I Stopped Wearing Makeup And People Are Obsessed

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Sophie Mair Evans
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Makeup and cosmetics are great ways to express oneself and highlight individuality. But irrespective of the added beauty makeup can give to a woman, many still believe less is more and would prefer a more natural look. TikTok user, Sophie Mair Evans, is one of them, and netizens are pleased with her choice. Find out how and why below. 

The Viral Social Media Trend 

TikTok Trend
Unsplash | Mariia Shalabaieva

Over the last couple of months, many social media users have taken to different platforms to showcase their transformation after ditching makeup, and Sophie is one of them.

What Was Sophie Known For?

The British social media influencer was known for bleaching her natural red hair platinum blonde and creating sophisticated looks with elaborate makeup.

Sophie Hops On The Challenge

However, on February 1, 2023, Sophie took to TikTok with a short video showing the sheer difference between what she used to look like and her present-day, more natural appearance.

Sophie's Previous Look

Sophie's previous look
TikTok | Sophie Mair Evans/TikTok

The seven-second video began with a 'before picture' of the 22-year-old in a skintight dress rocking her platinum blonde hair parted from the middle.

Details Of Sophie's Appearance 

Makeup tools
Unsplash | Edz Norton

Sophie's face was decked out in full makeup, long fake lashes, heavy black eyeliner, a smokey eyeshadow look, full brows, and contouring.

What Else Did Sophie Have On Her Face? 

Makeup tool
Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

The popular TikToker also donned bronzer on her cheeks, foundation, pink blush, a nude lip liner, and light pink lipstick. Although Sophie wore a serious look, she looked admirable.

Sophie's After Look 

Sophie's new look
TikTok | Sophie Maire Evans/TikTok

The influencer then changed the scene to a snapshot of her taken in January 2023, and the difference was evident. In the more recent picture, Sophie had her natural ginger hair falling around her shoulder in a side parting.

Sophie Looks Different

Rather than a full-coverage face beat, the picture showed the young British lady with little to no makeup, her brows looking defined and perhaps a touch of mascara. 

The Post's Caption

Red hair
Unsplash | lucas mendes

Over the short video was a text overlay that read: "Me one random day deciding to stop bleaching my hair and wearing too much makeup."

Netizens React To The Clip

Reactions to Sophie's post
TikTok | Sophie Mair Evans/TikTok

Since Sophie shared the video, it has garnered nearly eight million views, 1.8 million likes, and about seven thousand comments, with the majority commending Sophie.

Users Compliment Sophie

Reactions to Sophie's post
TikTok | Sophie Mair Evans/TikTok

One user noted that Sophie looked good before, but the natural look suited her so well. Another TikToker shared that Sophie was beautiful in both pictures, but the after photo was "ethereal."

Other Users Show Interest In Sophie's Natural Hair 

More reactions to Sophie's TikTok video
TikTok | Sophie Mair Evans/TikTok

While some netizens focused on Sophie's appearance without makeup, others were more interested in her stunning natural hair color and how she inspired them to flaunt theirs.

Never Bleach A Natural Ginger Hair 

Never bleach natural red hair
TikTok | Sophie Mair Evans/TikTok

One supportive TikToker commented: "Every time I see a young girl with natural ginger hair, I tell her never to bleach it 😂 y'all got the best hair color on earth 🧡."

Another Similar Opinion

More response to Sophie's post
TikTok | Sophie Mair Evans/TikTok

A second user shared the same sentiment, noting that she would kill to have Sophie's natural hair. Meanwhile, a third person confessed that the short clip convinced her to keep letting her red hair grow back in.

Venus Turner Shares Her Transformation Clip 

Sophie is not the only TikTok user who has gone viral for their transformation in recently. In January 2023, Venus Turner shared her appearance before and after ditching heavy makeup.

Venus' Post's Caption

Venus Turner's transformation
TikTok | Venus Turnerr/TikTok

The content creator, nail technician, and beauty lover captioned the viral social media trend: "Me after realizing thick lashes and heavy makeup wasn't for me 😂."

Inside Venus' Previous Look

Venus' previous look
TikTok | Venus Turnerr/TikTok

The before snapshot was a selfie of Venus wearing long black, expertly curled hair. The TikToker had full makeup consisting of long lashes, black eyeliner, contour, highlight, and lip gloss.

How Does Venus Look Now?

Venus' new look
TikTok | Venus Turnerr/TikTok

However, in the second picture, Venus looked like a different person. She donned her natural hair and had no makeup besides black eyeliner.

Netizens' Thoughts

Reactions to Venus' transformation
TikTok | Venus Turnerr/TikTok

Nearly 200 million netizens have viewed the video, and according to thousands of TikTok users, stopping heavy makeup is Venus' best decision.