Neighbor leaves crazy notes on car, gets exposed by retaliation

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Have you ever had a neighbor who kept leaving annoying notes on your car? Well, I did, and I decided to play a little prank on him. Instead of removing the notes, I added the guy's name and phone number to them and put them back on my car. Little did I know that my little joke would end up exposing his identity and causing him to get angry. Read on to find out how it all went down and whether or not I was in the wrong.

Parking wars escalate with anonymous notes and retaliation 😤

purpiedo | purpiedo

Exposing the neighbor who left crazy notes on my car 🚗

purpiedo | purpiedo

Clever retaliation to crazy neighbor's petty notes 🚗📝

purpiedo | purpiedo

Parking permit rules explained in passive-aggressive note 🚗📝

purpiedo | purpiedo

Neighbor's petty notes escalate into full-blown car war 🚘⚔️

purpiedo | purpiedo

Dashcam catches crazy neighbor's retaliation

purpiedo | purpiedo

Fake notes lead to sweet revenge on nosy neighbor 😎

purpiedo | purpiedo

Retaliation against crazy neighbor's notes includes added phone number 📞

purpiedo | purpiedo

Neighbor's crazy notes backfire in hilarious way 😂

When a neighbor started leaving crazy notes on their car, this person decided to get revenge in a clever way. Instead of removing the notes, they added a fake name and phone number to each one before putting them back on their windshield. Their petty joke quickly turned into something bigger when other neighbors started calling and complaining to the culprit. The neighbor even left an angry note accusing the car owner of blackmail, showing how little they understood the situation. Was the car owner wrong to leave the notes out? That's up for debate, but one thing's for sure - this revenge story is sure to make you laugh. Keep reading for more reactions and comments on this hilarious situation.

NTA. Retaliation with a dashcam, and now he's internet famous 🎥

DocJ98 | DocJ98

Cheers to justified AH behavior! 🍻

ToPiggyback | ToPiggyback

Neighbor confuses blackmail, gets exposed by clever retaliation 👀

Maskydoo | Maskydoo

Unmasking a petty neighbor: NTA for exposing crazy notes 😍

Eniryss | Eniryss

Taking away anonymity from entitled neighbor was necessary. 🙌

citizensfund82 | citizensfund82

Calling out anonymous AH - NTA. Exposing notes = hilarious 😂👍

theaontherocks | theaontherocks

Retaliation exposes crazy note-leaving neighbor. NTA wins.

Slytherinsrus | Slytherinsrus

Claiming parking spots with notes: NTA gets wicked burn 🔥


Leaving anonymous notes is petty, NTA for retaliating 🚗💥

crbryant1972 | crbryant1972

Neighbor leaves crazy notes on cars, but NTA for retaliating 🚗💥

Puzzleheaded-Ad-1027 | Puzzleheaded-Ad-1027

Neighbor leaves notes, gets exposed by retaliation. Swift justice served.

Tiny_snails | Tiny_snails

👍 Not the a-hole! Petty revenge brings joy ❤️

nathashanails | nathashanails

Neighbor's constant notes exposed, NTA for retaliation. 🚗📝

Betweentheminds | Betweentheminds

Petty but satisfying revenge against entitled neighbor's crazy notes 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

Retaliating against a neighbor's crazy notes: NTA strikes back 🙌

middlingwhiteguy | middlingwhiteguy

Striving for pettiness 😂 Not the a**hole vibes here

WinterBourne25 | WinterBourne25

😂 Hilarious neighbor note retaliation uncovered with investigation skills

gabsmarie37 | gabsmarie37

This commenter is the hero we need 😎👏

tokiemccoy | tokiemccoy

🚗📝 NTA for retaliating against crazy note-leaving neighbor, but be cautious.

Special-Attitude-242 | Special-Attitude-242

Parking vigilantes unite! 🅿️🦸‍♂️ NTA for exposing him

cbm984 | cbm984

Exposing a crazy note-leaving neighbor. NTA strikes back 🔥

xavii62 | xavii62

Sharing a phone number without permission? ESH, but effective revenge 🔥

JWJulie | JWJulie

Clever retaliation against bad neighbor inspires commenters to take notes 📝

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤣 Hilarious retaliation against crazy neighbor note 🚗

No-Giraffe-438 | No-Giraffe-438

Commenter finds note retaliation hilarious 😂

Friendly_Tangelo1197 | Friendly_Tangelo1197

Not the a**hole, but what did the neighbor do?

