Jennifer Aniston Stuns In Bikini With A Flower In Her Hair

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Jennifer Aniston at the premier of 'Murder Mystery 2'
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Jennifer Aniston might limit the swimwear action on her own Instagram, but fan accounts on the social media platform are brimming with them. One snap is seeing fans gush over the 54-year-old actress as she shows off her jaw-dropping figure in a revealing bikini look complete with a girly flower in her hair

All Flowers In Bikini

Jennifer Aniston
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Looking bronzed as she flaunted her fit and curvy figure, Aniston sizzled while stripped down to a brown leather bikini top with light cream straps. Catching the eye with her curves and toned abs, the Friends alum placed both hands on her shapely hips while also sporting a boho-girl and island-style skirt in flimsy cream strip fabrics. A ton of beads and flower details on the skirt upped the Hawaiian vibe as Aniston also went feminine with a cute flower in her hair.

Unimpressed In Bikini

The photo, likely seeing Jen on set, showed her striking an unimpressed facial expression, but fans in the comments section were only impressed.

"Fabulous Jen," one fan replied.

String Bikini In Her 50s

More recently, Jen has made headlines for a high-profile Allure feature, one seeing her show off her stunning figure in a micro black bikini with the white Chanel logo on it. Leaving little to the imagination, Jen wowed fans, with the photo quickly shared via Allure's IG.

Feels 'The Best Today'

Speaking of being a little older as she was profiled by the magazine, Aniston revealed:

"I feel the best in who I am today, better than I ever did in my 20s and 30s even, or my mid-40s. We needed to stop saying bad sh*t to ourselves. You’re going to be 65 one day and think, I looked fu**ing great at 53.”

Wows At 54

Meanwhile, the magazine introduced the Hollywood star with the confidence she portrays:

"#JenniferAniston is not here to dissemble or dance around her truth. For her fifth Allure cover, The Morning Show actor and LolaVie founder opens up about family conflict, reveals her #IVF journey, and picks over the pieces of personal loss," it wrote.

Sizzling Backless Dress

The Allure shoot made headlines before Jen's feature had even been released. One shot turned heads as Aniston posed lowering her clingy backless dress and flaunting her age-defying body at 53.

Everyone's Favorite

Jen shot to fame in 1994, but nearly 30 years later, she still remains at the top of her popularity.

Yoga Secret

Jen eats well, she sleeps well, and she won't go without her beloved yoga sessions.

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