Father Tells Son He's Not Proud of Him in Front of Family

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Is it ever okay to tell your child you're not proud of them? One father made the difficult decision to tell his son that he was not proud of him, but not for the reasons you might expect. In a family gathering to celebrate his son's job promotion, the father revealed his feelings about how his son treats his own daughter.

The son has been absent from his daughter's life, leaving the responsibility to the grandparents. The family is divided on whether the father was in the right to express his disappointment.

Read on to hear both sides and decide for yourself: was the father an a**hole for speaking his truth in this situation or was he justified in calling out his son's poor parenting choices?

Unplanned pregnancy but loved son. Father's public disapproval hurts.

cruel-father | cruel-father

Jason's achievements overshadowed by father's hurtful comment 💔

cruel-father | cruel-father

Single father's heart-wrenching struggle after wife's tragic death

cruel-father | cruel-father

Father's neglect towards son and granddaughter revealed in family gathering

cruel-father | cruel-father

Stepmom wants to bond, dad prioritizes career over daughter's happiness.

cruel-father | cruel-father

Heartbreaking story of a daughter's love despite father's neglect 😢

cruel-father | cruel-father

Son forgets mother's birthday, lies to sister about it.

cruel-father | cruel-father

Son boasts about promotion, father humiliated in front of family

cruel-father | cruel-father

Father disapproves son's parenting skills in front of family 👨‍👦

cruel-father | cruel-father

Family argues over father's tough love approach towards son.

cruel-father | cruel-father

👀Father shames son in front of family over child support payments

cruel-father | cruel-father

Jason lies about therapy; daughter gets more attention from psychologist.

cruel-father | cruel-father

Is Jason refusing to parent his child out of grief? 🤔

cruel-father | cruel-father

Father tells son he's not proud of him in front of family 😳

A father is coming under fire for telling his son that he is not proud of him in front of family and friends during his promotion party. The father expressed his disappointment in how his son treats his own daughter, who is left in the care of her grandparents while he focuses on his career.

The son's wife has been urging him to spend more time with his daughter, but the son seems uninterested. The daughter, who idolizes her father, was left heartbroken when he forgot to call her on her birthday. Many are debating whether or not the father was right to confront his son in public or if he should have saved it for another time.

What do you think? Read on for more of the story and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Father cuts off daughter after wife's death, son is upset. NTA.

Famous-Vanilla-7213 | Famous-Vanilla-7213

Grandfather calls out deadbeat dad for abandoning daughter. NTA.

superfastmomma | superfastmomma

Father's abandonment has lasting impact on son's life. 😢

mdkroma | mdkroma

Father refuses to let daughter live with him despite promotion. NTA.

weenymybeeny | weenymybeeny

NTA. Importance of basic decency over school and career reiterated.

ProfPlumDidIt | ProfPlumDidIt

Father abandons daughter, refuses to seek help. Heartbreaking 💔

JadieJang | JadieJang

Commenter says child neglect is never excusable, and gets a rebuttal.

swishystrawberry | swishystrawberry

Father neglects daughter, grandparents provide love and support ❤️

tlf555 | tlf555

NTA for expressing disappointment, but YTA for publicly shaming your son. 🤔

b1lllevansatmariposa | b1lllevansatmariposa

Commenter sympathizes with OP for having a disappointing son.

Awhkm | Awhkm

Setting the record straight: NTA for correcting false assumption 🙌

Kenndrah | Kenndrah

Being a good parent means everything. This is just sad. 😢

mdthomas | mdthomas

Validating NTA for telling son the truth about his actions 💯

bamf1701 | bamf1701

Being honest can hurt, but it's better for everyone. 🤔

Fluffyjockburns | Fluffyjockburns

Father disapproves son's actions, chooses career over daughter. NTA.

Mishy162 | Mishy162

NTA. Prioritizing emotional needs over social climbing. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Encouraging hope for a positive outcome 🙏

subsroo | subsroo

NTA, but family enabling Jason's actions for 7 years 🤔

lionne6 | lionne6

Polite NTA shuts down son's public scene without drama 👍

chloehannah_03 | chloehannah_03

Father's absence seems intentional, son needs counseling too. 😕

MasterCollection6612 | MasterCollection6612

Father abandons child, gets called out by family. NTA.

