Manager Fires Employee for Chronic Lateness - AITA?

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This manager faced a dilemma when one of his employees was consistently late to work without giving notice. After a warning and a formal reprimand, the employee filed a complaint against the manager for harassment. The manager then dug through records and found evidence that the employee had been late multiple times before, leading to the reinstatement of the formal reprimand. However, the manager's decision has caused some to label him as a harda**. What do you think? Was he justified in firing the employee or did he take it too far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Chronic lateness at work: when to draw the line ⏰

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Manager sets clear expectations for employee lateness with empathy 😊

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Chronic lateness leads to reprimand and suspension warning ⏰⚠️

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Employee lies about chronic lateness and files harassment complaint 😒

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HR's skepticism makes manager withdraw reprimand - company culture problem?

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Digging through records to prove chronic lateness, fired unfairly? 🔍

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Employee fired for lateness - Manager demands honesty - AITA?

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Facing backlash for firing chronically late employee - AITA?

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🚪Fired for Chronic Lateness - Right or Wrong?🤔

Is it fair to fire an employee for being chronically late even if it doesn't affect operations? That's the question one manager is grappling with after firing an employee who repeatedly showed up late without calling. The employee filed a complaint of harassment and dishonesty against the manager, but evidence showed otherwise. Now the manager is facing backlash from his team and is questioning if he made the right decision. Let's dive into this tricky situation and explore both sides.

Employee lies to get manager in trouble - NTA fires him 🔥

holy_roman_emperor | holy_roman_emperor

Fired for chronic lateness and then making false claims? NTA! 🙅‍♂️

EwokGodfather | EwokGodfather

Firing for dishonesty and insubordination - justified or harsh? 🔥

StAlvis | StAlvis

Employee's intolerable behavior results in firing - NTA 🤷

ForwardPlenty | ForwardPlenty

Document everything - NTA's potential lawsuit is lawyers' dream.

dustyprocess | dustyprocess

Employee lies and puts career in jeopardy - NTA 🙌

Unlucky-Profession41 | Unlucky-Profession41

Setting clear expectations for all employees is key to avoiding issues ⏰💼

TonnieSue | TonnieSue

Employee's chronic lateness leads to termination - justified decision ✅

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Lenient company policy backfires - commenters want to join 🤑🐶

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Manager stands by decision to fire chronic late employee 💪

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Set boundaries or people will walk all over you. 🚶


Honesty is key: Manager fires chronic late employee - NTA 👍

endlessotter | endlessotter

NTA for firing chronically late employee, but document everything. 📝

Solrackai | Solrackai

Fairness and consistency in policies can prevent unhappy workers. ⚖️

Sorrymomlol12 | Sorrymomlol12

Employee fired for chronic lateness but manager has receipts. 💼

bigj256 | bigj256

Documenting everything is key 🔑 NTA made the right call.

Yo_Tell_It_Like_ItIs | Yo_Tell_It_Like_ItIs

Employee gets fired for chronic lateness, commenter says NTA.

Mythical0asis | Mythical0asis

Employee fired for chronic lateness - NTA, lenient job.

Suspicious_Safety_45 | Suspicious_Safety_45

Employee repeatedly late, NTA fires him, justified 👍

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Employee fired for chronic lateness - justified or not?

theoddestends | theoddestends

Chronically late employee defends self, reveals ADHD diagnosis 🕰️👨‍💼

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Employee fired for chronic lateness - justice served 👊

Pale_Pumpkin_7073 | Pale_Pumpkin_7073

Employee fired for lateness, others discuss previous gun incident.


🤔 Confusion over on-call work and tardiness policy

Competitive_Score_30 | Competitive_Score_30

Setting boundaries is key - NTA 👍

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Employee cleared of false accusations in wrongful termination dispute ✅

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Manager fires chronically late employee, commenter says NTA.

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Employee questioned for chronic lateness despite good performance - NTA

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Fired employee's lack of accountability leads to immediate termination 🔥

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Manager fires tardy employee who lied - NTA

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Honesty is the best policy 👍 - firing for late or lying?

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Dealing with chronic lateness due to ADHD - NTA's perspective.

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Employee fired for chronic lateness - NTA comments support


Employee fired for chronic lateness and lying to HR - NTA

MorgainofAvalon | MorgainofAvalon

Commenter expresses anger towards unfair firing - 🔥

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Chronic lateness is unacceptable, NTA for firing. ⏰

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Lesson learned - NTA fires chronically late employee 🎓

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Being a hardass as a manager pays off - NTA 👍

AlvinTD | AlvinTD

Flexibility met its limit with chronic employee tardiness 🕒🚫

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Being a boss is tough, but prioritize self-preservation. 👍

Affectionate_Taro876 | Affectionate_Taro876

Employee fired for chronic lateness - NTA, consequences deserved 👍

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On-call status blurs definition of lateness - NTA 👍

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Employee fired for chronic lateness - NTA

Pumpkin1818 | Pumpkin1818

Stay ready to throw your coworkers under the bus 🚌👀

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Employee fired for lateness - Commenter says NTA 👍

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👍 Agree or disagree? Short and sweet NTA comment.

perhapsnew | perhapsnew

Employee's chronic lateness and weasel-like behavior lead to firing

EchoWillowing | EchoWillowing

Stand up to manipulative coworkers like a boss 💪

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Can't believe he still has a job 🤯

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Honesty over skill - 🔥 or ❄️?

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