Woman Goes To Dental Appointment Despite Husband's Objections

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Despite her husband's demands, a woman suffering from a severe toothache refused to reschedule her dental appointment. The husband's best friend was staying with them and needed constant care after injuring his knee. The woman felt overwhelmed by the added responsibility of caring for her friend and managing her dental emergency. When she tried to leave for her appointment, the friend became confrontational, and the situation escalated. With tensions high, the woman went to stay with her mother. The husband was furious and accused her of being irresponsible and stubborn. The situation highlights the difficulties of balancing personal health needs with caring for others.

Ignoring husband's objections, woman braves toothache to see dentist 💪

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Compassionate husband cares for injured friend, wife attends dental appointment.

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Navigating caring for a difficult house guest, causing tension.

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Woman struggles to care for husband's friend despite objections 🤔

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Woman stands up for her health despite husband's objections 💪

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Defying husband's objections, woman prioritizes dental health 💪

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Defying husband's orders, woman attends dental appointment with her mom

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Ignoring husband's objections, woman suffers tremendous pain 💪

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Husband upset after wife goes to dentist against his wishes 😤

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Autocorrect creates confusion in dental appointment story 😅

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Wife defies husband and caring for his friend to get medical help 😷

A woman in her thirties puts her foot down and attends her dental appointment despite her husband's objections. In this post, she narrates how her husband's friend, who is temporarily living with them due to an injury, has caused her to be overwhelmed with caring for him. Her husband expects her to be available 24/7 to help care for his friend while he is at work. He threw a tantrum when she told him she had a dental appointment and couldn't stay home with the friend. The husband's behavior escalated to the point where the woman had to leave to stay with her mother. The woman's mother got involved in the argument and sided with the daughter. The husband is now pressuring her to return home and face her actions' consequences. The post ends with the woman seeking advice on handling the situation. Stay tuned for reactions and advice on this sticky situation in the comments section.

NTA. OP's husband values his friend over her health and wellbeing.


Woman prioritizes own health over husband's selfishness 👍

KillerRayne17 | KillerRayne17

NTA, leave and seek support from a domestic abuse line 🚩

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Husband and friend prioritize their wishes over wife's health 😱

crockofpot | crockofpot

Husband's entitled friend causes tension, NTA for prioritizing health.

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Woman chooses mom over abusive husband after dental appointment.

yeags84 | yeags84

Spineless husband prioritizes friend over wife's dental health. 🦷

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Supportive comment and replies condemn entitled behavior 🙌

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Ignoring toothache for a friend? NTA stands her ground 💪🏼

Rich-Jellyfish-1979 | Rich-Jellyfish-1979

Supportive comment suggests leaving husband to care for Terry.

Embarrassed-Sweet905 | Embarrassed-Sweet905

Take a stand against abusive behavior. NTA. 👏

drakkya | drakkya

Husband and friend demand woman cancel emergency dental appointment 😠

deathtofumanchu | deathtofumanchu

Stand up for yourself and find a supportive community 🙌

Cocoasneeze | Cocoasneeze

Escaping abuse is a priority. You're NTA for leaving.

Kreativecolors | Kreativecolors

Don't let anyone stop you from taking care of yourself 🦷💪

Smarieveda | Smarieveda

Commenter advises consulting a divorce attorney and involving the law 💔

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Supportive comment section shows solidarity with dental appointment decision 💪

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Supportive comment against abusive husband and entitled friend 👍

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Stand up for your health and rights! NTA 💪

Dlbruce0107 | Dlbruce0107

Defending oneself and setting boundaries. 🙌

CynicalRecidivist | CynicalRecidivist

Escape the dental office! NTA, get out 🏃‍♀️

SelloutDude | SelloutDude

Commenter supports woman and suggests divorce with sassy tone.

Expensive_Warthog444 | Expensive_Warthog444

Standing up for yourself and getting paid? You go girl! 💪💰

sarahlampi | sarahlampi

Spouse's friend is a knee injury burden - NTA wins 👏

mlmarte | mlmarte

Speculation about infidelity in hilarious dental appointment comment section 🕵️‍♀️🤣

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Woman prioritizes dental health over husband's objections. NTA. 🦷

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OP's husband wants her to babysit his friend? NTA!

