New Neighbor Wants to Be Friends, But I Don't See It. AITA?

A rich neighborhood.
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A new neighbor moved in down the street, and she seemed eager to make friends. However, when she started asking questions, it became clear that we didn't have much in common. She asked if we had children, planned on having children, knew about social activities in the area, and more.

We politely declined her invitation to coffee, but she got angry and called us a**holes. Were we being rude, or were we justified in declining her invitation? Read the full story to find out.

Introverted couple debates new neighbor's friendliness. 🤔

oddbag408 | oddbag408

Opposing political views and new neighbor, what could go wrong?

oddbag408 | oddbag408

Unwanted friendship with new neighbor? Let's discuss!

oddbag408 | oddbag408

Pushy neighbor tries to make friends, but it's not mutual 🙅‍♀️

oddbag408 | oddbag408

Neighbor interrogates me about children and social life 😒

oddbag408 | oddbag408

Politely declining neighbor's offer for friendship. 🙅🏻‍♀️

oddbag408 | oddbag408

Polite decline of new neighbor's invite for friendship ☕

oddbag408 | oddbag408

Directness leads to conflict with new neighbor. AITA? 😬

oddbag408 | oddbag408

OP overwhelmed by responses, wants to avoid further interaction. 😬

oddbag408 | oddbag408

Feeling left out of new neighbor's mom-centered world 😔

oddbag408 | oddbag408

Political differences or basic human rights? 🤔

oddbag408 | oddbag408

New neighbor wants to be friends, but I don't see it 😒 AITA?

When a new neighbor moves in, it's natural to want to welcome them to the area. But what happens when you just don't click? One Reddit user found themselves in this exact situation and is now questioning whether they were in the wrong. After a pushy introduction from their new neighbor, the Redditor politely declined the invitation to become friends.

However, things took a turn for the worse when the neighbor called them an a**hole. Was the Redditor right to be direct or should they have given the neighbor more of a chance? And what about the neighbor's political views that put them at odds?

These are just a few of the questions raised by this post. Read on to find out what other Reddit users had to say about the situation and share your own thoughts in the comments below.

Being a good neighbor doesn't mean being friends 😊

dcvilswish | dcvilswish

Savage response shuts down angry neighbor. NTA 👊

sharkdoododood | sharkdoododood

Setting boundaries and avoiding toxic people. 🚧👀

Pkfrompa | Pkfrompa

Direct and polite wins the day! 🎉 NTA for setting boundaries.

2ndgenerationcatlady | 2ndgenerationcatlady

Neighbor wants friendship, calls OP a name. OP is NTA.

Secret-Mammoth7179 | Secret-Mammoth7179

Helpful advice on avoiding a pushy neighbor without being TA 🙅

HumanityIsACesspool | HumanityIsACesspool

When you're NTA but also hilarious 😂

Defiant-Swordfish | Defiant-Swordfish

Intrusive question about kids leads to judgmental comment 🙄

Shiny_World16 | Shiny_World16

Neighbor insults OP, but OP claps back. NTA 👏

JustPlainRude | JustPlainRude

Setting boundaries with new neighbor 🙌

Clueless916 | Clueless916

Neighbor wants to be friends, but doesn't respect boundaries. NTA.

TheAccusedKoala | TheAccusedKoala

Embrace your inner spirit animal, NTA 🐺👍

LambCHOP6988 | LambCHOP6988

Politically opposite, pushy neighbor. NTA for not being friends.

Defiant-Historian800 | Defiant-Historian800

Friendly neighbors are the best 🏡👋

Theodora1976 | Theodora1976

Don't force introverts to socialize. NTA 👍

mrcydonia | mrcydonia

New neighbor wants to be friends, but I don't see it 😕

WorcestrianMancunian | WorcestrianMancunian

Dodging an overbearing neighbor: 💪 Brutal honesty wins, NTA

Sky_Mall_ | Sky_Mall_

To neighbor or not to neighbor? 🤔

PotLuck- | PotLuck-

Polite response to neighbor's friendship request. 🤝

stinstin555 | stinstin555

New neighbor accused of seeking free babysitting, NTA defended

nerdgirl71 | nerdgirl71

Neighbor wants to be friends for childcare, but OP declines

Few-Anywhere1726 | Few-Anywhere1726

Dodged a bullet 🙅‍♀️👀 NTA neighbor using you for babysitting.

jolovesmustard | jolovesmustard

Being friendly with neighbors is great, but it's okay to want privacy 🤝🏡

GailleannBeag | GailleannBeag

Respectful boundaries are important, even with neighbors 🏡

PuzzleheadedTap4484 | PuzzleheadedTap4484

Neighbor asks for babysitting, commenter calls her crazy. 🤪

marissap21 | marissap21

Setting boundaries with new neighbors 🏗

GennyNels | GennyNels

Friendly neighbor goals! 🙌

Zeroshiki-0 | Zeroshiki-0

Not holding back! 😮 NTA comment gets real

MoYeahh | MoYeahh

When it comes to neighborly friendship, some prefer boundaries 🚫🤝

Iceman744 | Iceman744

Direct communication is key! 👍 NTA in this situation.

