Man Threatens to Stop Paying Utilities to Assert His Sleeping Pattern

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Imagine finally getting a high-paying remote job during the lockdown but having to work from 8 pm to 4 am, which has turned you into a nocturnal person. Now, your mom wants you to wake up early on Sunday for breakfast, but you can't because you normally sleep around 4 or 5 am. What do you do?

One man threatened to stop paying the house utilities if his mom won't respect his sleeping pattern. But is he a**hole for doing so? Read the full story to find out the verdict of the internet.

Embracing a nocturnal lifestyle for a higher-paying job 💰🌙

zybetlog1234 | zybetlog1234

Sunday breakfast rule messing with sleeping pattern 😴

zybetlog1234 | zybetlog1234

Night owl refuses to pay utilities for sleeping late 🦉

zybetlog1234 | zybetlog1234

Struggling with sleep schedules? Join the club 😴

zybetlog1234 | zybetlog1234

Man threatens to stop utilities over sleep schedule dispute 😴

zybetlog1234 | zybetlog1234

Tension rises as man challenges parents' rent-free agreement 💥

zybetlog1234 | zybetlog1234

Are they the a**hole for their sleeping pattern dispute?

zybetlog1234 | zybetlog1234

Man threatens to stop paying utilities over sleep schedule 💤

A man's nocturnal job has led to conflicts with his family's breakfast routine. Despite his mother's insistence, he cannot adjust to her preferred sleep schedule due to work commitments. Tensions rose when he threatened to stop paying utilities if his sleep schedule was not respected.

This post explores the conflict and asks for judgement on the situation. Read on for comments and reactions.

Compromising on breakfast or brunch may save family peace. 🍳

icecreampenis | icecreampenis

Assert your sleeping pattern with a move-out plan! 😴

Fine_Prune_743 | Fine_Prune_743

Sleep is crucial for health. OP's mom needs to understand that. 💤

No-Jellyfish-1208 | No-Jellyfish-1208

Compromise suggested for NTA who pays utilities, sparks debate.

manofmatt | manofmatt

Navigating cultural differences and career demands in a relationship 💼🌍

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP pays all utilities for entire family, NTA for wanting sleep.

Weskit | Weskit

Unconventional sleep schedule leads to mealtime confusion with family 🍴

terrip_t1 | terrip_t1

Sleep schedule strife: NTA stands up for their rest rights 💤

salukiqueen | salukiqueen

Inconsiderate in-laws disrupt sleep schedule, NTA for moving out 👏

Jesskamess | Jesskamess

Sleep-deprived tenant considers stopping utility payments. NTA.

Sny_de_Treves | Sny_de_Treves

Stand your ground and move out, NTA! 🙅‍♂️

TessaLE | TessaLE

Stand up for yourself and cut those apron strings 🙅‍♂️

NorthernLitUp | NorthernLitUp

Be selfish and leave the house 🏠💸

bflat20 | bflat20

Sleeping in peace while paying the bills. 🛌💸

LadySygerrik | LadySygerrik

A lighthearted suggestion for family dinner, but don't escalate tensions.

ebwoods1 | ebwoods1

Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule for work is important 💤

McShoobydoobydoo | McShoobydoobydoo

Remote worker struggles to adjust sleeping pattern, NTA for now.

truedjinn | truedjinn

Demanding breakfast at 4am: a power move or a**hole behavior?

PrisonNurseNC | PrisonNurseNC

Respect your sleep schedule and move out if necessary 💤

Iojpoutn | Iojpoutn

Ready to pay triple to escape your annoying roommate? 💸

Maddie215 | Maddie215

Disrupting your sleep cycle can harm your health long term 😴

spleen5000 | spleen5000

Take charge of your life! Move out 🚚

alymayeda | alymayeda

Sleeping pattern defense! 💤 NTA wins 👍

sleepybuddha44 | sleepybuddha44

Night shift worker defends sleep schedule against controlling mother.

