UPDATE: AITA for calling my girlfriend lazy?

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Depression can take a toll on an individual's physical and mental health. In this post, a man shared his dilemma about calling his girlfriend lazy due to her depression. After some reflection, he realized his mistake and apologized to her. The couple met up and discussed ways to make their relationship work. They came up with a plan to help her with her depression, by suggesting she stops job hunting and focuses on herself. They also agreed on having a deep cleaning day every Sunday, which has worked out well for them. The man is putting in more effort to support his girlfriend and learn about depression. We hope this couple continues to make progress and support each other.

Redditor asks if they're the a-hole for calling girlfriend lazy.

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Redemption and regret after name-calling in a relationship 😔

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Couple resolves conflict and discusses improving relationship. ❤️

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Girlfriend seeks new therapist after concerns expressed, progress made 👍

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Supporting my girlfriend through tough times: 💪🏼

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Encouraging partner to focus on self for personal growth 💪

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Encouraging partner to volunteer to relieve pressure, AITA judgement?

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Girlfriend overcomes laziness with 10-minute exercise and Yin Yoga 🧘‍♀️

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

One chore a day keeps the lazy girlfriend away 🧹

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Motivating my girlfriend to be productive with positive reinforcement 🙌

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Cleaning Sundays made chores fun and manageable 😄🧹

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Couple works together to support girlfriend's depression. ❤️

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Working on love: OP reflects on relationship after conflict ❤️

throwawayadvice236 | throwawayadvice236

Love wins: A couple's journey through depression and communication ❤️

In a world where love is often tested, it is refreshing to see two people come together to overcome their struggles. In this post, a couple shares their journey through depression and communication. After a rough patch, they realized that they needed to work together to make their relationship work. They took a step back from the pressures of finding a job and found ways to focus on themselves. By starting small, with just one chore a day, they were able to build momentum and make progress. They even found a fun way to tackle their deep cleaning day. Through it all, they learned to be more supportive of each other and communicate better. It's heartwarming to see how much they love each other and are willing to put in the effort to make their relationship work. In the next section, we'll take a look at some of the reactions to their story.

Positive comments and advice on overcoming depression in a relationship ❤️

QuidditchRules | QuidditchRules

Yoga with Adrienne is a great recommendation for depression-induced inability.

twotwentyonebeehives | twotwentyonebeehives

Commenter advises OP to seek therapy for caregiver fatigue.

Sassrepublic | Sassrepublic

Heartwarming update! 🥰 Best of luck to you both 💕

archvanillin | archvanillin

Yoga with Adriene recommended for girlfriend's recovery 🧘

MoonpawX | MoonpawX

An inspiring tool for overcoming depression and procrastination ✌️

Aulyvyha | Aulyvyha

Heartwarming apology with changed behavior. 😍

topazlacee | topazlacee

Supporting a partner with mental health issues is admirable ❤️

scary-sundae | scary-sundae

Positive update! Communication and compromise save the day 🙌

Joy-of | Joy-of

Supporting your partner's mental health can strengthen your relationship ❤️

Wise_Possession | Wise_Possession

Supportive comment about communication in relationships with mental illness.

WeakCounty6 | WeakCounty6

Overcoming depression together 💪❤️

naveeyuh | naveeyuh

Are they treating their partner like a kid? 🤔

bradford250 | bradford250

Update on AITA post shows growth and support for girlfriend ❤️

Lucia37 | Lucia37

Support and love can help immensely with depression. ❤

erivanla | erivanla

Empathetic response to a supportive comment 🤝❤️

Redshirt2323 | Redshirt2323

Motivational tip on getting started with chores 💪

moonmothmammoth | moonmothmammoth

Heartwarming comment brings the warm and fuzzies ❤

aliaaenor | aliaaenor

Supportive comment about overcoming relationship challenges. ❤️

LittleJackass80 | LittleJackass80

Commenter shares emotional response to uplifting update on depression

AninOnin | AninOnin

User advises OP to re-evaluate relationship and prioritize mental health.

1567Tor | 1567Tor

Self-care is important! Don't hesitate to speak up. 💖

Jikook97 | Jikook97

Overcoming depression with therapy and medication 💊

matchy_blacks | matchy_blacks

Are you in a relationship or a caregiver? 🤔

winterose246 | winterose246

Volunteering at animal shelters can be a therapeutic experience 🐶🐱

lonelycucaracha | lonelycucaracha

User suggests OP's girlfriend is lazy and not worth the effort 💔

pigwalk5150 | pigwalk5150

Heartwarming support for a kind-hearted commenter 🥰❤️

heyelander | heyelander

Codependency or enabling? When to seek professional help for depression?

SpiralBreeze | SpiralBreeze

Overcoming depression to work hard, does laziness exist? 🤔

PsychoticGiggles | PsychoticGiggles

Depression isn't binary, but calling someone lazy isn't helpful 😔

Sternjunk | Sternjunk

Commenter with depression finds hope and support in replies 🙏

Kunabee | Kunabee

Depression can make motivation difficult, but it shouldn't be an excuse 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Balancing work and chores is tough 😴💼🧹

brunette427 | brunette427

A heartwarming story of support and understanding 💕

mllepenelope | mllepenelope

Medication may help when dealing with depression, good luck! 💊

biteme789 | biteme789

Glad to see a positive update! 🙌 Wishing her better mental health.

Raystede | Raystede

Encouraging personal responsibility in a relationship 🤝

MeatyOakerGuy | MeatyOakerGuy

Empathetic comment receives support and well-wishes ❤️

DrCarabou | DrCarabou

One chore a day technique helped with depression and chores 💪

KittenSneezs | KittenSneezs

A cautionary tale about staying in an unhappy relationship 💔

NotAFlamingo | NotAFlamingo

Comment suggests seeking psychiatric help for girlfriend, offers personal experience.

s0ycatpuccino | s0ycatpuccino

Supportive comment sparks conversation about mental health and relationships ❤️

Pandatoke | Pandatoke

Crafting as a form of therapy: a helpful suggestion 💕

[deleted] | [deleted]

Overcoming depression and supporting loved ones through baby steps 🙌

piepiepiebacon | piepiepiebacon

Self-help CBT worksheets to cope with depression. Check it out!

pure_platypus | pure_platypus

Heartwarming comment spreads positivity ❤️👏

BugsRatty | BugsRatty

Mental health strategies bring relief to struggling couple! 🙌

LimitlessMegan | LimitlessMegan

Offering support and suggesting helpful app for girlfriend's depression ❤️

lizziebee66 | lizziebee66

Positive reinforcement for self-improvement. 👍

alexmartini721 | alexmartini721

Overcoming depression with therapy and meds. 👍

Novenari | Novenari

Overcoming depression with medication and insurance tips. 👍

skidmore101 | skidmore101

Empathetic commenter praises OP for supporting girlfriend with depression.

xoxokaralee | xoxokaralee

Depression is tough, but should basic chores be impossible? 😔

javsv | javsv

Positive resolution with mutual understanding and support 🙌

Tato269 | Tato269

Surviving postnatal depression and motherhood without support 💪

Sassy-nach | Sassy-nach

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