Sibling Rivalry Gets Heated Over Family’s Secret Wealth

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What happens when a family's secret wealth is exposed? A man's girlfriend finds out about his family's wealth through his younger sister's entitled behavior. The man is torn between his girlfriend's financial struggles and his family's wishes to keep their wealth low-key. The younger sister's actions threaten to undo everything their parents worked hard to instill in them. Who is in the wrong here - the entitled sister or the older brother who kept the family's wealth a secret from his girlfriend? Scroll to read more.

Money talks, but we walk the talk with experiences 🌟

gfis2mad | gfis2mad

Sibling rivalry escalates over family's wealth distribution 🤑

gfis2mad | gfis2mad

When sibling rivalry turns into a luxury car shopping spree 👀

gfis2mad | gfis2mad

Money talk turns into sibling brawl 💰👊

gfis2mad | gfis2mad

Proposal hesitation amidst family wealth tension. 💍

gfis2mad | gfis2mad

Sibling feud over family wealth and values 🔥

gfis2mad | gfis2mad

Are they the a**hole for fighting over family wealth?

gfis2mad | gfis2mad

Sibling rivalry over secret wealth leads to Porsche shopping spree 💯

A family secret can be hard to keep, especially when it comes to wealth. In this post, a poster talks about their family's low-key wealth and how their younger sister has become entitled to her share. Recently, she went on a shopping spree for Porsches, and things got heated. The poster's girlfriend was shocked by the amount of money the sister was throwing around, and the poster was upset that the sister was undoing the values their parents worked hard to instill. The argument ended with the poster questioning whether they were in the wrong. Keep reading to see what advice the internet has to offer.

Debate over girlfriend's intentions and OP's honesty sparks conflict. 🤔


Girlfriend's entitlement to family wealth causes relationship tension 💰🤑

DanDan_notaman | DanDan_notaman

Sibling's entitlement to family wealth sparks judgmental comment thread 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Medical debt overshadows family's secret wealth in heated discussion 💰❌💊

Tika_tikka | Tika_tikka

NTA for not sharing wealth with girlfriend of not long enough 💰

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sibling rivalry and girlfriend's entitlement lead to ESH judgment.

jammy913 | jammy913

NTA keeps family wealth a secret from GF causing tension. Replies question trust, equity and privilege. 🤔

Solid_Quote9133 | Solid_Quote9133

OP's girlfriend discovers his family's wealth after 2 years of dating

sammotico | sammotico

Dating for two years but never discussed finances? 💸

Zoenne | Zoenne

Sibling drama and financial secrets - awkward girlfriend expectations 😬

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Partner's hidden wealth causes hurt and financial strain on relationship 💰💔

Pretty-Economy2437 | Pretty-Economy2437

GF feels betrayed after 2 years of hiding wealth. YTA 💰

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Protect your wealth from entitled partners and family members 💰

Anizziepluto | Anizziepluto

Did OP let his girlfriend struggle unnecessarily? 🤔

No_Relationship5345 | No_Relationship5345

Three possible interpretations of GF's comment. Red flag?

Red_orange_indigo | Red_orange_indigo

Navigating family wealth reveals girlfriend's money stress, sister's obsession.

del901 | del901

Debt vs. Inheritance: A dilemma for the ages 💰💸

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When your sister and girlfriend go car shopping without you 😒

MaximusLuna | MaximusLuna

Splitting expenses causing trouble in wealthy family feud 💸💔

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NTA for not paying off SO's college and medical debt.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Trust fund causes family drama, sister and GF in conflict.

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Commenter defends OP's decision to move on from entitled partner 💰

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Man's girlfriend upset over his secret wealth and lying.

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GF expects debt payment while sister is called entitled. 🙄

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Sibling rivalry over family wealth and car ownership.

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Defending girlfriend's entitlement sparks sibling rivalry in wealthy family 💰👫

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Hiding wealth from partner: YTA or NAH? 💰❌💍

Judgemental_Ass | Judgemental_Ass

Is she entitled or just upset about lack of disclosure?

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Money matters cause relationship troubles. 💰💔

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Sibling rivalry over family wealth causes relationship turmoil 😕

SanoSS7 | SanoSS7

Fairness in sharing expenses with GF, but no debt payoff yet 💰

Squirts1MacIntosh | Squirts1MacIntosh

Sibling's secret wealth ruins man's chance of love 💔

The_Werefrog | The_Werefrog

ESH for gf expecting money, YTA for not disclosing wealth sooner.

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Debating whether a dealership would accept a Black AMEX for a test drive 🤔

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Sibling reveals family wealth, girlfriend demands money - NTA

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Discussing finances and red flags in a relationship 💰❌

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Sibling feud over secret wealth and entitled partner.

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Partner's debt causing tension, but communication is key 🤝

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Commenter defends OP and throws shade at sister and girlfriend 💁‍♀️

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Sibling's entitlement over family wealth creates prenup concerns. 🤔

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GF feels entitled to trust money - commenters side with OP

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Is spending on experiences really better than objects? 🤔

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Sibling rivalry and financial tension sparks heated comment thread 🔥

HourlyAlbert | HourlyAlbert

Family wealth causes heated sibling rivalry. NTA for holding money.

spiritfiend | spiritfiend

Money can be a touchy subject but NTA prevails 💰😇

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter questions financial arrangement, deems sister entitled - NTA

netnet1014 | netnet1014

NTA. Sister's behavior and GF's tactlessness cause family turmoil.

heyyahri | heyyahri

Calling out a judgmental and transactional comment with a NTA verdict 😬

LoPanDidNothingWrong | LoPanDidNothingWrong

Sibling's debt dilemma: To pay or not to pay? 🤔

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Defending against trust fund babies & red flags in relationships 🚫💰❤️

Shumaka12 | Shumaka12

Commenter questions red flag in sibling's debt-related outburst 💰❌

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