kab200 | kab200

This comment finds the note-leaving neighbor's comeuppance hilarious 😂

LissieSpencer | LissieSpencer

Classy petty revenge 🤌💋

[deleted] | [deleted]

Exposing a neighbor's bad behavior with risky retaliation. 📷👀

Yellow-beef | Yellow-beef

👍🏼Awesome! You're not the a**hole!

madz7137 | madz7137

👍 Standing up to a crazy neighbor pays off. 😎

StrawberryGirl_7 | StrawberryGirl_7

👍 Retaliation against crazy notes on car is justified AH.

thoiboi | thoiboi

Join the fun in r/pettyrevenge with this post 😆

UnexpectedSock | UnexpectedSock

Anonymity backfires: Jackass neighbor exposed for crazy notes. NTA.

SnooOranges6516 | SnooOranges6516

Exposing a crazy note-leaving neighbor the old-fashioned way! 😂 NTA

Pups_the_Jew | Pups_the_Jew

Karma's a *itch! 🤣

MQsmom | MQsmom

Calling out a neighbor for leaving crazy notes on a car 🚗 NTA

7witewolf7 | 7witewolf7

Retaliation against crazy note-leaving neighbor deemed justified. 🙌

Vaso-DeAgua | Vaso-DeAgua

Dealing with a crazy neighbor's notes: police or retaliation? 🤔

neochimaphaeton | neochimaphaeton

Neighbor feud escalates to dangerous levels. Both parties at fault. 🤔

TryingKindness | TryingKindness

Sometimes being an a**hole is necessary 🤷‍♀️

Golden-Amethyst | Golden-Amethyst

Engaging with a crazy neighbor: NTA but tread carefully ⚠️

Jacksmissingspleen | Jacksmissingspleen

Is pettiness justified when safety is at risk? 🤔

theforceisfemale | theforceisfemale

Beware of crazy neighbors, even if you're not the a**hole 🤨

Aromatic-Speed5090 | Aromatic-Speed5090

Retaliation vs doxxing! ESH in neighbor note war 🤷‍♂️

AccordLands | AccordLands

Internet cheers on revenge against crazy neighbor notes 🎉

DullEducators | DullEducators

Commenter admits to being TA but enjoys the retaliation 🤷‍♀️

Madea_onFire | Madea_onFire

Taking down a parking spot spammer, NTA strikes back 🔥

phunkydroid | phunkydroid

Cheering for the ultimate petty revenge 🎉👏

twentyonecharacterss | twentyonecharacterss

Stay aware of your surroundings, retaliation can have consequences 💥

Living2fullestUSA | Living2fullestUSA

Standing up to entitled neighbors like a boss! 💪🏼

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbor's crazy notes backfire, exposed by hilarious retaliation 😂

Live_Willingness8405 | Live_Willingness8405

Commenter applauded for genius retaliation 👏🏼

MimiDXB | MimiDXB

Anonymity can embolden bad behavior. NTA for retaliation.

Pretend-Panda | Pretend-Panda

Parking vigilantes unite! 🅿️ It's okay to be angry at bad parking.

Rude_Abbreviations47 | Rude_Abbreviations47

Anonymity can bring out the worst in people. NTA wins.

jsodano | jsodano

Exposing the note-leaving neighbor - justified or petty revenge? 🤔

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

Taking notes to save parking space for disabled mom, but owning up

calliatom | calliatom

Be careful, this neighbor might be a little unhinged 😬

Beneficial-Tank-3477 | Beneficial-Tank-3477

Commenter praised for clever retaliation against crazy neighbor 🎉

ginandtonicthanks | ginandtonicthanks

Parking wars! 🅿️💥 NTA stands up to entitled neighbor.

exprswaytoyrskull | exprswaytoyrskull

Don't dish it if you can't take it 😏 NTA wins

Katie_I | Katie_I

When passive-aggressiveness goes too far 👀

BoyzMom13 | BoyzMom13

Assertive response to crazy neighbor's car notes 🚗📝

Adventurous_Movie797 | Adventurous_Movie797

😂 Someone found the neighbor's notes amusing.

Cherrygrove-elk | Cherrygrove-elk

Neighbor's anonymity backfires after harassing everyone. NTA wins.

Illiannoyance | Illiannoyance

Commenter approves of retaliatory style, but acknowledges TA behavior 🔥

Counselor-Troi | Counselor-Troi

Game over for crazy neighbor. Not the a**hole 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Win stupid prizes 🏆 for playing stupid games 🤪 #NTA

networknev | networknev