Rihanna's Home Is The Scene Of Another Crime

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Over the past few weeks, Rihanna has been in the news for many reasons, including her performance at the halftime Super Bowl event and her pregnancy news. Recently, Rihanna made the news again, but this time, it was for the wrong reason, as her driver's car was stolen outside her home. Here are the details.

Rihanna's Driver's Car Goes Missing 

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Recently, reports revealed that another crime went down at Rihanna's home in Beverly Hills. According to the reports, the singer's driver's car was stolen outside the property.

What Happened?

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Detailing what happened, the driver told the authorities that he had arrived at Rihanna's home and decided to rush inside to grab something quickly.

The Driver Makes A Huge Mistake 

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However, the man made a mistake by leaving the keys in the car with the engine running. Upon his return, the driver noticed his $37,000 2012 Audi Sedan was missing.

The Police Are Still Investigating

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While it is unclear if the Rude Boy singer was at home at the time of the incident, TMZ reports that the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the incident.

Man Travels To Propose To Rihanna 

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The recent theft comes shortly after Rihanna's home was surrounded by police after a man from South Carolina allegedly traveled to California to propose to the Fenty CEO.

The Man Is Placed In Handcuffs 

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According to reports, the singer's security team alerted the police about their concerns, and the would-be Romeo was handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car.

The Man Is Set Free

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Eventually, the investigators determined that the unidentified man did not break any law and released him. However, he was warned not to return to the property.

Intruder Breaks Into Rihanna's Home 

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The incident comes nearly five years after another scary episode in which a strange intruder entered the Grammy Award winner's home while she was out of town.

Details Of The Incident 

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In May 2018, the Los Angeles police were dispatched to the Umbrella singer's home following reports of an intruder. Upon arrival, detectives found Eduardo Leon of Orange County inside the property.

The Strange Man Was In The Home For a Full Day 

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The police would determine that the 26-year-old intruder had been there at least a full day before he was eventually tased and taken into custody.

How Did Eduardo Get In? 

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Authorities added that Eduardo had successfully managed to disable the music icon's alarm system and gotten inside, even unpacking his bag and charging his phone during his illegal stay.

Eduardo's Purpose For Breaking In

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It was also revealed that the strange man had broken into another home earlier, thinking it was Rihanna's, and his purpose of breaking in was to have s*x with the singer.

Eduardo Gets Arrested And Charged 

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Eduardo was arrested on charges of stalking, residential burglary, trespassing, vandalism, and resisting arrest. He was also held on a bail of $150,000. 

Rihanna Is Pregnant 

Rihanna unveiling first baby bump
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While the search for Rihanna's driver's car continues, the Lift Me Up co-singer is set to welcome baby number two with her rapper partner, A$AP Rocky.

Rihanna Announces The News

Rihanna performing during 2023 Super Bowl
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The singer shocked the world in February when she climbed the State Farm Stadium stage at the Super Bowl Halftime show to perform her memorable hits and debut her baby bump.

A Representative Confirms The News 

Rihanna performing at the 2023 OScars
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Shortly after her performance, fans took to social media to question whether Rihanna was pregnant, as she had yet to confirm the news. However, a representative made the news official.

Rihanna Didn't Want To Perform 

Rihanna's Super Bowl performance
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Rihanna's pregnancy reveal was shocking, as she revealed before the performance that she had been hesitant to sign on to the performance because she had recently given birth.

Motherhood Was A Motivation

Mom's hand cradling child's feet
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However, becoming a mom gave Rihanna the energy to take on the big event, especially with her 9-month old son watching on.

Rihanna's First Child 

Rihanna welcomed her first child with her partner, A$AP Rocky, in May 2022. They have chosen not to disclose the child's name or post extensively on social media.