Man gets embarrassed by wife's surprise meal at work - AITA?

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A man recently got hired at a large company in the south where he and his wife moved months ago. His wife decided to surprise him by bringing his favorite meal to his workplace, but things didn't go as planned. His coworkers were vicious and brutally honest, teasing him about the meal and making him feel embarrassed. He lashed out at his wife and they got into a fight. Read on to find out what happened and whether he was in the wrong for telling his wife she embarrassed him.

New job, new city, new problems - a husband's perspective

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Wife surprises husband with favorite meal at work ❤️🍽️

throwrawork46874 | throwrawork46874

Man embarrassed by wife's surprise lunch at work - AITA?

throwrawork46874 | throwrawork46874

Man's co-worker embarrasses him over wife's surprise meal - AITA?

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Husband yells at wife for embarrassing him at work 😡

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Wife's surprise meal at work causes conflict - AITA?

throwrawork46874 | throwrawork46874

Husband gets upset at surprise meal at work - AITA? 😠

throwrawork46874 | throwrawork46874

Man's wife embarrasses him at work, but is he the A-hole?

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Embarrassed husband lashes out at wife for surprise lunch at work 😳

throwrawork46874 | throwrawork46874

Husband embarrassed by wife's advice, walks out of work. 😳

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Surprise lunch at work causing embarrassment - AITA judgement?

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Co-workers bully man over wife's surprise meal - AITA?

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🍽️ Wife surprises husband with lunch at work, but was it too much? 😬

A man's wife surprises him with his favorite lunch at work, but his coworkers' teasing leaves him feeling embarrassed and humiliated. He confronts his wife, but she argues that she was just trying to do something nice. The debate between the couple leads to a bigger discussion about standing up for oneself in the workplace. Join the conversation below to share your thoughts on this situation and how to handle workplace bullies.

Workplace bullies attack man for wife's kind gesture - YTA

BookkeeperHefty2143 | BookkeeperHefty2143

Man gets roasted by commenters for blaming his wife - YTA

Rotankattila | Rotankattila

Don't let childish bullies ruin your relationship with your amazing wife 😍

Cowie8591 | Cowie8591

Choosing immature coworkers over loving wife makes YTA look worse.

APX919 | APX919

OP is criticized for not standing up for his wife at work - YTA

hugatro | hugatro

OP is a huge AH for lashing out at his wife's surprise meal 😡

Apprehensive-Fan-250 | Apprehensive-Fan-250

Unappreciative husband gets served - YTA 😒🍽️

Unlucky-Profession41 | Unlucky-Profession41

Commenter defends YTA with relatable analogy 🤔

EtrosGuardian | EtrosGuardian

Southern redditor offers spicy comeback tips to YTA's rude coworkers 😎🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let the haters bring you down! 🙌

DannyBigD | DannyBigD

Defend your spouse, tell the boss about the bullying 😠👊

To_tiedye4 | To_tiedye4

Commenter calls out YTA for childish behavior 🤣

Ssshushpup23 | Ssshushpup23

Man shamed by wife's kind gesture at work - YTA

Far_Seat_2223 | Far_Seat_2223

Commenter calls OP an a**hole for being ungrateful 🤨

Special-Trash-7995 | Special-Trash-7995

Don't be an a**hole to your wife - YTA.

RoyallyOakie | RoyallyOakie

OP gets called out for being a bad husband and YTA 😬

Moorehadley | Moorehadley

Man embarrasses wife by berating her surprise meal at work - YTA

28Improved | 28Improved

OP gets roasted by comment for blaming wife's kindness 😠

liiyah | liiyah

Don't let toxic masculinity ruin your appreciation for your wife ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Man is embarrassed by wife's kind gesture at work - YTA.

bscrolling | bscrolling

Don't be an a**hole to your wife's act of kindness 😔👎

ineedawaffle3 | ineedawaffle3

Wife saves the day! 🦸‍♀️ ESH but her 💯

HappiestApple | HappiestApple

Man complains about work, wife brings lunch - YTA

minislice | minislice

A heartwarming lasagna surprise turns into a YTA moment.

iadtyjwu | iadtyjwu

Man gets embarrassed by wife's surprise meal at work - YTA.

Jon_Jraper | Jon_Jraper

Man gets embarrassed by wife's surprise at work - YTA.

TauTheConstant | TauTheConstant

Don't be a jerk to your wife's kind gesture ❤️

imdreamingbaby | imdreamingbaby

Man embarrassed by wife's surprise meal at work - YTA

jmgeo | jmgeo

Lame middle school jokes and hurt feelings = Everyone sucks here 🤦‍♂️

nomorepantsforme | nomorepantsforme

Commenter calls out post's subject - YTA with attitude 😒

butwhoisjasmine | butwhoisjasmine

Man complains about wife's sweet gesture - YTA unanimously.

yoashleydawn | yoashleydawn

Appreciate your wife and don't let jealousy ruin your relationship ❤️

Manviln | Manviln

Man embarrassed by wife's surprise meal at work - YTA

SladeC242 | SladeC242

Ungrateful husband throws tantrum over wife's kind gesture - YTA 😠

LSB97 | LSB97

Commenter delivers harsh judgement on spouse. 💔

lady0rthetiger | lady0rthetiger

Commenter calls out OP's childish behavior - Yikes 😬

chicagoman9876 | chicagoman9876

Commenter defends wife's surprise meal, calls out toxic masculinity 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out OP for being TA towards wife

westwardian | westwardian

Commenter calls out OP for bad behavior - 🔥

Chappo1205 | Chappo1205

Don't be an a**hole to your wife, especially in public 😒

brainfreeze4445 | brainfreeze4445

Debate over the validity of the comment sparks discussion 🤔

Beginning-Ad-4255 | Beginning-Ad-4255

Don't be an a**hole, talk to your wife calmly 😕🍔

Rakfnawa | Rakfnawa

Respect your wife 💔 YTA, be proud of her cooking 🤩

biblio-ash | biblio-ash

Man embarrassed by wife's meal - YTA, apologize ???

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter calls out OP's toxic behavior towards his wife.

userddx | userddx

Man gets called out for mistreating wife over surprise meal

Nearby-Sentence-4740 | Nearby-Sentence-4740

Man shamed by wife's sweet gesture - YTA comment section

MeinEmanresu | MeinEmanresu

Don't blame her for your coworkers' behavior 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Partner brings lunch to work, husband embarrassed by coworkers - YTA

Inevitable_Ad_262 | Inevitable_Ad_262

Don't be an a**hole to your wife for being kind 🙄

MissKoalaBag | MissKoalaBag

Verbal abuse over a meal? YTA needs a reality check 🤨

Jane_the_Quene | Jane_the_Quene

Being ungrateful for a kind gesture? YTA strikes again 😒

weffywoo | weffywoo

Toxic work environment leads to YTA moment. HR or speak up?

avatinfernus | avatinfernus

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