Angry Man on Flight Loses Temper Over Crying Baby

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The pic of man who was throwing tantrum over a crying baby on an airplane
twitter | Melissa Ryan

A video of an adult guy having a full-blown tantrum over a crying baby on an airplane is going viral because of the way he shouts at flight attendants and creates chaos.

Tension In A Flight

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In the video posted online on Tuesday, it can be seen that there were growing tensions aboard the Florida-bound flight while it was being held in Palm Beach due to bad weather.

A Man Started Yelling At A Flight Attendant

The yelling mans video that received more than 274,800 views on TikTok.
Tik Tok | mjgrabowski

The man can be seen yelling at a flight attendant in a video that has received more than 274,800 views on TikTok.

He Was Frustrated By The Newborn

The pic of man yelling at the flight attendant and the crying baby
twitter | Melissa Ryan

Frustrated by the newborn, the unidentified passenger yells at the baby, parents, and Southwest flight attendants attempting to calm the situation.

A Fellow Passenger Shot The Video

The guy who shot and upload the video of the man who was yelling at a child
twitter | Melissa Ryan

The video was shot by a fellow passenger who wrote a caption that said, "Belligerent passenger causes diversion."

The Video Was Re-shared

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The video was re-shared on other social media platforms, and people commented on it.

Everyone Tried To Calm Him Down

The man who yelled at a kid in a flight with his wife
twitter | Melissa Ryan

His seatmate and presumed spouse have expressed and tried to calm him down.

He Got Angrier


But instead, he gets angrier and angrier, venting his frustration on the flight attendants.

He Used F-Word

He used F-word more than 20 times at Southwest employees and fellow passengers.

Crew Asked Him To Stop Yelling

The man continuously yelling at the baby and crew
twitter | Melissa Ryan

When the crew asked him to stop yelling, he said, “I’m not screaming. Do you want me to scream? I’ll f–king scream; we are in a f–king tin can with a baby in a goddamn echo chamber, and you wanna talk to me about being f–king, OK?”

Everyone Reminds Him That He Is A Mature Man

Somebody has to be the adult here
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As the man continues his rant, everyone reminds him that he is a mature man yelling over a child.

The Man's Reply

The man misbehaving with the flight crew while his wife looking tensed
twitter | LaCienegaBlvdss

The man replied, “Did that motherf–ker pay extra to yell? I don’t give a f–k. F–k, lower that baby’s voice. F–k that!”

The Person Shooting The Video Was Laughing

The picture of the man laughing while shooting the video of a man yelling at a crying child
twitter | Melissa Ryan

Throughout the video, the person shooting it humorously laughs at the situation's absurdity, as the man creates far more disruption than the infant.

The Police Deboarded Him

The angry man talking to police while he was deboarded
twitter | LaCienegaBlvdss

When the flight stopped in Orlando, the man was requested to exit the plane. But he refuses and is even seen expressing his displeasure to a group of officers. The guy was eventually deboarded by police personnel.

He Blamed The Childs's Parents

The angry man talking to police and blaming the kid's parents
twitter | LaCienegaBlvdss

The video ends with the man being escorted out of the Orlando Airport, contending that the parents who failed to keep the newborn quiet were to blame.

People Were Divided On Social Media

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People on social media were divided regarding who was at fault, some sympathizing with the man and others mocking him for his tantrum.

He Should Be Embarrassed

A Twitter user said, “If you can’t handle the sound of a crying baby or toddler, maybe air travel or being in public isn’t for you. Personally, I’d be embarrassed by my inability to cope with something so basic that happens all the time. But I just believe that’s part of being a functioning adult.”

The Man Should Stay Out Of Public Places

Another user said, “How do you manage a baby that has pain because of air compression or decompression? If you are so fragile by a baby crying instead of having sympathy for the parents and baby, stay out of public places maybe.”

Nerve-grating Noise

But the third user sympathizes with the guy by saying, "Why should the rest of us have to be subjected to the crappy behavior of other people's kids? Honestly, if a kid can't behave on a flight, it doesn't belong on it. Travel is stressful enough without having to endure that kind of nerve-grating noise..."

The Airplane Apologized To Other Passengers

My Apologies
Giphy | Warner Archive

Southwest Airlines responded to the incident in an interview with Today Online, stating that they do not know the facts concerning the trip but praised the crew for their professionalism. The airline also apologized to other passengers on board who had to watch the dispute.

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