She refused to pay for his car repair from her college fund

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A young woman is wondering if she's in the wrong for refusing to pay for her Tinder match's car repair out of her college fund. He suggested she skip a semester to pay him back. She declined, but he accused her of prioritizing money over him. Is she in the wrong? Read on to find out.

Navigating the gray area of dating and finances 💸

throwrapaul447 | throwrapaul447

🚗 Refusing to pay for boyfriend's car repair causes tension

throwrapaul447 | throwrapaul447

When he asked for her college fund, things got awkward 😬

throwrapaul447 | throwrapaul447

College fund held hostage for car repair? 😱💸

throwrapaul447 | throwrapaul447

Putting education first: Saying 'no' to expensive car repairs.

throwrapaul447 | throwrapaul447

When money tests love and reveals true colors. 💰❤️

throwrapaul447 | throwrapaul447

Feeling guilty for not paying ex's car repair. AITA?

throwrapaul447 | throwrapaul447

Making an effort to fix things, but is it enough?

throwrapaul447 | throwrapaul447

When he asked her to skip a semester for his car repair

A Tinder date's request for financial help with car repairs quickly turned into a request to skip college for a semester. The woman refused, but now the man is accusing her of choosing money over him. Read on to see if you think she's the A-hole.

Commenters urge OP to run from Tinder scammer demanding money.

ohdulcenada | ohdulcenada

Commenter advises to run away from deadbeat seeking money.

BaltimoreBadger23 | BaltimoreBadger23

Dump his a** and go to college 💸💔

krik2019 | krik2019

Don't fall for his tricks! He's likely scamming other chicks 👀

jenniw3g | jenniw3g

🚩 Beware of love scammers! NTA, cut all contact.

MadMaid42 | MadMaid42

Don't sacrifice your education for a guy. Stay single, girl! 👏

Usrname52 | Usrname52

NTA. Beware of scammers like him. Block him and stay safe! 🚫💰

hrhiqwm | hrhiqwm

Avoid the scam: NTA, don't give him any money! 💸

Friendly_Ordinary_80 | Friendly_Ordinary_80

Protect your education and run from this selfish man. 🚫🚗

TheLoudCanadianGirl | TheLoudCanadianGirl

Supporting comment on not giving money to unreliable partner.

Bette21 | Bette21

Don't let anyone guilt or trick you into sacrificing education funds 💸🚫 #NTA

MoonPrincess666 | MoonPrincess666

Don't fall for it! Report the scam and keep your money 💸

SnooBunnies1088 | SnooBunnies1088

Dump the golddigger and focus on your education 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

You dodged a bullet there 💸 NTA for sure!

Katja1236 | Katja1236

No ATM in a relationship! 🚫💰 NTA, time to move on!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Refusing to pay for car repair from college fund 💰

VDupps | VDupps

Don't fall for the guilt trip, NTA 🚶‍♀️💰

Natural20_UK | Natural20_UK

Walk away now 💔 NTA

Fantastic_Fox_64 | Fantastic_Fox_64

Don't let him derail your education for his car 🚗💸

SlapThis | SlapThis

Don't let him guilt you into paying for his car 💸🚫 Listen to the red flags and run 🏃‍♀️

SagePup21 | SagePup21

Don't let him use you as a human ATM 🙅‍♀️

Kriz1030 | Kriz1030

Choosing money over a hustler ex was the right move 💰👋

niennabobenna | niennabobenna

Girl power! 🙌🏼 Stand up for yourself and don't settle.

theshadowppl9 | theshadowppl9

Dump him and run! 💃 NTA for not paying.

Deucalion666 | Deucalion666

Sassy comment shuts down ex: Throw him in the tinder trash 💁‍♀️

mistoffoleess | mistoffoleess

Avoiding scammers on Tinder - worst case scenario. NTA.

apocalypsetuesday | apocalypsetuesday

Don't fall for it! 🚫 Protect your college fund 💰

realbigsurfer | realbigsurfer

NTA for refusing to pay for cousin's car repair 💸

Holiday_Pain9998 | Holiday_Pain9998

Protect yourself from Tinder swindlers! NTA for refusing payment.

itsmissesNesbit | itsmissesNesbit

Empowering response to a potential red flag in dating 👏

SausageDogMama | SausageDogMama

Big red flag! 🚩 NTA, run away and save your college fund.

reggiestered | reggiestered

Dump him! 💔 You deserve better than an exploitative partner.

somejuansmom | somejuansmom

Don't lend money to this guy - you may never see him again 🚫💰

lmco_ed | lmco_ed

Don't let him use you, you're not the a-hole. 💪

4682458 | 4682458

Calling out a manipulator on Tinder. NTA wins.

bubbsnana | bubbsnana

Dump him! 🚗💸 Education > a car repair any day.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let anyone manipulate your finances! 🤑👊 #NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let him drain your college fund! 🎓 Run, OP, run!

Prestigious_Isopod72 | Prestigious_Isopod72

Don't sacrifice your education for his car repair 💸🚗 NTA

fgdawn | fgdawn

Escape from the guy, NTA. 😱👉🏃

AL_Starr | AL_Starr

Don't let him take advantage of your college fund! 🚫💰

Kittenwithawhip987 | Kittenwithawhip987

Feeling like running away? See what others suggest 😬

GoonyGooGoo42 | GoonyGooGoo42

Tinder swindler documentary inspires car repair scam accusation 🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Red flag! Don't let him manipulate you with guilt and fear 🚨

ReasonableAd4228 | ReasonableAd4228

Redditors advise to block the guy's number and move on 🚫📱

Cromwell | Cromwell

Money over love? 🤔 NTA and red flag 🚩

JainaProudmoor | JainaProudmoor

Don't fall for manipulation or con, keep your college fund!

j0m1n1n | j0m1n1n

Don't be his cashpoint! NTA, run away and never look back 🙌

darthyoda76 | darthyoda76

Don't let him use you! Stand your ground 💪

Odd_One_9972 | Odd_One_9972

👏 Prioritizing education over a car repair - NTA wins 🎓

Calm_Inky | Calm_Inky

Commenter advises to run from partner, questioning their origin.

Monicawroteitbetter | Monicawroteitbetter

Time to hit the brakes 🚗💨 NTA takes the wheel.

daileyidentitycrisis | daileyidentitycrisis

Support for not being the a**hole and humorous dating advice.

FruitUnique5931 | FruitUnique5931

He dodged a bullet 💥 NTA for sure!

ARandomWalkInSpace | ARandomWalkInSpace

Don't let him manipulate you into giving up your college fund 💰

PsychologyAutomatic3 | PsychologyAutomatic3

Dump the hobosexual! 🙅‍♀️ NTA for sure. 😎

Bubblycatty | Bubblycatty

Don't pay for his car repair! You deserve better 🚫🚗

RainierCherree | RainierCherree

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