A Week Later: My Parents' Open Relationship And I'm A New Person

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After receiving advice on my AITA post about my parents' open relationship and no longer paying rent, I decided to cut them out of my life. It's been over a week, and I feel like a new person. My boyfriend has been my rock through it all, and we plan to move in together soon. I'm also getting free therapy through a mental health plan. Read on for more details on my progress.

Life-changing revelations after parents reveal open relationship 💥

throwraselfishparent | throwraselfishparent

Cutting toxic ties can be liberating. 🙌

throwraselfishparent | throwraselfishparent

Finding strength in love after parents' open relationship bombshell ❤️

throwraselfishparent | throwraselfishparent

Cutting toxic people out of your life can do wonders ✨

throwraselfishparent | throwraselfishparent

Cutting toxic parents out of my life was the best decision ✔️

After receiving advice from Reddit, I cut my parents out of my life and already felt like a new person. In just over a week, my mental health has improved significantly thanks to the support of my boyfriend and my decision to go with no contact. I'm staying with my boyfriend, but we plan to move into our place soon. I even went to the GP and got a mental health plan to see a therapist soon, free of charge. It's not a huge update, but it's amazing what cutting toxic people out of your life can do for your mental health. In the next section, I'll share some of the reactions I've received since making this decision.

Congrats on getting out of a toxic situation! 🎉 Here's some helpful tips to protect your credit and independence.

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Moving out of a toxic environment can be euphoric 😌

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Escaping toxic parents and living your best life 🙌🏼

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Congratulations on taking a huge step forward in self-care! 🎉

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Update on the puppy and his new home 🐶🏡

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Positive support for embracing change 👏

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Encouraging support from a fellow Redditor ❤️

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Support for non-monogamous lifestyle and going no contact with toxic parents

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Don't forget your documents while leaving a toxic situation 👍

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Empathetic commenter supports OP's decision to move out, offers own experience ❤️

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🎉 Celebrating support and encouragement in the comments 🙌

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Love and support for someone's personal growth ❤️

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Cheers to prioritizing yourself 🥂🎉

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Supportive comment with positive affirmation. 🙌

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Spread love with a virtual hug 🤗

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This comment section is full of positivity! ✨👏

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Different cultures, different parenting styles. 🤔

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Supportive comment about abusive parents, with heart emoji and encouragement.

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Cheers to your best life with your bf and doggo 🥂

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Moving out of a dumpster fire of a house 👏

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Time flies when you're processing your parents' open relationship 🤯

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Don't let them use you again! ✊🏼💰

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Agreeing with the sentiment 👍🏼

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Breaking free and taking that first breath 🌬️

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Celebrate the victory! 🎉

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Empowering comment inspires self-growth 🌟

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Supportive comment receives heartwarming response ❤️

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Beware of Centrelink claiming on your behalf. It happened before 🙈

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Finding family and support after a toxic upbringing ❤️

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Growing up with poly parents, commenter shares experience with toxic partner.

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Don't let them get away with it! Pursue legal action 💼

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Glad to hear positive updates! 🙌

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A heartwarming concern for doggo's well-being 🐾❤️

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Find emotional support in r/estrangedAdultKids, a great community ❤️

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Cheers to a positive and supportive community! 🎉👍

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Choosing distance for a healthier future 👍

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Positive support for going no contact, you rock! 🤘🎉

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Positive comment receives supportive response ❤️

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Commenter applauds therapy progress in open relationship revelation 👏

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Toxic family? Good riddance! 🙌 Wishing you happiness 💛


Positive support and encouragement from the community ❤️

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Take legal action to protect yourself and your finances. ✅

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Empathetic comment offers support to struggling individual ❤️

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Find support in R/toxicparents community 💚

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Escape the drama and run for the hills 🏃‍♂️

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Empathetic comment offering support and encouragement for moving forward 👍

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Did you know it's illegal for parents to charge rent? 🤔

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A succinct reaction to a surprising comment. 😲

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Positive support for a life-changing decision! 🎉

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Proud of you! 👏 You handled that bad situation so well 😊

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Encouraging words from a supportive commenter ❤️

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Positive vibes! Glad to hear things are looking up 🙌

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Curious about the drama? This comment sums it up.

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Commenter questions parents' batsh** crazy rent demands 🤨

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Set boundaries and stay strong! 👏

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Glad to hear you're on the upswing! 🎉

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Positive vibes! Congrats on cutting out negativity ❤️👏

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Supportive comment, no replies 🤗

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The real question on everyone's mind... 🐶❤️

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Short and sweet, a congratulatory message to OP 🎉

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Escaping toxicity and finding oneself. 🙌🐶💕

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Leaving a toxic household with a furry friend 🐕

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Cheers to a positive and empowering outlook! 🎉

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Supportive comment offers helpful resources for counseling and support 🙌

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Words of encouragement can help heal emotional wounds. 💪

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Spread the love! ❤️

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Standing up to disrespectful parents. 🙅‍♂️

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