and overworked babysitter or entitled employer? 😠

Ouisch | Ouisch

OP is getting called out for being cheap and insensitive 😬

Arejhey311 | Arejhey311

Firing babysitter for drinking hard seltzer: YTA, put kids in danger 😒

Dekar17 | Dekar17

Commenter accuses OP of neglect and praises babysitter's care 🤔

keekeexd | keekeexd

Misunderstanding over alcoholic seltzers: Is OP overreacting? 🤔

adragon02 | adragon02

Firing 16yo babysitter for drinking spiked seltzer? YTA. 🙄

wanderingmind47 | wanderingmind47

Questioning honesty: ❓🤔 Do you not believe her?

Kramanos | Kramanos

Op puts drunk babysitter at risk but fires her for calling.

HowardProject | HowardProject

🍷 Babysitter gets drunk on the job and blames the employer

blahblahblandish | blahblahblandish

Babysitter got drunk and endangered a minor: YTA or not?

Throwback67 | Throwback67

Firing a 16-year-old for drinking unknowingly? YTA 🤔

zuccini2001 | zuccini2001

Commenter calls out abusive behavior towards babysitter, receives supportive reply.

Penguinz90 | Penguinz90

Commenter defends babysitter and calls out OP. 😤

1000livesofmagic | 1000livesofmagic

Babysitter gets drunk on the job and gets fired: Commenter calls out OP for endangering the minor and being a major a**hole.

fabulousautie | fabulousautie

Firing a sheltered 16-year-old babysitter for an honest mistake? 🤔 YTA.

extraterrestrial23 | extraterrestrial23

Comment debunking article's authenticity with 🤔 emoji.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out OP for firing babysitter over mistake 🤔

Peanuts_Anonymous | Peanuts_Anonymous

When the story seems too good to be true 😒🤔

Mijo54321 | Mijo54321

Don't be a jerk, accidents happen 🤷‍♂️

fuelledbycappuccino | fuelledbycappuccino

Don't blame the 16-year-old girl for your mistake 🤦‍♀️ #YTA

Redacted_Cookie | Redacted_Cookie

Firing a babysitter over an honest mistake - YTA 🤔

here_wegoagain55 | here_wegoagain55

Commenter calls out OP's cruelty, deems them the a**hole. 😬

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out low pay for babysitter in fiery reply 🔥

alphawolf29 | alphawolf29

A fiery response shuts down a troll

nofacenofood | nofacenofood

Employer fired babysitter for an innocent mistake. YTA. 😠

GrannyW3atherwax15 | GrannyW3atherwax15

Babysitter accidentally drinks alcohol, gets fired. YTA or NAH?

AdoraDazey | AdoraDazey

Communication is key! 🗝️ Maybe next time clarify the drinks.

immamoose-- | immamoose--

Firing a babysitter for drinking on the job: YTA or NTA?

LeMot-Juste | LeMot-Juste

Firing a drunk babysitter: YTA or NTA?

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't judge too quickly. Consider the consequences 😕

refusestopoop | refusestopoop

Commenter calls out OP for blaming babysitter and receives support. 💯

freestylejunkie | freestylejunkie

Don't blame her, YTA 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP receives backlash for firing babysitter who drank alcoholic drink

RiverSong_777 | RiverSong_777

Unfair pay, broken promises, and endangering a minor? YTA.

Diligent-Reaction-23 | Diligent-Reaction-23

Firing a young babysitter for an honest mistake: YTA 👎

danicajadee | danicajadee

Defending the babysitter: A little compassion goes a long way 😔

TaimSolas | TaimSolas

Firing a babysitter for being sick? YTA and underpaying too 😒

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Commenter thinks OP is the a**hole for firing babysitter 🤔

PeachyPosterior | PeachyPosterior

Firing a babysitter in a pandemic for an honest mistake? YTA 😑

thatrainbowshit | thatrainbowshit

Miscommunication leads to firing: YTA or NAH? 🤔

Redacted_Cookie | Redacted_Cookie

Fired 16 y/o babysitter for being drunk on the job: Commenter calls out OP for being abusive and underpaying. 😡

bambi420blzit | bambi420blzit

🍸Honest mistake, immediate confession. YTA for firing her.👎

leakinglego | leakinglego

Firing the babysitter for drinking: justified or harsh? 🤔

stephaleeleelee | stephaleeleelee

Misunderstanding or Negligence? 🤔 A fired babysitter seeks justice

jkashmoney99 | jkashmoney99

Furious response to OP's firing of babysitter with low pay

Heisenplerp | Heisenplerp

Commenter thinks OP is the a**hole for firing babysitter 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter thinks OP is the a**hole for firing the babysitter 🤔

tetra_goldfish | tetra_goldfish

Parent shamed for firing babysitter who brought alcohol: YTA?

mickeydburg | mickeydburg

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