Mother threatens to cut off son over baby name dispute

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A mother is at odds with her son and his girlfriend over a baby name dispute. The mother recently had a daughter and named her Clara, but her son's girlfriend is upset because they also want to name their daughter Clara. The mother refused to change her daughter's name and threatened to cut off financial assistance if they name their daughter Paxtyn out of spite. The situation has escalated and the son called the mother controlling. Find out how this dilemma unfolds.

A mother's ultimatum over a baby name dispute.

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A mother's support for her son's pregnancy at a cost.

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Meet Clara, the adorable inspiration behind the baby name dispute 😍

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Grandma-to-be faces baby name drama with son's girlfriend 👶

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Son and mother argue over baby name, tension rises 🤔

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Grandma vs Mom: A baby name battle for the ages!

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Grandma's love is conditional, but his love for Paxtyn isn't 💔

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Mother and son clash over baby name, sparking heated argument 🔥

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Naming feud leads to mother and son relationship cut-off

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When a baby name leads to family drama 🤨

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The name Clara is causing some serious family drama 😬

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Naming baby tears family apart, ends with abusive text exchange 💔

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Baby name dispute leads to family feud 😠

A mother is threatening to cut off her son and his girlfriend after a dispute over the name of their unborn child. The mother recently had a change of life baby and named her Clara. The son's girlfriend insisted that they were going to name their daughter Clara too and that the mother should have consulted with them. When the mother refused to change her daughter's name, the son and his girlfriend retaliated by deciding to name their daughter Paxtyn. The mother disapproved of the name and threatened to cut off financial assistance if they went through with it. The son accused his mother of being controlling, but hung up when she asked if he actually liked the name. In a text exchange, the mother attempted to make peace by pretending to like the name Paxtyn, but the girlfriend responded with insults. Is it fair for parents to claim a baby name? How far is too far in a baby name dispute? Read on for reactions and comments.

You have every right to name your child. NTA 👍

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Financial support shouldn't be tied to baby name disputes. ESH.

LeMot-Juste | LeMot-Juste

Silly baby name dispute turns into petty family feud 🍼💩

SqueaksBCOD | SqueaksBCOD

Son's girlfriend wants to name baby after daughter. NTA.

TopaztheBigBoss | TopaztheBigBoss

Be supportive of Paxtyn to prevent the name dispute escalation 😊

Dickduck21 | Dickduck21

Mother contemplates cutting off son over baby name dispute. NTA.

PotentialityKnocks | PotentialityKnocks

The name Clara sparks curiosity but is quickly shut down.

RoyEsnarom | RoyEsnarom

Unborn child caught in the middle of immature parents 🤦‍♀️

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

Name repetition is a common family tradition. 🤝

zomboromcom | zomboromcom

Naming the baby after a sibling isn't so bad 🤔

Thethethethrowawayay | Thethethethrowawayay

Curious comment and informative replies about 'change of life' baby 🤔

studassparty | studassparty

This baby name dispute is just tip of the iceberg 😱

sprout92 | sprout92

Commenter advises OP to not feed into drama over baby name.

neobeguine | neobeguine

Controversial baby name sparks debate and insults - NTA.

JanMichaelVincent16 | JanMichaelVincent16

NTA, son's girlfriend overreacts over baby name, time to grow up 🙄

stormageddonzero | stormageddonzero

Choosing a baby name out of spite? Not a good idea! 🚫

spotdspa | spotdspa

Deescalate the conflict instead of fighting with idiots. ESH. 🤦‍♂️

thatonepersoniam | thatonepersoniam

Petty baby name dispute leads to family cut-off. ESH

starvinart | starvinart

Family feud over baby name sparks suspicions and anger.

MzOpinion8d | MzOpinion8d

The missing piece: Clara. Did they discuss it beforehand?

TRoseee | TRoseee

NTA. Naming the baby Paxtyn? 🤔 Family drama ensues.

cara180455 | cara180455

Tension between mother, son, and son's girlfriend before baby's birth 🤔

mochaluvr1 | mochaluvr1

Immature behavior over baby name dispute, potential family fallout 🤦

heyyyyharmanoooooooo | heyyyyharmanoooooooo

No one acting like adults! 🤯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Names are personal, but don't punish a child to spite. 👨💙👨‍🍳

fiberartistmom | fiberartistmom

Unusual baby names causing controversy 😬

murphy_girl | murphy_girl

A simple compromise: 💡 suggest the name Cara

yboony | yboony

Support for NTA comment on son's baby name dispute.

mcraleigh | mcraleigh

NTA: A refreshing take on a common family issue 🤱

BlairIsTired | BlairIsTired

Petty baby name drama turns everyone into a**holes 😒

iwassayingboourns12 | iwassayingboourns12

Support the child directly in the future! 🙌🏼

ChucciePhinster | ChucciePhinster

Mixed opinions on 'paxytyn' as a baby name 🤔

Ummah_Strong | Ummah_Strong

Supporting family financially, disrespected by mother, NTA, cut off

ikopujioj | ikopujioj

Suggestive comment sparks no reply debate over baby naming etiquette.

Katelyn_R_Us | Katelyn_R_Us

Defending an unusual baby name choice 🤔

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Creative baby names cause family drama 💥

proassassin00 | proassassin00

Son's baby name choice causes tension, but commenter is understanding

xsh | xsh

Don't be a child, grow up and choose your battles 🙄

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Commenter calls out everyone in this heated discussion 🤨

CriscoWithLime | CriscoWithLime

A naming dispute leads to a baby fight. 🤔

Courin | Courin

Surprising twist: Son's baby name revealed after birth without consultation 🤔

ExternalSpeaker9 | ExternalSpeaker9

Paxtyn isn't that bad of a name. 🤔

Ashes_falldown | Ashes_falldown

Unnecessary drama over baby name, both parties at fault. 🙄

pizzaroll94 | pizzaroll94

Money can't buy maturity - cutting off may be necessary

henchwench89 | henchwench89

NTA Paxtin sounds like a blood pressure med. Give your son a reality check on co-parenting priorities. 🤔

Skitenoir | Skitenoir

Supporting son's baby name - NTA, but should stop supporting him?

filkerdave | filkerdave

Son angry about baby name, thinks he's entitled 🤔

SpunSugarSonata | SpunSugarSonata

Claiming a baby name: NTA takes a stand 👶

Herdnerfer | Herdnerfer

Having relatives with the same name is common. NTA.

jackalope78 | jackalope78

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