Man Laughs at Sister's Sexist Comments About His Wife's Outfit

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A man and his wife attend a formal family dinner, and his sister makes sexist comments about his wife's outfit. The sister continues to make passive-aggressive comments throughout the night, causing the wife to leave mid-speech.

The husband is scolded for leaving and not "controlling his wife." He laughs it off, but his wife suggests he apologize to make amends. Read the full story for more.

Confident wife shines in feminine outfits, husband supports her

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Navigating traditional gender roles with a close-minded family member.

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

When your sister's comments about your wife's outfit are unbearable 😒

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Breaking formal dress-code rules at sister's pregnancy celebration 🤔

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Man defends wife's outfit against sister's sexist comments 💪

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Wife shuts down sister-in-law's fashion criticism with a smile 😊

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Sister's rude comments about wife's outfit embarrasses husband at family gathering 😕

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Shaming a woman's clothing choice based on gender stereotypes is unacceptable.

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Passive-aggressiveness ruins toast at family dinner 🥴

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Sister's sexist comments towards wife's outfit met with laughter.

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Mina storms out of dinner after sexist comments. 💥

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Man laughs off sister's sexist comments about his wife's outfit 😂

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Texts escalate after sexist comment towards wife 👀

mywifeinasuit | mywifeinasuit

Dealing with sexist comments and apologies to move forward 🙄

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Man stands up for wife against sexist sister

In a world where gender roles are constantly being questioned and redefined, it's disheartening to see people still holding onto traditional ideas. This is the case for the protagonist in this story whose sister, Betty, constantly makes sexist comments about his wife's style and appearance. Despite his efforts to defend his wife and her right to dress as she pleases, Betty continues to belittle her at a family dinner.

The situation escalates when Betty makes passive-aggressive comments directed toward the protagonist's wife during a toast. This prompts the couple to leave, leading to backlash from family members. However, instead of letting the situation escalate, the couple chooses to laugh it off and attempt to make amends.

This story highlights the importance of standing up for what's right, even in uncomfortable situations, and the power of choosing to take the high road in the face of adversity. The next section of the article will explore reactions to the situation and offer insights into how to handle similar situations in the future.

NTA. Sister's outdated and misogynistic beliefs not worth apologizing for.

Empress_LC | Empress_LC

Supporting his wife, OP is NTA according to traditional views.

penpapercats | penpapercats

Sister enforces sexist dress code at family dinner, gets called out. 🙅‍♂️

laude_nam | laude_nam

Green suit slays while family's sexism fades to black 👊

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Sister's inappropriate comments on wife's outfit. Cut her off.

BambiT87 | BambiT87

Cutting off toxic family members for mental health 🚫👨‍👩‍👧

ElevatorOk8601 | ElevatorOk8601

Commenter defends wife's outfit choice and preaches kindness over jealousy.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Laughing off sister's sexist comments earns NTA kudos and respect 🤝

Nelashena | Nelashena

Supporting wife, cutting ties with sister. NTA 🙌

Fianna9 | Fianna9

NTA and a respectful relationship with his wife 🤝👏

-throw-away-forever- | -throw-away-forever-

Classy wife handles sexist comments, cut toxic sis out 👌

tyvicdenp305007 | tyvicdenp305007

Standing up for your partner is always the right move 👏

pawsons | pawsons

Defending wife's fashion choice against sister's misogyny 👏🏼👏🏼

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defend your wife, and shut down toxic family members 💪👊🚫

Patient_Criticism231 | Patient_Criticism231

Wife not to be messed with 💪 NTA stands up to sister's sexism

Gummiwummiflummi | Gummiwummiflummi

Sister's sexist comments shut down by supportive brother

boreal_babe | boreal_babe

Standing up to family can be tough, but NTA for setting boundaries 🙌

No-End3167 | No-End3167

Standing up to sexist behavior - NTA comment shuts down sister's comments.

