Kourtney Kardashian's Bathroom Eating Sparks Outrage From Fans

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Kourtney Kardashian
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Kourtney Kardashian sparked outrage with a recent Instagram share showing her having a feast in the bathroom. The reality TV star and businesswoman teased a cover photo of a blonde woman drinking directly from the tap, but that wasn't what triggered her 216 million followers.

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Fans Ain't Happy With Kourtney

The third slide in the picture carousel showed a laid-out feast on Kourtney's bathroom floor with a tub half-filled with soapy red bubbles. Some of the businesswoman's plates had half-eaten food, which her fans considered unsanitary.

Why The Bathroom?

Kourtney Kardashian
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They wondered why she couldn't enjoy her feast in a tray like most people who eat in bathrooms. Others wondered why Kourtney feasted in the bathroom in the first instance.


More pictures on her Instagram showed Kourtney wasn't bothered by the disapproval as the mother of three showed off her body in a white bikini.

Taking It To The Bedroom

Towards the end of her picture carousel, Kourtney shared another picture of herself enjoying the rest of her meal on the bed while she fitted dresses. The bedroom meal didn't change the commenters' feelings about the 43-year-old eating in the toilet.

Fans Reactions

Some of the angry comments read as follows,

"Food in the bathroom is not the move 🤢" "Food on the toilet 😮 that's nasty." "All that food in the bathroom 🤦🤦"

Some Of Her Fans Came To Her Aid

A few commenters supported Kourtney saying her food in the bathroom stunt was similar to people taking pictures of their meals in the dining room after using their phones in the bathroom.

On Promoting Her Business

Despite sparking outrage over her eating choice, Kourtney's pictures were promotional for some of the businesses she partnered with, from her Lemme vitamins to her husband, Travis Barker's wellness supplements.

When She Launched Lemme

Kourtney launched Lemme last year, a supplement and vitamin under her own brand.

Why She Started Lemme

On her website, she states in her founder's note the objective of her new business;

“Over the last five years, I went on a mission to collaborate with doctors and scientists to create gummy vitamins and supplements that use clinically-backed ingredients and formulations that help you live your best life.”

Some Of Her Lemme Products

Three different flavors of gummies are included in the Lemme basics kit: "Lemme Matcha" for energy, "Lemme Focus" for concentration, and "Lemme Chill" for stress relief.

She Launched Another Range Of Product

Baker's wife continues to make her mark in the wellness industry despite her continued business success. The Lemme vitamin supplement business recently launched a range of aesthetically beautiful gummy vitamins marketed to improve vaginal health.

On Getting Criticism For The New Product

These oral vitamins have faced criticism from medical professionals who dispute their efficacy and contend that the product promotes negative messages that women's bodies must be changed.

What Expert Thinks About The Product

At worst, experts say they could cause vaginal problems, as reported by USA Today. They also feed the illusion that women should be self-conscious about their bodies in their natural form.

What The Vitamins Do

According to its advertising, the Purr vitamins are;

"clinically-studied SNZ 1969TM probiotics precisely target vaginal health and pH balances to enhance freshness and odor," with "additional Vitamin C for antioxidant effects and authentic Pineapple extract."

Responding To Harsh Comments

Of course, no business is without challenges, but Kourtney makes running hers a piece of cake.

On the Platform TikTok, she spent time responding to some of the less-than-kind viewers' comments. While most of us would cringe at the sight of online toxicity, Kourtney takes it a step further and handles it with grace and kindness. We love it!

Killing Them With Kindness

Kourtney Kardashian
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The inventor of Poosh, dressed in an Adidas GoPro shirt, provided humorous feedback on the Lemme Vitamins TikTok channel while lounging on the couch. Fans bombarded Kourtney's family with intrusive questions as well as Kourtney herself.

“Can the Kardashians just retire?” One commenter said. “That would be nice,” the mom of three answered with a lip scrunch and a shrug of her shoulders.

Season 3 Is Here!

The Kardashians
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The first trailer for the third season of the reality TV series The Kardashians already debuted.

Additionally, the clip hinted at a lot of "drama" while rap music played in the background.

Would There Be Drama?

Khloe, Kourtney's sister, was seen telling fans that there will be little drama this season.

The return of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian's complaint that there isn't enough "loyalty" are some of the highlights. Kim Kardashian also broke down in tears after ranting at someone off-camera.

When Does The Show Drop?

Kourtney Kardashian
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On Hulu, the third season of The Kardashians will debut on May 25. New episodes will air every Thursday.