Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' 'Fake' Banter Slammed on 'Live' Debut

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Kelly Ripa and Mark consuelos at the oscars
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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have officially launched their joint Live! show, but fans were not really feeling it. The former Live With Kelly and Ryan show's fans turned out to be unimpressed with the widely anticipated change.

The Reviews On 'Live With Kelly and Mark'

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Many fans could not wait to see what celebrity couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Mark Consuelos had in store. However, when the new ABC show's co-hosts finally grazed viewers with his appearance, some people did not get what they desired. Fans took to social media shortly after the program aired, to complain about what someone described as "just fake banter."

Ripa And Consuelos Seemed To Have A Rough Start

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Consuelos took over after Ryan Seacrest's exit from Live after starring for seven seasons. The Nine Lives actor made his debut on Live with Kelly and Mark on Monday. Many fans anticipated Consuelos's performance since it was announced that he would be the new cohost.

Fans' Reaction

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However, after getting a glimpse at the lovers of almost 27 years on screen, some fans blasted their attitude. One viewer noted that Consuelos, 52, looked nervous on the show. Although the Hollywood star has filled in as Ripa’s co-host before his official debut, the fans tweeted:

"Mark, lighten up, please. You seem so nervous. You’ll be great!"

More Reactions

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa on te rd carpet
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Some viewers accused Ripa of continually interrupting her husband during the daytime show. Someone explained that while it was pleasant to see the lovebirds together on TV, Ripa constantly chipping in before Consuelos completed his statement was unpleasant. The person noted: "OMG! Let him start and finish a story his way … It’s the only way it’s going work."

Fans Thought Ripa Interrupted Consuelos A Lot

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A second person added: "Every time Kelly interrupts Mark, take a shot!" Another viewer was not satisfied with the couple's lovey-dovey on screen and stated that teenagers kissed less. The critic added that their attitudes implied "THE BEGINNING OF THE END." A different critic explained: "Painful … They NEVER say anything of substance … just fake banter!!"

The Positive Remarks On Cohosting

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While some people did not like Consuelos and Ripa's attitude, many loved the couple's work as cohosts. A fan congratulated the married pair. The person noted that it was impressive to see a long-lasting celebrity couple work together on a show. Another viewer, who had not seen Live since COVID-19, noted that Consuelos's presence will make the ABC  show unmissable.

Before Consuelos Official Appearance

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Live With Kelly and Ryan producer Michael Gelman was always confident in Consuelos and he was excited about the idea of the actor working as Ripa’s co-host. He revealed in an interview that it felt right for the Husband For Hire star to join his wife. The powerhouse producer explained that the concept of the show had been based on a  "faux husband and wife, and it would be nice for it to become the real deal.

Real Relationships Feel

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos oldin eac oter
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Gelman also added that Consuelos had been on the show with Ripa countless times before they decided to make things official. Gelman went on to explain that people always loved having Consuelos on the show. They could hear things that happened in real relationships.

Ripa’s Initial Stance On Having Consuelos As Her Cohost

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While Gelman had always been convinced that Consuelos was the ideal co-host his wife Ripa did not agree with the idea. The 52-year-old talk show host noted in an interview that she and  Consuelos, 52, would have never suggested that they work together on anything.

She Had Initial Doubts

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She claimed ABC wanted Consuelos despite her initial doubt. But while the network saw their perfection, Ripa said she saw the collaboration as  "the great, weirdest social experiments that the audience can experience with us."

Ripa's Reaction To Seacrest's Departure

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Seacrest's last time as host on Live was a remarkable experience for him and his partner. Seacrest, 48, and Ripa said their goodbyes in tires and reflected on old times. The former partners could not control their emotions as they talked about their six years working together.

The TV Star Gushed Over Working With Her Husband

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa on the red carpet
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Ripa made it known that it was the fast fastest six years of her life. Ripa went on to explain that she was grateful for her and her partner's success on the show which led to a closer relationship. 

Inside Seacrest's Reaction

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During Seacrest's last episode as a host on Live, he explained how deeply he appreciated being with Ripa. The hit talk show host noted that it was hard to describe his affection towards his work and Ripa into work. 

Their Emotional Farewell

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Seacrest thanked Ripa for inviting him into her home and making him laugh. He also mentioned his departure on Twitter and that he will miss his Live family. Seacrest ended his tweet by stating that he felt honored to have been a part of the show.

Ripa Before Her Talk Show

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Ripa has long been on screen before she landed her big role on the former Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Her first role on TV was in 1990 with a leading role in All My Children. Ripa was 20 years old at the time.

She Met Her Spouse On The Show

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos dressed in black
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Her role on the soap opera led to another beautiful success as she and Consuelos met on the show. Ripa auditioned for her role as a host on ABC in 2001 when she was 31 and as fans know she went on to become one of ABC's greatest TV hosts. 

Ripa's Stint On 'Hope&Faith'

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The TV star did not quit acting after becoming a host. She was cast on Hope & Faith in 2003. Ripa played Faith on the ABC sitcom. Faith was an ex-soap actress who moved in with her sister, and the experience was not pleasing. Ripa and two of her cast mates on Hope & Faith has a little reunion on Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2020.

When Ripa Wanted To Slow Down 

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While Ripa appeared to cool, perfect host on TV and won several fans' hearts she had once thought to slow down. She did not show any signs of retreating on TV and only spoke about it during an interview. 

She Also Compared Herself To Seacrest

Kelly Ripa's GIF from Live!
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Ripa revealed in 2017 that she would like to "wind down." The mother-of-three compared herself to Seacrest and said she does not have as much stamina. Ripa noted that she saw the feature of the daytime show and sees herself as the older sister Seacrest never wanted. However, she kept up the pace for years and had been doing a great job.