Used_Mark_7911 | Used_Mark_7911

Laughing off sexist comments from family. Classy wife prevails 👌

Electronic-Life-870 | Electronic-Life-870

Calling out sexism and insecurity, NTA takes the high road.

commenter23450 | commenter23450

NTA. Mina slayed in her formal attire, Betty needs a time machine 🕰️

gillianidk | gillianidk

Standing up for your partner - NTA, sister owes apologies 🤝

canuck_2022 | canuck_2022

Cutting ties with a venomous snake 🐍🔪

kittykatvegas13 | kittykatvegas13

Cut ties with sexist family members. NTA.

d5509 | d5509

Stand up to bullies and don't placate their behavior 👊

HeartpineFloors | HeartpineFloors

Not the a**hole, but is this real life? 🤔

HisDudeness316 | HisDudeness316

Cut the a-holes out of your life! 🚫 NTA

oneeyecheeselord | oneeyecheeselord

Cutting toxic family members for your spouse's happiness 🤝


Sister is a human vacuum, go NC with toxic family 💥

baconpancakes1976 | baconpancakes1976

Cutting off toxic family members is sometimes necessary 🚫💔

toofat2serve | toofat2serve

Breaking gender stereotypes and calling out sexist behavior 👊🏼

BobzyBadass12345 | BobzyBadass12345

Standing up to family bullies - NTA comment. 👊

pooplingpo | pooplingpo

Cutting off toxic family members is self-care 👌

Mabelisms | Mabelisms

Standing up to family sexism. 🤜👿🤛

samanthacarter4 | samanthacarter4

NTA stands up to toxic sister, wife may avoid conflict

No-Bullshit-Baby | No-Bullshit-Baby

Cutting toxic family members can be necessary for self-care 👍

Yonderboy111 | Yonderboy111

Supporting gender equality with a sprinkle of humor 😂

Dusty_mother | Dusty_mother

Don't let your sister's misery bring you down 😌

MicIsOn | MicIsOn

When sexism strikes, this man defends his wife like a boss 👊

MKMK123456 | MKMK123456

Shutting down sexism with class 👏

goomba1000 | goomba1000

Standing up for his wife against sexism 👏 #SupportiveSpouses

blueberry-yogurt | blueberry-yogurt

Standing up to family sexism with a perfect response 💪

denasher | denasher

Breaking gender norms is fun and empowering! 🚺💪 NTA wins!

pourthebubbly | pourthebubbly

When someone insults your partner but you take the high road 😇

JessiK9 | JessiK9

Cutting out toxic family members? NTA, go for it 🚪👋

Jaded-Permission-324 | Jaded-Permission-324

Support for standing up to sexist comments 🙌🏼

Mountain_Somewhere78 | Mountain_Somewhere78

Sister's sexist comments backfire, husband and her are the AHs 😒

Muted-Appeal-823 | Muted-Appeal-823

Stand up for your wife and address the issue head-on. 💪

einsteinGO | einsteinGO

Wife's outfit insulted, husband defends with class and grace. 👏

Hunt3r8806 | Hunt3r8806

Supporting spouse against sexist family with NTA comment.

Kaiser93 | Kaiser93

Standing up to sexism: a necessary but overdue action 👊

Invisibleamber | Invisibleamber

Using religion to clap back at sexism 👏🙌

BadReynolds | BadReynolds

Support for standing up to sister's sexist comments 🙌

SheTheyGay | SheTheyGay

Support for not apologizing to sexist family members. Suit tax!

Rouge_4015 | Rouge_4015

Using her own beliefs to fight back against sexism 👊🏼

HighElf_Queen_Jen | HighElf_Queen_Jen

Supportive comment defends wife and condemns sister's behavior. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cutting off toxic family for love, NTA for standing up.

hankthewaterbeest | hankthewaterbeest

Wife defended by husband from sister's sexist comment, NTA.

gigantesghastly | gigantesghastly

Hilarious comment about a pant suit, and NTA judgment.

Holiday_Opposite_441 | Holiday_Opposite_441

Commenter jokes about violent reaction to sister's sexism 😅

nvorx | nvorx

Supporting not condoning sexism 👍🚫

originalgenghismom | originalgenghismom

Sister's sexist comments shut down, fashion advice requested. #Goals 🙌

48niner | 48niner

Don't apologize for standing up to disrespect. 🚫🙅

CoconutOilz4 | CoconutOilz4

Laugh it off! 🤣 NTA sibling bonding over sexist comments.

Marshmelonmarshmelon | Marshmelonmarshmelon