ArtemisLotus | ArtemisLotus

Commenter agrees with OP but criticizes Jason 🤨

BigOleJellyDonut | BigOleJellyDonut

Standing up to a toxic father. 👏

No-Raspberry-9684 | No-Raspberry-9684

Putting family first. NTA for being a loving grandparent ❤️

Original_Vanilla7126 | Original_Vanilla7126

Tough love or too harsh? NTA calls out bad parenting 🤔

Lettuce-Beginning | Lettuce-Beginning

Commenter calls out neglectful parent, says job came at daughter's cost 💔

Top-Passion-1508 | Top-Passion-1508

Money isn't everything, and he's already missed his child's childhood 😔

astropastrogirl | astropastrogirl

Heartbreaking judgment from a father towards his own child 😢

Glittercorn111 | Glittercorn111

Raising daughter alone, but don't force contact with absent father.

NeTiFe-anonymous | NeTiFe-anonymous

Therapy may help heal the family's emotional wounds. 🙏

jyl11002 | jyl11002

Father prioritized promotion over daughter. NTA for intervening. 💔

IamForester | IamForester

Commenter expresses disappointment in son's behavior and lack of discipline.

Littleballoffur22 | Littleballoffur22

Father tells son he's not proud of him, but he's NTA.

Street_Passage_1151 | Street_Passage_1151

Standing up for parenting choices in tough situations. 👍

momhustle_247 | momhustle_247

NTA stands firm against disrespectful son's behavior 👊

Infinite_Ad9519 | Infinite_Ad9519

Spouse's attraction raises questions in NTA comment thread 🤔

Cherryluva696969 | Cherryluva696969

Protecting his daughter from future heartbreak 💔

akzcinzow | akzcinzow

Tough love or toxic behavior? Family drama unfolds 🤔

SabbMonster | SabbMonster

Calling out a wealthy deadbeat dad. 👍

bigjaytx | bigjaytx

Protective father praised for trying to give his daughter a relationship.

Affectionate-Song748 | Affectionate-Song748

Grandparents deserve better, NTA. Heartbreaking situation ❤️

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

Ouch! A harsh judgment from a family member 😬

RestInPeaceLater | RestInPeaceLater

Truth can be inconvenient, but it's still worth telling 💪🏽👏🏽

stdnormaldeviant | stdnormaldeviant

A heartless father chooses to deprive his child of love ❤

tossawayforthis784 | tossawayforthis784

Setting the record straight 👍

WildChanterelle | WildChanterelle

Heartbreaking story of a father's abandonment and family support. NTA ❤️

xhocusxpocusx | xhocusxpocusx

Granddaughter's impression matters: NTA calls out son's behavior


Father prioritizes son's promotion over daughter's birthday. NTA.

Sea_Chocolate_2681 | Sea_Chocolate_2681

Challenging the commenter's viewpoint, can family's perspective alter judgement? 🤔

2a3b66725 | 2a3b66725

Encouraging therapy for daughter's abandonment issues. 💆‍♀️

dembowthennow | dembowthennow

Father prioritizes money over family. NTA stands up for daughter.

Less_Volume_2508 | Less_Volume_2508

Financial responsibility over father-son relationship. 💰

yonk182 | yonk182

Surprising NTA comment with a twist on priorities and responsibilities 🤔

Jade_Echo | Jade_Echo

Putting your child's feelings first is never a**hole behavior. 💙

Slight_Flamingo_7697 | Slight_Flamingo_7697

Commenter calls out bad father for disappointing deceased mom 👏

Flat_Fennel_1517 | Flat_Fennel_1517

Not proud of you: Father's harsh words to son. NTA's response.

SardonicSheWolf | SardonicSheWolf

Commenter predicts lonely future for son, supports OP (👍)

RabidRutabaga | RabidRutabaga

Commenter defends father for calling out deadbeat son. NTA 👍

uhhhhnothanks4 | uhhhhnothanks4

Encouraging response, hoping for a better father-son relationship 🤞

ayymahi | ayymahi