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Stand up for yourself and confront toxic relationships 💪

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Supportive mom has daughter's back during awkward husband-friend drama 🤝

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Putting your health first always makes you NTA 🙌

shanfitz225 | shanfitz225

You come first! 🦷 Don't let anyone control your health decisions.

Dounesky | Dounesky

Not the a**hole

robotcrackle | robotcrackle

Support for OP and criticism of husband's behavior.

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Commenter questions legitimacy of knee injury and husband's behavior. 🤔

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User suggests leaving toxic husband who treats wife like a slave 💪

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Stand up for yourself and don't let anyone devalue you! 💪

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Commenter advises woman to leave husband. 👏

mrsicebitch | mrsicebitch

Support for woman who stood up to controlling husband 👍

CogentHawk | CogentHawk

Commenter expresses concern for abusive behavior towards spouse and friend.

Sad_Swordfish9291 | Sad_Swordfish9291

Tooth pain is no joke. NTA for prioritizing your health.

pandragon11 | pandragon11

Leaving a husband or a grown-up? Navigating spousal concerns. 🤔

Betweentheminds | Betweentheminds

Spouse's objection to dental appointment - NTA prevails 🦷

wendxgo | wendxgo

Standing up for oneself and setting boundaries. 👍

Christopher-RTO | Christopher-RTO

Husband objects to dental visit, mom saves the day 🦷👩‍👧‍👦

PhillyFotan | PhillyFotan

Stand up to your husband and his friend. You deserve better ❤️

ComprehensiveBand586 | ComprehensiveBand586

Commenter sympathizes with OP and suggests physical retaliation towards husband's disrespectful friend, using humorous tone and emojis 😭

Such_Type_692 | Such_Type_692

Spouse objected to dental visit, but commenter NTA with sass.

ImHidingFromLife | ImHidingFromLife

Empathetic response to spouse's dental appointment struggle. 😬

-throw-away-forever- | -throw-away-forever-

You deserve better 💪👏

Glad_Quote_6087 | Glad_Quote_6087

Setting boundaries: 👍 for not letting husband control dental visit

W0nk0_the_Sane00 | W0nk0_the_Sane00

Standing up to a toxic husband and his friends. 💪

saluja_apoorva | saluja_apoorva

Take control of your life! Don't let him control you 💪

Smiley-Canadian | Smiley-Canadian

Sassy comment shuts down husband's ridiculousness 💁‍♀️🚫

Muted-Coconut4502 | Muted-Coconut4502

Commenter sarcastically suggests husband is controlling, sparks no replies

MagixTurtle | MagixTurtle

Standing up to spousal abuse. You go, girl! 💪

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Supportive comment suggests leaving spouse and seeking legal advice. 🤝

BlueMoon5k | BlueMoon5k

Supportive comment encourages leaving controlling husband. 💪

shaikhalizayn | shaikhalizayn

Don't suffer for Terry's sake! You're NTA 🙌🏽

nextCosmicBuffoon | nextCosmicBuffoon

Don't let anyone guilt trip you into being a caregiver 🙅‍♀️

sunshinedaydream774 | sunshinedaydream774

Stand up against abuse. Putting friends first is not okay.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Woman prioritizes own health over husband's friend's intrusion. NTA 👍

GemGem04 | GemGem04

Don't let anyone disrespect you. NTA for prioritizing your health 😷

HumpyDumpy-ew | HumpyDumpy-ew

Spouse prioritizes invalid friend over wife's health. Possible domestic violence warning.

Acceptable-Wash4838 | Acceptable-Wash4838

Defending her right to dental care amidst marital conflict 💪🦷

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stand up for yourself! 💪🏼 Don't let your partner control you.

AardvarkDisastrous70 | AardvarkDisastrous70

Stand up for yourself and leave that controlling husband 👊

BlueInFlorida | BlueInFlorida