Stepmother Crosses the Line with My Baby, Now Father Won't Visit

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A woman's stepmother is causing trouble in her relationship with her father and newborn daughter. The stepmother had a clandestine abortion in her youth and is now obsessed with being the only mother figure in her stepchildren's lives. She wants to play mommy to the woman's 3-month-old daughter, causing the woman to set boundaries and her father to refuse to visit his granddaughter. The situation escalates when the stepmother physically harasses the woman and her husband, leading them to seek legal action and stay with family. Read on to find out how the situation develops and what actions the woman takes to protect her family.

Father won't visit due to stepmother's baby ban 🚫

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepmother's obsession with being a mother causing family rifts.

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepmother's obsession with motherhood drove us away completely.

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepmother causes family drama by overstepping boundaries with baby

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Boundary-crossing stepmother turns to physical harassment 😠

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Overbearing stepmother takes control of newborn, causing family strife

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepmother insists on motherhood despite my clear boundaries ⚠️

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepmother oversteps boundaries, father now refuses to visit granddaughter 💔

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Father won't protect us from stepmom, Reddit advice appreciated 💔

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Working from home causes tension in stepfamily's move 🏠

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepmother's tearful apology for crossing the line with baby

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepmother's outrageous behaviour forces family to seek shelter 🏠

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Seeking legal action against intrusive stepmother 👩‍⚖️

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

A tragic event in the family adds to the already tense situation

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Dual nationality explained, but stepmother's actions steal spotlight.

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Cutting off toxic family for my baby's safety 🙅‍♀️

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepmother's toxic behavior causes her to lose important people 👋

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

New apartment with enhanced security features for peace of mind 🏢

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Cutting off contact with father after stepmother's unacceptable behavior 😞

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepmother threatens to call CPS and accuses couple of bad parenting

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Neighbors support couple after stepmother's dangerous behavior 👍

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Stepfather vows to protect granddaughter from dangerous stepmother 🔫

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Protecting our family: Legal issues and therapy after a trauma

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

Grateful OP bids farewell with promise to update in future

lavozdemama | lavozdemama

When a stepmother's obsession with motherhood crosses the line 😠

A woman shares her story of how her stepmother's obsession with motherhood and being the only mother figure in her children's lives escalated to physical harassment and threats toward her own newborn daughter. Despite setting boundaries, her father refuses to visit his granddaughter without his wife. Read on to find out how the situation unfolds and what steps the woman takes to protect her family.

When a stepmother's desire to mother crosses the line 🤰

Kayliee73 | Kayliee73

Stepmom's alarming and stalkerish behavior needs professional intervention. #NTA

NotARobotDefACyborg | NotARobotDefACyborg

Commenter suggests stepmom and dad are mentally unstable 😬

sailorelf | sailorelf

Protect your child from your dangerous stepmother. Cut them off.

brave_vibration | brave_vibration

Protecting the baby: A no contact order is necessary 🚫

cassandrafishbones27 | cassandrafishbones27

Commenter warns OP of dangerous stepmother, urges to run away 🚶‍♀️

beans_and_rice | beans_and_rice

Protecting baby from stepmother, therapy needed 🧐

Cruril | Cruril

Set strong boundaries and never loosen them. Scary situation. 💪🏽

jshady8 | jshady8

Protecting your baby's future: Legal advice for custody and visitation.

TheFamilyStone612015 | TheFamilyStone612015

🛑 Protect your baby, get a restraining order ASAP.

Githerax | Githerax

Protecting the baby from a psychotic stepmother. 🚫👶

nejnonein | nejnonein

Secure your family and peace of mind. Block, document, protect. 🔒

RavenBlueEyes84 | RavenBlueEyes84

Stepmother's baby obsession is concerning. Suggest counseling for her.

2Shoes_99 | 2Shoes_99

Concerned for their safety with unhinged stepmother, go no contact

baeverie | baeverie

Father's wife prioritized over grandchild, NTA commenter expresses empathy

CarelessCow2599 | CarelessCow2599

Stepmom thinks she's a baby expert? NTA for setting boundaries 🚫👶

sreno77 | sreno77

Concerning behavior from stepmother, NTA for setting boundaries.

