Woman Shares Truth About Her Skinny Figure, Gets Called A**Hole

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A woman with a medical issue that makes her underweight was constantly questioned by her coworkers about how she stays skinny. She finally told them the truth, but they didn't believe her and called her an a**hole for not sharing her secret with them. Frustrated, she snapped and told them to just eat less if they want to be thin. She wonders if she's the a**hole in this situation. Read on to find out what Reddit users had to say.

Overcoming medical struggles to eat, why was she called a**hole?

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The struggle with being underweight and societal backlash.

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Struggle of being underweight and importance of salt intake 🍟

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Snacking all day and never gaining weight. The struggle is real 😩

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The stigma of being skinny: Exploding myths and facing criticism

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How to stay skinny without offending people around you 🤷

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The backlash to a woman's figure after sharing the truth.

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Skinny shamed for eating junk food: why weight stigma exists?

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Sharing truth about skinny figure leads to insults 😔

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How a skinny figure comment ended up in a heated argument

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Is OP really an a**hole? Let's find out! 🤔

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Woman facing body-shaming shares her response to unsolicited questions.

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Appreciation for responses amidst backlash 😊

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Woman with medical issue called a**hole for telling truth

A woman with a medical issue that causes her to have zero appetite since she was a toddler has been called an a**hole for revealing the truth about her skinny figure. Despite eating mainly junk food, she rarely eats more than 2000 calories a day. She constantly gets comments from people asking how she stays so thin and assumes she must be lying about not eating much. Her coworker even accused her of keeping her secret to herself. Frustrated, the woman snapped and told her coworker to 'just eat less!'. In this article, we'll explore the stigma around skinny figures and the pressure to conform to societal beauty standards. We'll also examine the importance of being mindful of the assumptions we make about people's bodies and the impact of our words on others. Stay tuned for the comments and reactions to this woman's story.

NTA for standing your ground against nosy and rude coworker.

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Sassy comment shuts down fat-shamer, hilarious replies ensue 😂

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Professionalism matters, even in uncomfortable workplace conversations. 💼

Sanguine2890 | Sanguine2890

Engaging in-office debate about skinny-shaming and healthy eating habits 🍎🥦

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Don't judge someone's health based on their size 🙅‍♀️

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Woman with medical condition gets called out for implying self-control.

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Normalize not commenting on someone's weight. NTA for standing up.

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Commenters share personal experiences and agree on not commenting on weight.

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Woman with medical condition called out for misleading answer about her weight

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Woman with skinny figure called out for not sharing whole truth 🤔

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Being skinny doesn't always mean eating less 🍔

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Woman with medical condition opens up about skinny figure 🩺

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Being skinny doesn't mean lying. Shutting down body-shaming. 💪

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Debate on whether eating is a choice, former food addict disagrees 🍽️

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Woman shuts down inappropriate question about her diet, inspires others.

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Insensitive comments about weight and health condition lead to ESH.

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Body types are different, don't assume everyone can be skinny.

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Skinny doesn't always mean healthy, stop judging based on appearance 😒

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Explaining a medical problem could have avoided being called a**hole 😔

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Body positivity wins over body shamers 💪

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Responding to a curious question doesn't require being rude 🙅‍♀️

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Standing up for yourself is never a**hole behavior 🙌

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Body-shaming in public: NTA shares her struggle with skinny figure

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Woman with medical condition receives criticism for her word choice.

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Engaging discussion about nutrition and health in a delicate topic.

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Body shaming is never okay. Shut it down with this tip!

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Type 1 diabetic clears up rumors about her skinny figure 🤔

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Body shaming is never okay. This commenter suggests seeking professional help.

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Honesty is the best policy but medical condition is easier 😷

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User calls out BS story, accuses OP of being YTA 🤔

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Commenter defends OP's right to privacy, shuts down body-shaming.

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Woman shares struggle with body image and societal pressure to eat

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Empowering response to unsolicited weight loss advice. 💪🏼

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Body shaming is not okay, shut them down! 💪

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Body shaming is never okay, NTA for standing up.

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Standing up for yourself is not being an A**hole 💪

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Honesty about weight loss due to illness gets misunderstood as rudeness 😕

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NTA shares truth about her figure, gets called A**hole 💁‍♀️

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Embrace your unique body, don't let haters bring you down 😊

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Body-shaming hurts, even if you're skinny. #NotTheA**hole 👏

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Moderation is key! 💊 Taking a daily vitamin won't hurt.

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Comment encourages weight positivity and criticism avoidance 💪

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Woman defends her skinny figure due to a condition. NTA.

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Navigating the truth without being an a**hole or judged. 🤷‍♀️

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NTA, but explaining that each body is different might help.

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Doubtful replies to fake skinny truth, YTA gets backlash 👎

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Losing weight is a personal journey, you don't owe anyone answers 🙅‍♀️

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