Woman Upset Over Birthday Gifts From Family

Birthday gift
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A woman was left feeling upset and invisible after receiving birthday gifts from her family that were meant for her kids. Despite giving her husband a list of 20 gift ideas, she ended up with only one item from the list and two toys that she had mentioned buying for her children. She felt frustrated that her husband didn't remember that she doesn't collect toys and didn't even bring the homemade cards the kids made. While she acknowledges that she feels guilty for being upset, she wonders if she's overreacting. Read on to find out if she's the a**hole in this situation.

Navigating guilt over birthday gifts from narcissistic family. 🎁

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Birthday girl happy with tradition but something went wrong 🎂

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Birthday celebration at the cottage and local pub 🎉🍻

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Forgetting to pack your own gifts? 😒 Relatable birthday woes.

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Family forgets birthday, upsets woman 😞

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Husband's lack of effort on wife's birthday causes tension.

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Morning routine after disappointing birthday gifts ☕️🍳

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Birthday surprise gone wrong 😕

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Mixed feelings about birthday gifts 🎁

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Her family's gifts were actually for her kids 🧒🎁

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Feeling unappreciated, woman shares disappointment in family's gift choices 🎁

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Heartbreaking: Homemade cards forgotten on woman's birthday

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Wife's frustration over misunderstood birthday gift sparks marital tension 😕

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Gift-giving guilt? 😢 AITA for crying over presents?

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Birthday letdown: Insulting gifts from family

Birthdays are supposed to be special, but what happens when the presents you receive make you feel more upset than grateful? A Reddit user shared her disappointment over her birthday gifts from her family. She had asked for a few things for herself but instead received two toys that were meant for her kids. Her husband also failed to remember to bring homemade cards that her children had made for her. She felt invisible and unimportant after 17 years of marriage. Her husband had maxed out his credit card but failed to put thought into her gifts. Is she overreacting or is her frustration justified? Join the discussion below in the comments and share your thoughts on the matter.

NTA, lack of thought hurts but things could get better.

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Birthday disappointment, but NTA. Husband needs to step up 🎂

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Feeling unappreciated, NTA; wondering how husband maxed out credit card.

pnb10 | pnb10

Birthday gifts lack thought, NTA for feeling hurt 🎂

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Husband's inconsiderate behavior on wife's birthday. NTA 👎

overdownyonder | overdownyonder

Dysfunctional family dynamics affect more than just birthdays. 💔

citrushibiscus | citrushibiscus

Take care of yourself first! Treat yourself, and then explain how you feel.

la-maman | la-maman

Mother cancels Mexico trip after family forgets Mother's Day 💔

Ibenthinkin2much | Ibenthinkin2much

Curious about the gift that maxed out the credit card? 🤔

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Woman upset over unappreciated birthday gifts and husband's hidden expenses 💸

Evil_Mel | Evil_Mel

Husband's inconsiderate gifts and lack of birthday wishes upset wife 💔

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Take control of your birthday, you're not the a**hole 🎂

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Disappointing birthday gifts cause confusion and frustration 😕🎁

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Husband needs to step up with birthday gifts 💝

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Kids' gift choices cause birthday disappointment, husband's planning questioned. 😕

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Family's behavior on birthday hints at larger issues. 🤔

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An internet stranger sends a virtual birthday hug 🎂🎁

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Self-gifting for the win 🙌

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Gift fails: Snow globe from collection given back to her. 😂

joyfullypresent | joyfullypresent

Feeling unloved on your birthday? 🎂 You're not alone.

kwhitit | kwhitit

NTA - Lack of appreciation and effort from family is heartless 💔

OhButWhyNow | OhButWhyNow

Deserve a break on birthday 😤☕ NTA wins!

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Validated and considered matters more than gifts 🎁🙌

MicIsOn | MicIsOn

Gifts for me or him? NTA comment exposes possible selfishness.

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Deserve to be spoiled on bday, gift-buying frustration discussed 🎁

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Take charge of your birthday, treat yourself to a spa 🧖‍♀️

Corfiz74 | Corfiz74

Setting high expectations for gifts often leads to disappointment. NTA 👍

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Husband's questionable birthday gift sparks family drama. NTA verdict.

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Husband gifted a D&D figure to wife, but it was meant for their child. NTA.

LivSaJo | LivSaJo

Suggest revenge on hubby for bad birthday treatment. 👿

DottedUnicorn | DottedUnicorn

Spouse got children's toys as birthday gift. 😠

shsw742 | shsw742

Child of emotionally abusive parent shares personal experience and offers advice ❤️

mrsgip | mrsgip

Validating feelings: 👍 NTA comment receives support

Dear_Pay7221 | Dear_Pay7221

Woman expresses frustration with family's lack of effort on birthday.

BlueBelle2019 | BlueBelle2019

Relatable SNL sketch about disappointing birthday gifts. NTA.

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

Take a break and treat yourself to a weekend getaway! ✈️

SignificantAd3761 | SignificantAd3761

Feeling invisible hurts more than bad birthday gifts 🎁

bookishgirlstar | bookishgirlstar

Not the a-hole! Let's see why she's upset 🤔

Ok-Winter-4856 | Ok-Winter-4856

Disappointed wife deserves a do-over birthday celebration with family 🎂

TisThee_Reason | TisThee_Reason

Gifts held over head, rather buy what I want. No expectations = less disappointment. 🎁

snailien | snailien

Don't lose hope, a surprise party might be on the way 🎉

KopyKatKitKat | KopyKatKitKat

Family neglect, possible marital issues, and need for counseling 🚫🎁💔

deepsleepsheepmeep | deepsleepsheepmeep

Take a stand! 👊🏼 Stop doing all the labor. NTA.

PickleAfficionado | PickleAfficionado

Husband sets low expectations for birthdays, NTA for wanting more 🎂

JonesinforJonesey | JonesinforJonesey

OP's family neglects her birthday and more, NTA

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Mother speaks out against societal pressure to prioritize children over self 😤

Elystaa | Elystaa

Don't expect, don't disappoint 😉

Aggressive-Fox-5991 | Aggressive-Fox-5991

Deserving better on your birthday 🎉💔 Happy Birthday OP! 🎂


Commenter offers advice and support to woman dealing with narcissists. ✨

kwerdop | kwerdop

Winter birthdays can be tough, but buying yourself a gift 💝

indiana-floridian | indiana-floridian

Low demands but no effort from family on birthday. Hurtful. 😔

Daveii_captain | Daveii_captain

Take some me time, set expectations, and stop doing everything.

TastyPerception9603 | TastyPerception9603

Speak up and let the AH know they're in the wrong 🗣️

jamawg | jamawg

Husband's fault, don't feel guilty. Talk to him about it 👀

Sorchochka | Sorchochka

Birthdays should be special, effort shouldn't be too much to ask ❤️

Odd_Sky7089 | Odd_Sky7089

Don't be a doormat, you deserve better! Seek therapy 💆‍♀️

Happytequila | Happytequila

Insensitive husband ruins wife's birthday, hopes for redemption 🎁💔

LatterTowel9403 | LatterTowel9403

Book recommendation for managing mental load and birthday expectations 📚

PoutineBae | PoutineBae

Savage yet subtle response to disappointing birthday gifts 😂

allflowerssmellsweet | allflowerssmellsweet

Family takes birthday girl for granted. NTA for feeling upset 🎂

StardustStuffing | StardustStuffing

Husband maxes out credit card, kids learn financial irresponsibility. NTA.

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