AgreeableLurker | AgreeableLurker

Concerned commenter suggests seeking legal protection for mother and baby ❤️

ShefCutie | ShefCutie

Stepmother's infertility struggle leads to unhinged behavior 😳

IstoriaD | IstoriaD

Cutting toxic family ties for your own peace of mind. 🚫💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your child from your insane stepmother. Cut her off.

APsWhoopinRoom | APsWhoopinRoom

Protect yourself and your baby, cut them off and move 🚫👋

Teddy_Boo_loves_You | Teddy_Boo_loves_You

Grammar police called, new suspect on the loose 🚨

geven87 | geven87

Protect your baby! Document and get a no contact order 🚪📝👶🏻

PsychologicalPart426 | PsychologicalPart426

Commenter advises keeping a journal for evidence of potential assault 🔍

Antigone-333 | Antigone-333

Commenter warns of potential danger posed by stepmother 👀🚨

steve2phonesmackabee | steve2phonesmackabee

Blood doesn't mean entitlement. You're NTA for setting boundaries.

justamobileuser | justamobileuser

Stepmother's twisted plan to gain custody of baby revealed 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stepmother hoped for OP's death to take her child, NTA

Cupcake_Jane | Cupcake_Jane

Get out ASAP! Stepmonster has a history of kidnapping and murder🏃‍♂️

samdancer1 | samdancer1

Stepmom oversteps boundaries, adoption may be solution. #NTA 👶

Hemantobarish | Hemantobarish

Protecting your baby comes first! 🚫🤚 Restraining order advice.

WinnieThePoohEeyore2 | WinnieThePoohEeyore2

Respect boundaries with babies 🚼🚫

CourageousKiwi | CourageousKiwi

Stepmother's behavior is straight out of a Lifetime movie 🍿

One_Saturday_Morning | One_Saturday_Morning

Beware of the baby snatcher 😱

squintintarantino__ | squintintarantino__

Commenter suggests stepmother needs help due to mental illness 👀

Chasman1965 | Chasman1965

Disturbing behavior from stepmother, dad needs to step up 🤔

chacampb | chacampb

Awkward living situation? 🤔 NTA for setting boundaries.

niptate | niptate

Commenter suggests extreme solution to dangerous family situation 🚨

Metasequioa | Metasequioa

Stepmom's behavior warrants psychiatric intervention, commenter says. 💊

Frog_Enthusiast | Frog_Enthusiast

Commenter suggests protection order against dangerous stepmother. 😮

CraftySnow4922 | CraftySnow4922

Protect your baby at all costs. Notify authorities 🚨

[deleted] | [deleted]

Infertility struggle sends stepmother over the edge, causing family rift.

mowgli0423 | mowgli0423

Protect your baby: legally cut off toxic stepmother 🚫🙅‍♀️

Lunamilo7 | Lunamilo7

Protecting your child from potential abduction, good job 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stay away from toxic stepmom, protect baby from her toxicity 😡

WersomeFacts | WersomeFacts

Protect your baby from a 'nefarious' stepmother with cameras 📹

randomnurse | randomnurse

Stepmother's behavior crosses the line, but should she be banned? 🤔

Captain_Chubs | Captain_Chubs

Protecting your baby's boundaries, NTA 🤱🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protecting your kid from creepy behavior. NTA 👏

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

MIL needs therapy, NTA for setting boundaries 🚫👶

lonewolfjc11 | lonewolfjc11

🤔 Does the stepmother have sinister intentions toward the baby?

BloodyMary249 | BloodyMary249

Sassy reply shuts down absent father's excuses 👏🏼😂

Lorelei7772 | Lorelei7772

Commenter suggests getting restraining order against stepmother. NTA.

