Deaf Man and Wife Keep Child Secret From Family

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A deaf man and his wife have decided to keep their 2-year-old daughter a secret from his family due to their disrespectful behavior towards the couple. The man has never been close to his family, who have always treated him poorly due to his disability. He and his wife have successful careers, a healthy bank account, and are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

However, when his brother found out about their daughter, the whole family became upset and accused the man of denying his daughter a family. The man is now questioning if he and his wife are being selfish. Read the full story to find out if he's the a**hole or not.

Keeping our child a secret from family - our decision ❤️

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Family's neglect led deaf man to keep child secret 🤫

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Deaf couple faces discrimination from their own family 👎

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Couple enjoys independence, success, and travel with secret child.

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Deaf couple challenges family's misconceptions about their capabilities 🧏‍♂️

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Struggling hearing brother overshadows deaf family member's success 🙉

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Family enabling narcissist's bad behavior, keeping distance for sanity 🤐

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Deaf couple keeps child's existence a secret from disrespectful family 🤫

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Keeping his daughter a secret from family to avoid drama 👀

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Deaf couple's secret child causes family drama 🤫

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Deaf couple question if keeping child from large family selfish? 🤔

throwawaysecchild | throwawaysecchild

Deaf couple hides child from judgmental family 😢

A couple who are both deaf have kept their 2-year-old daughter hidden from the husband's family who they believe would judge them harshly. The husband's family never bothered to learn sign language and only fed and clothed him but never got to know him. They also treated the couple like children despite their successful careers.

The couple, who are financially independent, decided to keep their daughter away from the judgmental family who they believe would disrespect them and their daughter. The husband's brother found out about the child and the family is upset. They accused the wife of controlling the husband and blamed the couple for denying the child a chance to be with a big family.

The husband is now questioning if they were selfish in keeping their child away from her family. Read on for the reactions and comments to this AITA story.

Protecting your child from toxic family members. 🙅‍♂️

del901 | del901

Keeping their daughter away from toxic family. NTA 👍

lmchatterbox | lmchatterbox

Protecting their daughter from ableist family members. NTA.

000-Hotaru_Tomoe | 000-Hotaru_Tomoe

Deaf man and wife face discrimination from family, NTA

rainbow_lynnzo | rainbow_lynnzo

Protecting their child from toxic family, NTA. 🙅‍♂️

Creative_Crab_8621 | Creative_Crab_8621

Deaf couple shuns negative family from daughter's life. NTA.

MysteriousWays10 | MysteriousWays10

Consider the impact on future deaf children. NTA in protecting them.

hedgewitch5 | hedgewitch5

Protecting daughter from toxic family beliefs 💪

wondering_woman2 | wondering_woman2

Protecting daughter from awful family. NTA. 🙌

DogsReadingBooks | DogsReadingBooks

Deaf couple chooses happiness for their child despite family's ignorance 🤟

Huntress_of_the_Moon | Huntress_of_the_Moon

Deaf couple defends keeping child secret from disrespectful family. NTA 🙌

Quiet_Warning_2199 | Quiet_Warning_2199

Protecting their daughter from toxic family. Good parenting. 👍

ClothesQueasy2828 | ClothesQueasy2828

Not the a**hole for cutting off unsupportive family 👍👍

Gullible-String-4616 | Gullible-String-4616

Protecting your child from toxic family? NTA, keep shining!

JulieB1ggerbear | JulieB1ggerbear

Family's ignorance justifies couple's secret. Protect your daughter.

Restin_in_Pizza | Restin_in_Pizza

Breaking the cycle 🚫👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💕

Beck2010 | Beck2010

Protect your family from abuse. Block toxic family members now.💪🚫

TashiaNicole1 | TashiaNicole1

Commenter stands up to abusive family, sets healthy boundaries 💪

ComprehensiveSir3892 | ComprehensiveSir3892

Family entitlement doesn't trump peace and happiness. 👍

HappyBreadfruit58 | HappyBreadfruit58

Protecting their child from family judgment and interference 🙏

Impossible-Army-3522 | Impossible-Army-3522

Protecting their daughter from a toxic family. ✊

billlevansatmariposa | billlevansatmariposa

Family's failure to learn sign language causes parenting secrecy. NTA.