Mr_Ariyeh | Mr_Ariyeh

Brutal honesty or rude? NTA stands their ground 🤷‍♀️

NoKidz12 | NoKidz12

Commenter suggests friendship with OP, adding humor 😂

Its_Like_Whatever_OK | Its_Like_Whatever_OK

Political assumptions causing neighborly rift? 🤔

Dar4125 | Dar4125

Setting boundaries with a new neighbor, NTA 🚪🔫

FunPraline4141 | FunPraline4141

Honesty is the best policy! 🤥 NTA for speaking truthfully.

Pretty-Benefit-233 | Pretty-Benefit-233

Friendly neighbors make good fences 🤗

roxywalker | roxywalker

Don't judge a book by its cover! 📚 YTA realization.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let anyone force you into an unwanted friendship 🚪👋

Gin_OClock | Gin_OClock

Setting boundaries with nosy neighbors. 🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

This comment is hilarious 😂 NTA wins the day!

shenanigansco34 | shenanigansco34

Lonely OP misses friendly neighbors, new neighbor too pushy 🤨

aztec1313 | aztec1313

Politely declining new neighbor's friendship request sparks drama. NTA.

Miximillion | Miximillion

SAHM wants to be friends, but NTA needs space 🚫👥

SpadesASpade321 | SpadesASpade321

Neighbor seeks mom-friend, commenter feels bad. Joke backfires.

Original_BigZen | Original_BigZen

No obligation to be friends, agree NTA 🙌

kitty_red | kitty_red

Introverted and drama-free. 🤫 NTA all the way.

charlie1550 | charlie1550

New neighbor only interested in using OP for babysitting? NTA.

MainDiscipline7269 | MainDiscipline7269

Setting boundaries with neighbors 🚫👋

Limerase | Limerase

Improving social skills: 🤝 vs. 🗑️

StunningGallomimus | StunningGallomimus

New neighbor asks invasive questions, commenter defends NTA stance 👍

PinkNGreenFluoride | PinkNGreenFluoride

Stranger asks to hangout, turns out to be a choosing beggar 🙄

ShurtugalLover | ShurtugalLover

Blunt but NTA. Nosy neighbor gets put in place 😂

StarWarsAndMetal66 | StarWarsAndMetal66

Polite yet firm NTA shuts down desperate neighbor's babysitting request 🙅

Xharifyra | Xharifyra

Setting boundaries with new neighbors, praised as a hero 👏

The_Blonde1 | The_Blonde1

Introverted roommate politely declines new neighbor's attempts to socialize 🙅‍♀️

TinyTurtle42 | TinyTurtle42

When honesty meets manners. 🤔 YTA for this one.

Rafiki_236 | Rafiki_236

Boundaries needed: Stranger asks for childcare. Awkward much? 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Honesty is the best policy, NTA for setting boundaries 🙅‍♀️

ihopethepizzaisgood | ihopethepizzaisgood

Respect your boundaries and don't feel guilty about it 🙅‍♀️

i_am_the-bad_woolf | i_am_the-bad_woolf

Getting rid of a new neighbor: NTA wins this round 😎

Maleficent_Wash_934 | Maleficent_Wash_934

Sometimes silence is golden 🤫

WanksterPrankster | WanksterPrankster

Friendly neighbor encounter, NTA for declining. 🤝

Environmental_Arm526 | Environmental_Arm526

Direct communication is key 🔑. NTA for being honest.

bobafugginfett | bobafugginfett

Starting off on the wrong foot with new neighbor. 🤔

rachel928 | rachel928

It's okay to prioritize alone time. 🙅‍♀️

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Polite rejection leads to rude reaction from overbearing neighbor 😒☕

No_Inspection_7176 | No_Inspection_7176

When Ron Swanson is your spirit animal 🦌

CheeryChickpea | CheeryChickpea

Skipping small talk and standing up for women's rights 🤝👩‍👧‍👧

unpluckedgem | unpluckedgem

Commenter receives support for standing their ground. 👍

LaNina1101 | LaNina1101

Neighbor asks for coffee, gets roasted. ☕️

ChiquitaBananaKush | ChiquitaBananaKush

How to avoid being an AH and establish Southern social norms 🍪

Significant-Newt19 | Significant-Newt19

Robotic new neighbor? NTA for feeling uncomfortable.

SWiM_0902 | SWiM_0902

Neighbor reached out, YTA for shutting them down. 🤷

Baltheir | Baltheir

Commenter calls out OP for being TA with a twist 😬

fehfeh123 | fehfeh123

Direct but not nasty? Scottish opinion on forced friendships 🤔

Economy-Cut-7355 | Economy-Cut-7355

Polite refusal of nosy neighbor's friendship 👍🏼

Dogmother123 | Dogmother123

Neighborly love? Not for everyone 🦌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Exhausting neighbor? NTA, other moms agree 😊

Ok_Procedure_5853 | Ok_Procedure_5853

Neighbor insults OP, but commenters find it hilarious. 😂 NTA.

FartFace319 | FartFace319

Comment section filled with love for NTA OP ❤️

wildwaterfallcurlsss | wildwaterfallcurlsss

Awkward neighborly relations 😳👀

Inevitable_predicted | Inevitable_predicted

Honesty is the best policy 🤝 NTA

Lotex_Style | Lotex_Style

Not the a**hole, but why don't you want new friends? 🤔

Prestigious_Blood_38 | Prestigious_Blood_38