ExhaustedVetTech | ExhaustedVetTech

Suggests moving out and inviting parents over for dinner 🏡🍴

2ldybG7 | 2ldybG7

Different sleeping patterns can be a challenge 🛌🕰️

theflamingheads | theflamingheads

Night shift worker stands up for their sleep schedule 💤

poyitjdr | poyitjdr

Stand up for your sleep schedule 💤, let them live a night in your shoes 👟

Pickle700 | Pickle700

Don't let anyone control your sleep! NTA! 💤

Johnny_893 | Johnny_893

Assert your sleeping pattern by waking up Mom at night 🌜

cressia73 | cressia73

Sleep is crucial for productivity 💤 #NTA

LostAtSeaDontBtherMe | LostAtSeaDontBtherMe

Asserting sleeping pattern vs. paying utilities: fair game? 🤔

knintn | knintn

Nocturnal job is misunderstood; breaking rhythm is unhealthy. #NTA 🌙

arachnobravia | arachnobravia

Advice on how to calmly discuss OP's dilemma with their parents 💬

tyrannicalsaurus | tyrannicalsaurus

Sleeping patterns causing family drama? NTA suggests moving out 💤

Nerdsona | Nerdsona

Sleep is love, sleep is life 😴😍 Let them rest!

Fluffy-Mastodon | Fluffy-Mastodon

Sleep on, not the a**hole!

DecayingFruit | DecayingFruit

Respect your partner's sleeping schedule 💤

mrangry2625 | mrangry2625

Valid frustration: NTA for asserting sleep pattern. 💤

Ayisha_abdulk | Ayisha_abdulk

Sleepy man not the a-hole, needs new living situation 💤👀

krlrk | krlrk

Sleep in peace without the bills. NTA approved 🛌💸

Orihime_inoue_15 | Orihime_inoue_15

Embrace your sleep schedule and have an early breakfast 🍳

bkor | bkor

Sleep in peace and let the landlord find a new tenant. 😴

Long-Strategy-3026 | Long-Strategy-3026

Respectful work schedule change leads to family power play 🕰️💤

darklinghate | darklinghate

Communicate more with your mom for better sleep schedule harmony 😴

Hemantobarish | Hemantobarish

Advice to move out and set boundaries for work schedule.

arkaydee | arkaydee

Stand up for your sleep schedule 💤💪🏼

Brief-Gas-9049 | Brief-Gas-9049

One simple solution: find your own place! 🏠

Whisky2121 | Whisky2121

Don't be a doormat for your roommates. Stand up! 💪

_PrincessOats | _PrincessOats

Escape the nightmare: 🏃‍♂️💨 Move out now!

perky_cecilia | perky_cecilia

Early bird gets the...breakfast? NTA strikes again 🍳

muffiewrites | muffiewrites

Set boundaries with family members 🚫 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending sleeping pattern against cruel Sunday wake-up calls 😭

Breadyterri | Breadyterri

Asserting his sleep pattern or moving out? NTA decides.

SneezlesForNeezles | SneezlesForNeezles

Sleep schedule sovereignty: Not the a**hole takes a stand

[deleted] | [deleted]

Take revenge on noisy roommates with a lunchtime wake-up call 😴🍴

SamSamnarg | SamSamnarg

Skipping breakfast, not family time. NTA stands firm.

iisehar | iisehar

Stand up for your sleep 💤, not the A-hole (NTA)

Runne7 | Runne7

Sleep-deprived spouse suggests moving out, avoid disrespectful partner.

kincaidDev | kincaidDev

Time to pack your bags 🎒👋

Shadowchani | Shadowchani

Early bird gets the... breakfast? Not the a**hole here 🐦🍳

throwrafrogfrog | throwrafrogfrog

Respect your housemates' sleep patterns, family or not. 💤

Robblar | Robblar

Asserting sleep schedule by not paying utilities. Savage response.

archerleo1997 | archerleo1997

Sleep in guilt-free and enjoy a brunch instead! 😍

SnooComics8268 | SnooComics8268

Defending a worker against unfair employers. 💪

Agent_Nem0 | Agent_Nem0

Setting boundaries and compromising for a healthy sleep schedule ✨

donchevere | donchevere