Daycare Provider Stands Firm on Rules, Terminates Care

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A home daycare provider has terminated care for a child after his mother insisted he brings a tablet to the daycare despite a no-electronics policy. The provider has a rule that parents should not make her the bad guy and should back her up when rules are broken. The mother of the child, who is three years old, claimed that her son needed the tablet, but the daycare provider refused to accommodate her request. Despite several attempts to reason with the mother, the child continued to bring the tablet and cry when it was taken away.

The daycare provider eventually terminated the child's enrollment, causing the mother to break down in tears. The provider's husband believes she was too strict and should have accommodated the mother's request, but many are questioning whether the mother was being unreasonable or if the daycare provider overreacted by firing the child. What do you think?

Setting boundaries at daycare: why it's important for parents too 🧒🏼

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Strict rules ensure safety, no outside toys or electronics allowed 🚫🎮

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No toy policy causes controversy among parents and daycare provider.

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No tablets allowed: daycare provider receives backlash from entitled parent 🚫📱

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When a tablet becomes a necessity for a child.

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Daycare provider terminates care over parent's entitled behavior 😠

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Daycare provider terminates child, mom in tears 😢

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Am I the a**hole for following daycare rules?

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Parent's unreasonable tablet request leads to termination of care.

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No electronics allowed: daycare provider terminates care over drama 🚫💻

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Daycare provider defends against false accusations in Reddit thread.

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Provider clarifies 'bad guy' rule and encourages open communication

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Respectful daycare provider explains rule enforcement with parents 🧑‍👦

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Encouraging parent involvement for successful potty training 🚽

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No exceptions for daycare provider, even for autistic children. 😔

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Apology for sudden termination shows accountability and empathy ❤️

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Daycare provider stands firm on rules, terminates care

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🚫No Tablets Allowed at Daycare: Provider Terminates Care

A daycare provider shares her experience with a parent who wanted her 3-year-old son to bring his tablet to the daycare. The provider has a strict policy against electronic devices and outside toys. Despite explaining the policy to the parent, the child would come to the daycare crying every morning because his tablet was taken away from him. The provider tried to redirect the child's attention to other toys, but it didn't work. The parent would also give the provider a look of disapproval, making the provider feel like the 'bad guy.'

After a month of trying to reason with the parent, the provider terminated the child's enrollment. The parent was upset and the provider's husband thinks she should have been more lenient. However, the provider stands firm on her rules and believes that the parent should back her up. Was the provider too strict or was the parent being unreasonable? Read on for comments and reactions from fellow Redditors.

NTA. Concerns raised over child's tablet addiction and parenting style.

MyBeautifulSweetsong | MyBeautifulSweetsong

Daycare provider enforces rules, receives support for terminating care. 🤝

Obvious-Skin-200 | Obvious-Skin-200

Daycare provider enforces rules, terminates care: NTA, 3-yr-old overusing tablet. 👏

KatesDT | KatesDT

NTA mom gives 3-yr-old tablet, daycare provider fires child care

Els236 | Els236

Daycare provider receives support for enforcing rules and terminating care.

thesaura73 | thesaura73

Spoiled child or non-verbal autistic? NTA daycare provider stands firm.

Recinege | Recinege

Teaching kids accountability, NTA daycare provider sets example 💪

Right-Row6744 | Right-Row6744

Addiction to screen time is real. NTA for daycare provider.

Frivolous-Sal | Frivolous-Sal

Tablets are not a replacement for parenting 🚫📱

proper-peony | proper-peony

Protecting valuables in daycare: NTA - tablets are a liability 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries is important. NTA for enforcing them 🚫👮

DangerousPudding911 | DangerousPudding911

Bullying tactics and DMs over daycare rules 😠

Atschmid | Atschmid

Setting boundaries with kids' screen time 👍

Hippolyta1978 | Hippolyta1978

Maintaining boundaries: 🙌🏼🚫 You're not the a**hole for sticking to your rules.

A_Lazy_Gorilla | A_Lazy_Gorilla

NTA stands firm on rules, gets criticized for handling incident

ndividual5414 | ndividual5414

Rules were clear, she provoked and lost care of child 😒

TypicalManagement680 | TypicalManagement680

Strict daycare policies defended by NTA commenter 🔒

SlartieB | SlartieB

NTA for terminating care due to tablet dependence, notice not required.