SoftCompetition1981 | SoftCompetition1981

Don't let their negativity bring you down. Protect your daughter! 🙅‍♀️

Plucky_plants | Plucky_plants

Protecting his family from toxic relatives. NTA 👍

11arwen | 11arwen

Protecting your child from toxic family members. 🙅‍♀️

MerlinBiggs | MerlinBiggs

Protecting daughter from bad family 🙌🏼, NTA wins 🎉

arrowdreams | arrowdreams

Family shows no interest in deaf man's life. NTA wins.

thornyqueen | thornyqueen

Deaf couple fights for custody against family's ableism. #NTA 👊

ToughAd7278 | ToughAd7278

Standing up to unsupportive family is tough 😢

thatmidwesterngothic | thatmidwesterngothic

Breaking toxic family cycles, support and love are essential 🙌

Able-Dress1678 | Able-Dress1678

Deaf couple hides child, earns support. Family upset. NTA

sunfries | sunfries

Deaf couple receives heartwarming support from Redditor 🤟❤️

alargewithcheese | alargewithcheese

NTA for keeping child secret from toxic family. Cousins not essential.

mcmasshole | mcmasshole

Deaf couple judged for wanting to raise child their way 🙄

MrJ_Sar | MrJ_Sar

Stand up for your family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, not for toxic relatives 🤢.

KJoD83 | KJoD83

Defying ableism and family pressure, NTA keeps child secret 🤟

Futurenazgul | Futurenazgul

Deaf aunt isolated by family due to lack of understanding 🤟

banked_frequency | banked_frequency

Deaf man stands up to ableist family, chooses daughter's best interest. 👏

dasbarr | dasbarr

Protect yourself legally from ableist family members. 🚨

exhauta | exhauta

Protecting your child from family? NTA, keep it up! 👍

MeloNurse3 | MeloNurse3

Protect your daughter from toxic family. NTA. 👏

Murderbunny13 | Murderbunny13

Deaf couple chooses to keep child secret, receives criticism from family.

BlueMoon5k | BlueMoon5k

Deaf parents face discrimination from family, take steps to protect daughter 🤟

MrsSeanTheSheep | MrsSeanTheSheep

CODA shares experience of ableism, supports NTA's decision to protect child 💪

SilverNarwhal7147 | SilverNarwhal7147

Spread love, not hate! NTA. 💕

RomanticNyctophilia | RomanticNyctophilia

Cutting off toxic family members - NTA 👌🏼

oieusouobixo | oieusouobixo

Agreeing with NTA comment, toxic family should be avoided 👏

One-Chart684 | One-Chart684

Block toxic family, protect your child. 🙌

Deucalion666 | Deucalion666

Cutting off abliest family: NTA's empowering decision 💪

canuck_2022 | canuck_2022

Breaking the cycle of harmful family dynamics. #NTA 🙌

cr0wjan3 | cr0wjan3

Protecting your child from toxic family.👍 NTA!

CleanCucumber620 | CleanCucumber620

Deaf couple faces legal threats from family over hidden child 😔

Calealen80 | Calealen80

Deaf man's family rejects him, he's NTA for keeping child secret

sjlammer | sjlammer

Choosing no contact is valid for self-preservation 🙌

---_____ | ---_____

Cutting ties with abusers? NTA says it all 🙌

TheyMakeMeBlog | TheyMakeMeBlog

Stand up for yourself and your family, NTA! 👊

Nessie51 | Nessie51

Protecting family comes first. 🤟

LuckyRoux89 | LuckyRoux89

Protecting their child from awful treatment. Not the a**holes. 🙌

HearingStunning | HearingStunning

Cutting toxic family ties for a better future. 👋👋

BlobTheHandsomeFish | BlobTheHandsomeFish

Protect your daughter from ableist family. NTA. 👏

Keksapfel | Keksapfel

Protecting their daughter from toxic family. NTA 👍

JustSort6370 | JustSort6370

Supportive comment encourages cutting off toxic friend. 🙌

squidificati0n | squidificati0n

Protecting your child from toxic family members. 👏

Active-Ad4429 | Active-Ad4429

Respectful deaf couple keep child secret, NTA for going no contact.

themigraineurish | themigraineurish

Confronting family - standing up for your child 🙌

Technical-Calendar28 | Technical-Calendar28

Cutting toxic family ties, NTA takes the high road 🙌

chubbywhiteboy420 | chubbywhiteboy420

Redditors show support for deaf man keeping child secret from family ❤️

HobbitQueen8 | HobbitQueen8

Family toxicity and Golden child syndrome. Lay down the law! 💪


Deaf couple's decision receives NTA judgment 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment highlights importance of chosen family ❤️

Crafty-Shape2743 | Crafty-Shape2743

Cutting toxic family members for mental health and safety. 🙌

giantbrownguy | giantbrownguy