AltLawyer | AltLawyer

Protect your child's future with a guardian plan 💸

Grace_Alcock | Grace_Alcock

Sympathetic woman agrees stepmother's behavior is freaky, keep away from baby 👶

Better_Physics5750 | Better_Physics5750

Stepmother's creepy behavior warrants NTA judgement and adoption suggestion 👀

TheMommaResa | TheMommaResa

👀 NTA and a 'wackadoodle' stepmom? This can't be good.

knastywoman | knastywoman

Commenter sympathizes with OP and suggests legal action 🔥

cloud_designer | cloud_designer

Commenter expresses concern for safety and mental health of stepmother.

Osirus1156 | Osirus1156

Supportive comment, hope for resolution with father 🙏

vin-zzz | vin-zzz

Protect your baby, seek therapy for stepmother. NTA 💪👶

Responsible-Seat1082 | Responsible-Seat1082

Stepmother tried to take baby, made death threats. NTA.

nerdyconstructiongal | nerdyconstructiongal

Warning signs of a dangerous stepmother, get out now 👀

BrilliantFan7622 | BrilliantFan7622

Stepmom's behavior raises red flags for commenter. 😱

JustAMegan66 | JustAMegan66

Choosing to parent doesn't entitle stepmother to your baby 🚫👶

StormAlucard | StormAlucard

Protecting your child's future: Legal measures to consider 👍

TheFamilyStone612015 | TheFamilyStone612015

Trust your gut and avoid her food. #NTA 👍

SardonicAtBest | SardonicAtBest

Stepmother's behavior causes family rift, NTA suggests therapy.

TheRedSpiderLily | TheRedSpiderLily

Commenter warns about dangerous stepmother, NTA.

Raymundw | Raymundw

Stepmom's behavior is concerning. NTA for setting boundaries.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Protect your baby from your stepmother with a restraining order 🚫

AwkwardAquarian | AwkwardAquarian

Suggests moving away from toxic family, emphasizes need for therapy.

rubydarkness05 | rubydarkness05

Protecting your child from entitled family members 🚫👶

Mugnath1 | Mugnath1

Commenter thinks father is justified, calls out stepmother's behavior.

FinallyCracked99 | FinallyCracked99

This comment predicts a lifetime movie in the making 🍿

LoveMacAndCheeze | LoveMacAndCheeze

Commenter finds horror movie vibes in overstepping stepmother situation.

elguereaux | elguereaux

Protecting baby from stepmom - NTA, get a restraining order!

lynypixie | lynypixie

Suggestion to visit brother for safety and take maternity leave 💡

Mysterious_Task_5949 | Mysterious_Task_5949

Stepmother's inappropriate actions justify no contact with father.

biggs1269 | biggs1269

Protect yourself and your baby, seek legal help 🚨

So-so-old | So-so-old

Protect your child's future with a clear will 📜

justpickoneitssimple | justpickoneitssimple

Protecting your newborn from psycho stepmother. NTA 👶🚪🔒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Was it a coincidence or Mommie Dearest fan? NTA.

TemperatureCommon185 | TemperatureCommon185

Stepmother threatens baby's safety, OP not the a**hole for distancing.

Careful-Listen2277 | Careful-Listen2277

Protecting baby from crazy stepmother with a restraining order 🚫👩🏻‍⚖️

katestatt | katestatt

Navigating strange family dynamics – living close to family drama 🤔

miflordelicata | miflordelicata

Protect your baby and move out! 🚨 NTA

ebbyg66 | ebbyg66

Commenter warns to leave before stepmother escalates further 🚶‍♂️

loopie_lou | loopie_lou

Protect your baby and family, keep her away 😨

ShadeyHog | ShadeyHog

Commenter warns of potential danger with stepmother 👀

Mewthredell | Mewthredell

Red flags everywhere 🚩 Stepmother's behavior raises concerns for baby

GiannisRodgersYeli | GiannisRodgersYeli

Stepmother's alarming behavior prompts NTA to take action 🚫👶

BellaBlue06 | BellaBlue06