Kelly Clarkson Reveals Poor Treatment By Her Ex

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Kelly Clarkson
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Kelly Clarkson is telling her side of the story through music and fans are bound to understand her perspective from her upcoming album, Chemistry. Earlier in the week, the pop crooner dropped two new singles off the album, and they are already carrying off the expected sensations.

A Mirror Into Parts Of Her Marital Issues

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Clarkson's two new singles, Me and Mine, allude to her messy divorce with a talent manager, Brandon Blackstock. From parts of the lyrics, the music star presumably named insecurity issues as some of their marital challenges. Parts of the lyrics from Me read, "I told you I wanted you/ but you needed me to need you/ your insecurity was the death of you and me."

Clarkson Wrote Of Secrets

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The mom of two wrote in reference to keeping secrets. The star seemed to be addressing how a lover questioned her intentions and sincerity when, all the while, the lover was the one who appeared shady and kept secrets.

She Stated What She Did Not Need

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Towards the peak part of Me, The Voice coach clarified what she did not need in a partner. Kelly belted, "Cause I don't need someone to scold me/ Don't need someone that hurts me/ Don't need someone who feels weak standin' next to me."

Clarkson Had Questions

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In Mine, Clarkson sang about how she questioned "every motive" and everything said. The lyrics showed that the star trusted her lover so much that she thought her heart would not break. The lyrics read, "Can't believe I let you in. I can't believe I stayed."

She Sang About Someone Stealing 'Her Shine' In 'Mine'

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Once again, Clarkson belted that she did not need anyone who would scold her. In essence, she established that she did not need a partner who would upstage her or feel threatened.

Clarkson Wrote That She Second-Guessed Herself

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Due to the ups and downs in her relationship, Clarkson alluded to having second thoughts about herself, and every step she took. The star wrote of losing hope in love, and it was caused by the effect of a former lover.

Inside Clarkson And Blackstock's Divorce 

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Clarkson and Blackstock were among the world's power couples. However, Clarkson filed for divorce in 2020. A source close to the singer gave an insight into their divorce. The source revealed that the estranged couple had a lot of clashes.

The Quarantine Was A Factor

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Being together during the quarantine heightened their problems. The source shared that it took their problems to a different level and Clarkson filed for divorce. Us Weekly confirmed that the court documents signed by the singer cited irreconcilable differences. 

More Details On What Instigated The Divorce 

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Clarkson and Blackstock used to be one of everyone's dream couples. However, the insider shared that their marriage was not perfect. Among the irreconcilable differences in the court documents is their different personalities.

Their Clashing Personalities

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The talent manager is very high-strung while the Stronger singer is very laid back. There was also another issue that instigated the duo's divorce. Multiple insiders shared that Clarkson's decision to start a talk show while coaching The Voice also played a role. The source added that things changed because Blackstock preferred a quiet life. 

Clarkson Filed For Divorce From Blackstock 

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Clarkson filed for divorce from Blackstock in June 2020. In September 2020, the American Idol alum talked about trying to navigate through the public split. In October 2020, the singer shared that her priority was the well-being of their children.

She Gained Primary Custody Of Their Children

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In November 2020, Clarkson was granted primary custody of River and Remington. In July 2021, the singer requested to be legally single which was granted in August 2021. In January 2022, the Heat singer gave Blackstock five percent of their Montana Ranch.

Divorce Settlement

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After their divorce was finalized in March 2022, Clarkson was ordered to give Blackstock $1.3 million. She was also to give him monthly child support and spousal payments. 

Clarkson And Blackstock's Relationship Timeline

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Clarkson and Blackstock were married for almost seven years before calling it quits in 2020. The duo first met at a rehearsal for the Academy of Country Music Awards in May 2006. At that time, Blackstock was married to Melissa Ashworth before splitting in 2012.

She Liked Him From The Start

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Once speaking with People, the musical artist opened up about meeting Blackstock. Clarkson relayed that she had only ever had three boyfriends and was never in any serious relationship. However, after she met Blackstock, she was curious about him, and how he made everybody laugh.

Their Life As A Married Couple

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The singer stated that she knew she would end up with him. In February 2012, Clarkson and Blackstock officially started dating. In December 2012, the duo got engaged and got married in October 2013. The following year in June, the duo welcomed their first baby girl, River Rose. Two years later the duo welcomed their son, Remington Alexander. 

Clarkson Opens Up About Her Post-Divorce Feelings

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In September 2022, Clarkson shared that her divorce was the inspiration for most of the songs on her album at that time. In October 2022, the coach spoke about how to un-love an ex. This was while speaking to Khloe Kardashian on an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show. The singer opened up that it was hard and that she might always love "that person."

How The Divorce Affected Her

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In March 2023, the Underneath the Tree singer spoke about how the divorce impacted her kids. Clarkson shared that they were sad because of the divorce and were honest about their feelings.

On Moving Forward

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The star mom noted that she was raising her kids to be honest about their feelings even as they navigated the difficult times. The Grammy-winning musician has also relayed that while marriage might completely be off the table for her, she was willing to give love another chance.