Madonna's Bizarre New Video Leaves Fans Confused

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Close up of Madonna
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Madonna is raising eyebrows yet again for a video that some people call "nasty" and "disgusting." The 64-year-old singer uploaded a short clip on her Instagram where she was licking her electric guitar while seductively playing with its strings. Followers needed clarification and expressed their concerns in the comments.

Madonna Licks Her Guitar

Madonna licking a guitar
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Madonna propped her guitar up in the short clip while kneeling next to it. Wearing a layered ensemble, dark sunglasses, and fishnet stockings, the artist licked the musical instrument's side.

Stroking The Strings

Madonna playing with her guitar.
instagram | Madonna

After the lick, she did a quick stroke of the guitar and posed for the camera. "Is it possible to Fall in Love with your Guitar? 🎸❤️‍🔥😍 👅," she captioned the post.

Watch The Video

While the controversial artist reasons that she just loves her guitar, per her caption, many were appalled by her actions.

"What the f*ck is wrong with you?" one person commented.

"Your attempts to act like you're in your 20s again is hilariously sad," another one said.

"Watched a league of their own last night, I wish you still had your old face," another fan wrote.

Presenting At The Grammys

If you recall, Madonna got major criticism after appearing at the Grammys to introduce Sam Smith and Kim Petras for their Unholy performance. The internet reacted very strongly to her "new face," saying it was scary and unrecognizable.

People Weighed In

People took to social media to weigh in on her looks and even broadcaster Piers Morgan chimed in on the discussion.

It Was The Camera's Fault

Following the viral moment, Madonna clapped back at haters and said her piece on Instagram. According to her, it was the press photographer's long-lens camera that made her face look distorted on TV.

Focus On My Speech

She also pointed out that people should have focused on her important speech, which celebrated the fearlessness of artists, instead of her face.

Ageism And Misogyny

"Once again I am caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny That permeates the world we live in. A world that refuses to celebrate women pass [sic] the age of 45 And feels the need to punish her If she continues to be strong willed, hard-working and adventurous," she said in her lengthy post.

Not Apologizing

Madonna wearing a lace corset.
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Furthermore, she made it clear that she has never apologized for her looks or creative choices and she has no plans of doing so.

Behind The Scenes

The rant also included behind-the-scenes moments where she did several more controversial acts, including french-kissing a guy.

Support From Friends

Madonna Instagram comments.
instagram | Madonna

Many fans and friends, including Paris Hilton, showed their support for the pop icon. "Love you queen," Paris commented on the post.

Feeling Cute

Weeks after the drama, Madonna joked on Twitter that she was feeling cute because the "swelling from surgery" has gone down.

Trying To Keep Up

While it seems that Madonna is trying to put up a brave front, a source told Page Six that the singer is having trouble keeping up with the times.

Things Are Different Now

“She said no one cared that she was in the room, and it used to be so different for her,” said the source. “She’s never been out of favor for so long.”

New Boyfriend

Earlier this month, Madonna once again made headlines after reports came out that she was dating 29-year-old boxer, Josh Popper.

She Likes Them Young

The new romance comes on the heels of her split with model ex, Andrew Darnell, who she dated for five months.

Celebration Tour

On top of her budding new romance, Madonna's upcoming Celebration tour has also been keeping her busy.

Four Decades Of Hits

The much-anticipated tour will be celebrating the music icon's four decades of hits. She is scheduled to hit the road this summer to begin her world tour.

Queen Of Pop

According to a report, the artist has been dedicating her time to perfecting the tour and reclaiming her spot.

“She’s throwing herself into the tour and is determined that not only will it be brilliant, but it will also thrust her back into the limelight. She’s the queen of pop … and she wants to remind everyone what a star she is.”