Man Misses Daughter's Birth Because of Sister's Actions

Daughters birth
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A man missed the birth of his first child because his sister put his phone on do not disturb without his knowledge. Though she apologized, he still can't bring himself to forgive her and let her into his home. Is he being unfair? Read on to find out the details of this family drama.

Family conflict arises over missed birth: seeking perspective 🤔

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Sister's nerves lead to missed birth: a cautionary tale 🤰

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Sister's selfish act causes father to miss child's birth

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Sister's betrayal causes father to miss daughter's birth 😢

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Sibling's anxiety causes father to miss daughter's birth ☹

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Heartbreaking story of missing the birth of his first child.

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Sibling drama causes father to miss daughter's birth 😭

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New dad frustrated over missed birth, family drama overshadows joy.

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Family feud leads to missed milestone. Is OP in the wrong?

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Strained relationship with sister leads to missing daughter's birth. AITA?

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Man misses daughter's birth because of sister's actions 😠

A man missed the birth of his first child because his sister put his phone on do not disturb while he was driving her to meet their estranged father. The man's wife went into labor and was calling him, but he did not receive the notifications due to his phone being on do not disturb. The man was devastated to have missed such an important moment and is now struggling with his feelings toward his sister. Despite almost everyone visiting his newborn daughter, the man refuses to let his sister into his home. He is seeking advice on whether or not he is being unfair and wants to know if he is the a**hole in this situation. Read on to see what others have to say about this family feud.

Sister makes OP miss daughter's birth to see deadbeat dad. NTA.

Wellfudgeit | Wellfudgeit

Sister prioritizes meeting dad over brother's first child's birth. NTA.

traipse75 | traipse75

NTA's sister risks wife and daughter's health and lives. Unforgivable.

Alert-Potato | Alert-Potato

Heartbreaking moment missed due to sister's 'disgusting behaviour' 😔

symmetryofzero | symmetryofzero

Sister tampers with phone, misses daughter's birth. NTA.

Ryuloulou | Ryuloulou

Supportive comment section reminds us of life's priorities ❤️

missjowashere | missjowashere

Congratulations on becoming a father! NTA, focus on family 💕

Expert_Canary_7806 | Expert_Canary_7806

Sister's narcissism causes man to miss daughter's birth 😡

Wendellisi | Wendellisi

Sister's selfish actions cause lifetime consequences for new father. 😔

Kadcas888991 | Kadcas888991

Sister's selfish act causes father to miss daughter's birth. NTA.

DiscountFlaky | DiscountFlaky

Sister steals the birth of man's child. NTA, unforgivable 🚫💔

mjoverjumps | mjoverjumps

Choosing sister over daughter's birth: NTA made the right call ✅

Abeyita | Abeyita

Sister's selfishness causes father to miss daughter's birth. 😠

jmkul | jmkul

Heartless sister ruins birth moment. Family needs a reality check.

BellaSantiago1975 | BellaSantiago1975

Commenters defend wife's quick labor and suggest husband checked phone.

BeingDiligent4724 | BeingDiligent4724

Supportive comment after man misses daughter's birth due to sister

EntertainmentOk6284 | EntertainmentOk6284

Birth of child > sister's plans 🚼👶🚫👩‍👧‍👦

Affectionate-Area659 | Affectionate-Area659

Sister ruins man's chance to be present for daughter's birth 😔

mmwwgg | mmwwgg

Father misses daughter's birth due to sister's actions, commenter supports his anger.

shangib723 | shangib723

Sister's manipulation causes father to miss daughter's birth. #NTA 👍

CMSkye | CMSkye

Wife agrees: Sister's unwelcome presence during birth, NTA.

neverthelessidissent | neverthelessidissent

Sister's selfishness costs man daughter's birth. NTA for being upset.

krittengirl | krittengirl

Sister's selfishness robbed father of daughter's birth. NTA. 😠

Jetztinberlin | Jetztinberlin

Family drama ruins birth, but commenter offers congrats and empathy 🎉

ClientLegitimate4582 | ClientLegitimate4582

Selfish sister causes father to miss birth. NTA verdict.

Oscar-D-Grouch70 | Oscar-D-Grouch70

Choosing wife and baby over sister - NTA, congratulations 👶

Senior-Radio | Senior-Radio

Sister ruins birth of man's child, wife left without support 😔

trash_subreddits_acc | trash_subreddits_acc

Sister ruins once-in-a-lifetime moment, NTA for cutting her off. 😡

Bairbearbarebear | Bairbearbarebear

Choosing between family and responsibility. NTA wins 🙌

watermelonpwussy | watermelonpwussy

Sister's selfishness ruined a special moment for the couple. 😔

archerleo1997 | archerleo1997

Cutting off toxic family members for the sake of family 👨‍👩‍👧

Hufflepuffknitter80 | Hufflepuffknitter80

Family feud costs man daughter's first moments. 😢

Xtina_TheGreek | Xtina_TheGreek

Putting sister before wife and child? NTA stands up. 🙌

asianinindia | asianinindia

Sister's selfishness caused father to miss daughter's birth 😔

EmmyPoohbear | EmmyPoohbear

Sister sabotages birth moment. NTA but robbed of precious memory 💔

dlb1995 | dlb1995

Supportive comment suggests cutting off family member after birth incident.

Captain_Quoll | Captain_Quoll

Father misses daughter's birth due to sister's actions, commenters side.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cutting off toxic family members is necessary for mental health 💪

Cardabella | Cardabella

Commenters defend man's decision to attend lunch 30 minutes away.

Southernpalegirl | Southernpalegirl

Valid anger but a long road ahead. Congrats fellow dad! 🎉

Dazzling-Chicken-192 | Dazzling-Chicken-192

Curious about the wife's perspective 🤔

JessieTheValet | JessieTheValet

Sister's selfish actions cause brother to miss daughter's birth 😡

ambamshazam | ambamshazam

Cutting toxic family members out of your life: 🙅‍♂️💔

bi-of-little-brain | bi-of-little-brain

First-time dad misses birth due to sister's selfishness 😔

puddleprincess | puddleprincess