Homeowner Stands Up to HOA, but Is He the A**hole?

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A homeowner inherited a house that is not part of the semi-gated community surrounding it, but the HOA keeps sending fees and letters. After attending a meeting and showing documentation, the homeowner was still told to conform to the community's standards.

Now, they're wondering if they're the a**hole for not listening to the HOA. Read on to find out what happened in this situation.

New homeowner inherits grandfather's house after graduation.

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Homeowner's property outside HOA fence causes controversy in community

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Homeowner faces off against HOA over fees and house upkeep.

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Homeowner fights back against HOA trying to control his property.

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Homeowner fights back against HOA's false accusations 🏠👊

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HOA president pressures homeowner to conform, devalues property 💸

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Homeowner questions HOA authority, seeks validation, AITA verdict pending.

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Homeowner vs HOA: Who is the real winner? 🏡

Living in a semi-gated community comes with its perks, but what happens when you're not part of the HOA? This homeowner inherited a house that's not part of the community but has been receiving HOA letters about fees, lawn, and house paint. After attending an HOA meeting and showing documentation from the development company and county, the HOA president still insisted that the homeowner conforms to the rest of the community.

But who is right in this situation? Is the homeowner bringing down property values or is the HOA overstepping their boundaries? Let's take a closer look at the arguments and reactions from both sides.

Defying the HOA: NTA and receiving great support from commenters 🏠

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Deck out your lawn with tacky decorations in defiance 🦩🎃🎄

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Homeowner fights back against HOA's illogical demands. 🤔

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Don't join the HOA, get a lawyer to send a cease and desist letter 🚫🤝💼

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HOA can't blame homeowner for their property value woes 🤷‍♂️

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Homeowner fights back against ridiculous HOA rules with humor 😂

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Don't let HOA bully you! Seek legal advice! 💪

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Homeowner takes on HOA: suggests $1M/year payment to keep values up 💰

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Don't let HOA bully you! 🛑 Stand your ground with a lawyer.

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Homeowner fights back against HOA, seeks legal help. 💪

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Avoid HOA's rules and maintain your property! 🏡

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Homeowner fights HOA control, but not alone. 💪

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Stand your ground! 🙌 Non-HOA homeowner prevails 💪

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Stand up to the HOA! You own your property 💪

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Homeowner takes on HOA with legal threat 💪

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Homeowner fights back against HOA restrictions 💪

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Stand up against HOA harassment 👊🏡🛑

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European confused by HOA concept, supports homeowner's actions. 🤔

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Stand up to the HOA, but be prepared for a fight 💪

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Homeowner takes on HOA, wins against their unfair demands 🏡

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Homeowner stands up to HOA, but is he the hero? 🦸

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HOA drama: Homeowner gets support for not joining. 🏡

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