Madonna's Journey Back to Her Natural Face Before World Tour

Ritu Kohli
Madonna faced criticism for her appearance in Grammy's
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The pop icon, Madonna, is focusing on changing her looks. Reports say she wants to look like her old self for her upcoming Celebration tour after facing backlash from fans at her Grammy appearance.

The 64-year-old Singer Faced Harsh Criticism.

Fans criticised Madonna for her looks at Grammy's
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The seven times Grammy winner was slammed by people for her drastically different look at Grammy Awards 2023.

Queen of Pop is Willing to do Whatever it Takes.

Madonna desperate to look like her old self
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To avoid negative comments, Madonna is doing everything she can to make her next tour perfect. An insider said she wants to look more like her old self for "The Celebration Tour."

Madonna Faced Waves of Hateful Comments After Grammy Appearance

Waves of hateful comment for the Queen of Pop - Madonna
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Negative comments hit Twitter by storm post-Madonna's Grammy appearance. One fan Tweeted, I respect her a lot, but what she has done to her face, and another comment said this time she fucked up her face.

Fans Express Concerns Over Her Looks


Some slammed the pop icon with negative tweets, while others were more concerned about her. 

Negative Comments Shocked the Seven-time Grammy Winner

Madonna affected by negative comments

No matter how savage the pop queen shows she is, she is affected by the comments deeply. Body shaming or age shaming does affect everybody. People should not be this cold-hearted to celebs, public figures, or infamous individuals.

Singer Slammed the Fans Criticising Her Appearance

Madonna Slams the negative comment givers with her Instagram Post

The backlash compelled the singer to criticize those who preferred to concentrate on her appearance rather than her speech at Grammy Awards 2023.

Has Madonna gone under the knife?

Madonna Surgery Rumours
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The 64-year-old pop icon never admitted or denied her surgery speculations. However, she said in an interview in 2012 that she is not against surgery.

Madonna's Savage Tweet Post-Surgery Rumours

Madonna response to haters
twitter | Madonna

There is a reason why she is a queen. Two weeks later, she made fun of herself in a slimming-down selfie of herself, writing, "Look how cute I am now that the swelling from surgery has gone down."

Is She Undergoing Procedures to Look Natural for Her 80-Date Tour?

Rumours has it- Madonna undergoing procedure for looking like her old self
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According to an insider, Madonna is opting for surgery to restore her natural appearance.

Madonna's Radically Different Look Caused an Uproar.


Fans went crazy when they saw Madonna's new look at Grammys. It hit the internet by storm, and everyone was discussing what she had done to herself.

Piers Morgan Also Left a Witty Comment About Her Looks

Piers Morgan also mocked Madonna for her looks and tweeted, "I thought Halloween was in October?" with Madonna's picture from Grammy Awards 2023.

Some Fans Leapt to Madonna's Defence

Some Fans Leapt to Madonna's Defence
instagram | Michelle Elman

When everyone was bashing Madonna with negativity, Michelle Elman posted on her Instagram feed about body shaming in her defense.

People on Social Media are Sometimes Insensitive

People are sometimes insensitive on social media
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Madonna is not the only celebrity that has faced such comments about her face. The list is long. People need to understand how insensitive and taxing it is to hear such words.

Madonna Became a Trending Topic after Her Appearance.

Madonna's looks are trending
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Soon after her Grammy appearance, she was all people could talk about.

The Queen will be the Queen, Despite all the Critical Comments.

The Queen of Pop - Madonna

This is not something new for Madonna. She has faced criticism for years and received tremendous love from her fans.

Are Madonna's Kids Included in Her Upcoming Shows?

Madonna will be seen with her six children in her upcoming shows.

The "Material Girl" Caught in the Glare of Ageism & Misogamy

The Material Girl singer facing huge criticism for her different appearance
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Madonna said she was again caught in this glare of misogamy that permeated this world. She added that I never apologized for my creative decisions in life, not how I look and dress up.

Madonna is Eager to Restore Her Natural Look

Madonna eager to look like her younger self

After hearing the backlash, she doesn't want to take any crapshoots. So, she is giving her all to look natural and more like her old self for her upcoming tour.

She is all Set to Put the Stage on Fire on her "The Celebration Tour."

Madonna is set to begin “The Celebration Tour"

The Queen of Pop is perfectly ready to begin her tour in Vancouver on the 15th of July. This tour will be a celebration of her four decades in music. Stay tuned for more celeb news!