SnakeJG | SnakeJG

Daycare provider receives support for enforcing rules against entitled parent

Flashy_Current2284 | Flashy_Current2284

Respect the rules or face the consequences 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing firm on rules makes you NTA 🙌

ppppandapants | ppppandapants

Standing firm on rules pays off! 🙌 NTA wins 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Daycare provider enforces tablet rule but lacks communication with parent. NTA.

0neFishTwoFish | 0neFishTwoFish

No tablets needed for good parenting 😎

randomfirefly | randomfirefly

Daycare provider enforces rules, mom tries to bend them with guilt 🤦‍♀️ NTA

UberN00b719 | UberN00b719

Parent prioritizes screen time over child's emotional needs. 🤦‍♂️

AcyArts | AcyArts

Daycare provider receives support for sticking to rules and consequences.

blackheartmoon | blackheartmoon

Private daycare providers shouldn't have to put up with unnecessary rules 👌

Reality_Rose | Reality_Rose

Stand your ground 💪 You did what's best for you and your kids 🙌

AttemptedAdult | AttemptedAdult

No excuses for lazy parenting, NTA 👏🏼👏🏼

kick_him | kick_him

Enforcing rules is tough, but necessary 🤷‍♀️

Repulsive_Practice_2 | Repulsive_Practice_2

Mom upset after daycare provider enforces rules. Commenter defends.

RoseTyler38 | RoseTyler38

Toddler's screen time limits enforced. NTA wins over passive-aggressive TA.

21feels | 21feels

Daycare provider has the right to terminate care without notice 🚫

Belazriel | Belazriel

Expensive tablet at daycare? NTA for saying no! 🙌

SereniaKat | SereniaKat

Setting rules is important for a reason. NTA for enforcing.

onlyangel96 | onlyangel96

Parenting is hard, but rules are rules 🧑‍👦‍👦📱

pokegirl395 | pokegirl395

Setting boundaries for technology use at a young age 📵

Horatius2626 | Horatius2626

Setting boundaries as a daycare provider, NTA says goodbye 👋

Mazza1983 | Mazza1983

Setting boundaries for children is important and necessary 👏

PepperFinn | PepperFinn

Parent doesn't follow rules, gets what she deserves 🤷‍♀️

edirongo1 | edirongo1

Parent defends daycare provider's decision to terminate care over tablet use.

ntrontty | ntrontty

Setting boundaries with kids' screen time, NTA stands firm.

almightypariah_16 | almightypariah_16

Standing firm on rules: A daycare provider's right. 🏫

clarebears990 | clarebears990

Clear rules were set, NTA for terminating care. 👍

JustheBean | JustheBean

Setting boundaries is important for daycare providers. 🙅‍♀️

darklinghate | darklinghate

Daycare rules are important for discipline and safety. NTA.

x_smurfy_x | x_smurfy_x

Firing bad clients is necessary for good service 🤝

Lawn_Orderly | Lawn_Orderly

Is screen time for kids becoming a necessity? 🤔

Kellogs08 | Kellogs08

NTA stands up to entitled parent and sets boundaries 👏🙌


Parent defends daycare provider's rule, predicts child's poor future performance 🤔

PalpitationOk9802 | PalpitationOk9802

Tech addiction in children is a real problem. NTA OP 👏

Tired3520 | Tired3520

Enforcing rules for children's development. NTA 👍

Lovegivingadvice | Lovegivingadvice

Commenter supports daycare provider's decision, no drama here 🙅‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Preschool teacher applauds daycare provider for standing firm on rules 👏

CrazyPromotion1 | CrazyPromotion1

Childcare provider stands firm on tablet rules, receives support

Fleegle2212 | Fleegle2212

Agreeing that young children shouldn't have tablets. Not the a**hole.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Unplugged playtime for kids- much needed break from technology 👍

Purple_Moon_Flower | Purple_Moon_Flower

Setting boundaries is essential. 👍 Good job, daycare provider.

Yaaauw | Yaaauw

Childcare provider stands by rules, terminates care. Mother disagrees.

primroseandlace | primroseandlace

Enforcing rules = NTA. 🙅‍♀️

gwacemom | gwacemom

Why does he need it? Because he would cry without 🍼

Dragonpixie45 | Dragonpixie45

Clear daycare rules, entitled parent uses tablet as parenting tool 📱🚫

luna_nova19 | luna_nova19