Parenting Style Causes Rift With Mother - AITA?

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Parenting is not an easy task, especially when you have a different approach than those around you. A 23-year-old mother is facing this dilemma as her mother hates her parenting style, resulting in a family problem. She does not punish her kids and gives them full control over their own bodies.

Her mother thinks that her grandchildren will never learn boundaries and will grow up to be 'snowflakes'. This has resulted in the mother calling her neglectful. The mother thinks that her kids will like her more if she just left them alone.

She thinks that her mother is trying to change the way she parents, while her mother thinks that the mother is driving a force between her kids and her. Find out who is right and who is wrong in this family feud.

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A mother shares her parenting style where she ignores bad behavior and rewards good behavior. She also gives her children control over their bodies, allowing them to decide on their appearance and whether they want to be touched or not.

Her mother hates this and the recent incident at her sister's wedding where her daughter wore a suit and her son wore a dress has caused a rift between them. Her mother claims that her grandchildren will never learn boundaries and will become badly behaved. The mother thinks her own parenting style is perfectly fine and her children are well-adjusted and behaved.

She is now wondering if she's in the wrong for driving a force between her kids and her mother. Read on for more details and comments from readers about the situation.

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Giving kids body autonomy is important, but with limits. NTA.

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Teaching bodily autonomy is important, but YTA for not teaching consequences.

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