Teri Hatcher Flaunts Fabulous Bikini Body With Pool Cocktail

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Teri Hatcher
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Teri Hatcher proved that age is but a number as she flaunted her sensational figure in swimwear for a private pool plunge moment. The Desperate Housewives alum, 58, looked ageless and fresh-faced as she enjoyed a pool cocktail in 2021, posting to her Instagram with yet another reminder of her age-defying figure.

Private Plunge Pool

Teri Hatcher
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Enjoying a self-care moment, Teri kicked back for a plunge pool chill out while rocking a skimpy animal-print swimsuit.

Upping her spa vibes as she soaked up the water goodness, Teri also enjoyed a little tipple as she held a cocktail to her mouth.

Spa Cocktail In Swimwear

The former Bond girl smiled at the camera while lifting her crossed legs up onto the pool deck, showing off her model-like proportions.

While Teri only peeped hints of her swimwear, she flaunted her trim shoulders and gym-honed arms.

See The Photo!

Ditching her makeup completely, Teri showed off her clear complexion as she grinned at the camera. All wet hair, don't care, the actress also sported a fun blue manicure as she enjoyed a cocktail with a lemon slice thrown in. She also made sure to flash he tattoos. See more swimwear shots after the snap.

See Her Swimsuit-Clad Ice Plunge

Tagging herself at the Amazon Jungle in Peru, Teri shouted out the high-end hotel chain hosting her, writing:

"Private plunge pools, Amazon mud masks, and stunning river views… couldn’t ask for more from our first day on @delfinamazoncruises 🌴🐠🐍🍃#bucketlist #girlstrip #motherdaughter #grateful #adventuretime @relaischateaux."

Jaw-Dropping Swimsuit Body

Teri Hatcher
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Fans have left over 24,000 likes, with a like also coming in from Bravo star Lisa Rinna.

Teri has since updated in a figure-hugging black swimsuit while enjoying yet another spa. She hit up Austria in April 2022, where she posted lounging around a wooden lake deck and in a plunging bathing suit.

Self-Care For Life

Smiling after having braved the ice-cold European waters, Teri wrote:

"There’s nothing quite like plunging into an ice-cold lake to really feel alive! Already feeling fresher and ready to embrace this week of training and cleansing."

Twirling Around In Backless Swimsuit

Quick to follow was a joyous twirl as Teri gave fans a 360 of her Amazonian figure while also showing off her backless swimsuit.

Mind, Body, Soul

"Why I came to #vivamayraltaussee ! Who couldn’t use a whole mind/body/soul reset these days?? With endless therapies and treatment choices, @vivamayr knew how to perfectly customize the experience to be the best possible for my specific healing needs- add Austria to your bucket list," Teri told fans.

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Teri Hatcher
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