Man Abandons Friend On Moving Day After Inappropriate Prank

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Moving day can be stressful, but one man's plans took a turn when his friend pulled a prank on him. After being lead on by his friend, the man was left feeling frustrated and betrayed. Despite apologizing for his own actions, he couldn't shake the feeling that his friend's prank was juvenile and hurtful. This led to him abandoning her on her moving day, causing a rift in their friendship.

Now he's left wondering if he was in the wrong. Was his friend's prank too much or did he overreact? Read on to find out the full story.

Platonic friends or missed opportunity? Let's hear your thoughts!

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

A friend's betrayal during moving day leaves Jess stranded.

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Pizza bribe turns into unexpected move-in situation 🍕📦

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

An unexpected encounter leaves one man flustered and uncomfortable 😳

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Awkward encounter leads to unclear proposition 😳

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Unwanted advances on moving day - not a good idea 😬

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Awkward moment leads to phone distraction during moving day.

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Friend accuses man of sexual intentions after inappropriate prank.

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Apology accepted with tears. Friends after awkward situation 💔😢

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Friend's inappropriate prank leads to abandonment on moving day.

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Man abandons friend after inappropriate prank gone wrong 😬

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Feeling conflicted about leaving a friend after a prank? 🤔

ok_green1000 | ok_green1000

Man gets pranked by friend on moving day 🤡

In this post, a man recounts a highly uncomfortable experience with a female friend who played a prank on him. After Jess orders pizza for the two of them as a way of thanking him for helping her move, she begins inching closer to him on the couch. Thinking that she is making a move, he asks if he can kiss her, and she immediately gets up and reveals that her friend put her up to testing him.

The man feels hurt and betrayed by the prank and talks to his sister, who agrees that it was disgusting behavior. The next day, instead of helping Jess move, he decides to flake and go to work instead, leading to a falling-out.

The man is now wondering if he was wrong. Stay tuned for the comments and reactions to this post.

NTA for abandoning manipulative friend who played cruel prank 🙄

[deleted] | [deleted]

Commenter sympathizes with OP's situation and suggests finding a more mature friend.

Whitestaunton | Whitestaunton

Friend pulls prank, gets left behind, and needs to apologize 💔

yuchan3 | yuchan3

NTA, OP handled the situation with dignity despite a horrible 'test'. 💪

WebbieVanderquack | WebbieVanderquack

OP calls out inappropriate behavior, leaves friend hanging. Verdict: ESH 😬

The_Cosmic_Penguin | The_Cosmic_Penguin

Commenter calls out questionable behavior, receives no response.

Cool-Walrus-141 | Cool-Walrus-141

NTA stands up for himself after inappropriate prank ruins move day.

halfwaygonetoo | halfwaygonetoo

Friend plays cruel prank on OP, NTA for cutting ties.

ajd041 | ajd041

Communication is key in relationships, ESH for not communicating effectively 😕

Justieflustie | Justieflustie

Respectful OP labeled NTA for abandoning inappropriate prankster friend on move 🚚

maddiewill04 | maddiewill04

Friend's inappropriate prank leads to moving day disaster 🤦‍♂️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up for yourself, you're NTA 🙌

LarsfromMars92 | LarsfromMars92

Miscommunication leads to awkward prank and abandoned moving day.

juicy_belly | juicy_belly

Friendship falls apart after inappropriate prank and lack of communication 💔

Red_Canuck | Red_Canuck

Commenter defends OP against manipulative friend's false accusations 🙅‍♂️

D4rkFantasy | D4rkFantasy

Friend secretly wanting sex ruins platonic friendship, ESH.

Animefaerie | Animefaerie

Dodged a bullet! 🙌 NTA for sure.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Friend tests him on moving day, he abandons her. ESH.

Tea-radactyl | Tea-radactyl

Friend pulls inappropriate prank, gets left on moving day. NTA 👍

uhuhoneyville | uhuhoneyville

Setting boundaries without being an a**hole. NTA.

BillyT666 | BillyT666

Cut the trash from your life! 🗑️ NTA wins.

Mysterious_Ad6901 | Mysterious_Ad6901

Jess's actions were disgusting, you were NTA for reacting.

R_Mack | R_Mack

Real friends don't play inappropriate pranks 🚫🃏. NTA for leaving.

mambojack1 | mambojack1

Friend makes move, OP not interested, NTA for setting boundaries 🚫❌

Slapped_with_crumpet | Slapped_with_crumpet

Agreeing with the commenter, simple and to the point 🙌

niamhara | niamhara

Commenter suggests there's more to the story, hints at unrequited love 😍

LenoreEvermore | LenoreEvermore

Misunderstanding leads to lost friendship, ESH 🤷‍♀️

hryelle | hryelle

Choosing between being right and being kind. ESH.

mileaf | mileaf

Empathetic response to friend's inappropriate prank. 😔

SpoopyLittleCupcake | SpoopyLittleCupcake

Trust is key. NTA for cutting off a manipulative friend.

Realggking | Realggking

Turning friendship into a relationship, NTA gets it right 😊

JeepNaked | JeepNaked

Cold-hearted or justified? Readers weigh in on moving day prank.

MildUsername | MildUsername

Abandoning a friend on moving day: ESH, but he should've texted

[deleted] | [deleted]

Maturely setting boundaries is key to ending toxic friendships 🤖

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cutting ties with a toxic friend: NTA 👋👋

frenziedmonkey | frenziedmonkey

Friend plays inappropriate prank on moving day. NTA for backing out.

Wendellisi | Wendellisi

Navigating complex social situations with grace and empathy. 🤝

Truly_Noted | Truly_Noted

Being a flake is not the solution 👎

LolthienToo | LolthienToo

Friend pulls cruel prank, man abandons her on moving day. ESH.

jdessy | jdessy

NTA, if your friend can't handle the consequences of their actions 😒

GeminiTrash1 | GeminiTrash1

Cutting ties with toxic friends is necessary for self-care! 🙅‍♂️

randomalas | randomalas

Communication is key 🗝️. Both parties could have handled better.

patopal | patopal

Choosing not to help may have reinforced false assumptions 👀

sxedoc | sxedoc

Friend may be taking advantage of NTA's kindness 👀

Hot_Guava77 | Hot_Guava77

Friendship boundaries crossed, time to move on. 👋

TheDevilsAdvokaat | TheDevilsAdvokaat

Navigating attraction and friendship with respect: a lesson learned. ✨

KlausJaphet | KlausJaphet

Moving on without moving her. 👋🏼

Ok_Smell_8260 | Ok_Smell_8260

Misconceived 'prank' leads to betrayal and broken trust. ESH.

Achterstallig | Achterstallig

OP gets called out for no call, no show move day

U_PassButter | U_PassButter

Dodged a bullet and got rid of a bad friend! NTA 🚩

sigharewedoneyet | sigharewedoneyet

Navigating the friend zone: ESH comment gets real 👀

Hermes_323 | Hermes_323

Communication is key, but OP still acted poorly. 🤔

MeGustaMiSFW | MeGustaMiSFW

NTA for ditching her, but consider sending a text explaining.

DoreyCat | DoreyCat

Friend loses trust over misinterpreted test, OP NTA👍

bibbiddybobbidyboo | bibbiddybobbidyboo

Don't play head games and expect free moving help 🙅‍♂️

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000