Blac Chyna Faced a Health Scare Before Getting Fillers Removed

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Blac Chyna attends the Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna Cover Reveal
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American model and reality star Blac Chyna has revealed she has been struggling with health complications before removing all her fillers. The face of The Real Blac Chyna has been undergoing several changes in her life, and it's making international news!

Health Scare

Blac Chyna dissolving her fillers
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The Rob & Chyna star Blac Chyna shared with her followers on Instagram that she suffered a series of complications after getting silicon filler injections and implants. She said, "It would give me a fever, and I would get agitated and aggravated when it would start to swell up on me. It was a very uncomfortable feeling."

Not As Complicated

Blac Chyna getting her fillers dissolved
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Chyna was also thankful to be lucky enough to have fewer complications compared to other "crazy" side effects that she could have experienced. "Thank God I didn't have crazy health complications to the point where I would get really sick. But I have, throughout the years, fallen ill to it."

Worst Cases

Blac Chyna getting interviewed by Daily Mail Online
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The American model and socialite spoke about some worse side effects she has seen on women who have silicone fillers. She stated that some ladies suffer from discoloration, thinning, and skin disfiguration.

Adding that others have to undergo surgery where surgeons would have to "Cut your lower back or underneath your buttocks area so they can scrape it out."

Makeunder Season

Blac Chyna at the Oscars award ceremony
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Blac Chyna, who wants to go by her real name Angela Renée White, has been making the headlines for her dramatic makeunder decisions. Since the beginning of March, the ex-stripper has been getting rid of cosmetic improvements like facial fillers and implants she did to herself. 

Shouldn't Have Done It

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Angela, as she now wants to be called, also began to question her previous decision to get all the fillers in the first place. The mother of two explained that she already had "naturally-high cheekbones" due to her "genetics," so she didn't need to go through cosmetic efforts. 

Dangers Involved

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Speaking on the same Instagram video post, Angela used the opportunity to educate her younger fans about the dangers of injecting fillers into their bodies. She said, "It is very, very, very dangerous and it's illegal too because you don't know what it is that they're injecting you with."

Don't Even Do It

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Still on her advice, she tried to talk down on cosmetic enhancement to many of her fans who would watch the video. In her words, "Rest in peace to the people that have passed away from getting this procedure done, it is just not worth it, and that's why I keep telling people, 'don't even do it.' The gym is the best place to transform. Go to the gym."

Insecurity Driven

Blac Chyna giving a dead face

Trying to explain to her fans that she suffered from pressure to appear perfect in the spotlight. "As women, we want to look the best and feel we need to be as fake as possible and plastic. That everything needs to be perfect, but that's not normal. That comes from insecurity and feeling you have to live a certain kind of life and lifestyle."

Moving Forward

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Well, lucky for Angela, she's putting all the cosmetic stuff behind her and charting a new course for herself. The star added, "I'm done with that type of lifestyle, and I just want to step into my own and own it."

Did Too Much

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The Hearts Pure extensions line founder admitted that she might have gone "overboard" on using fillers. "I went overboard and that's why I wanted to reverse it. I was like, 'Let me take this out and get back to myself.'"

Dissolving The Fillers

Blac Chyna morning face without makeup
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Alongside her transformation into a new life, Angela says her other reason for dissolving the fillers was because her lips became enormous, and she could barely see her teeth when smiling.

"That's why I started dissolving the fillers in my face and lips because it got to a point where my lips were so big that, even when I would smile, you still couldn't see my teeth. Now you can see my teeth!"

Sharing The Big News

Blac Chyna at the doctor's office
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Since March 13, Angela began sharing details of her makeunder decision with her fans and followers on social media.

Woke Up To Support

Blac Chyna flinging her hair backwards
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Just like a breeze of an idea to share with fans about her journey, the TV star has received tons of positive support she wasn't expecting. She said, "I was just healing from my surgery and thought 'Let me just post these,' and then I went to sleep. I woke up, and it had blown up but in a positive way."

Becoming More Expressive

Blac Chyna at Forbes
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The massive support she received from everyone online on her first post made her more open to sharing the entire transformation process with her fans. "When I saw that, it made me want to even be more open and vulnerable so they can see the transformation."

End To Signature Nails

Blac Chyna getting ready to attend Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna Cover Reveal
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She not only changed how she looks facially but also her nails! The regular Blac Chyna stiletto nails have been cut out; Angela currently rocks a traditional acrylic manicure.

Angela Reborn

Blac Chyna getting baptized in water
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Blac Chyna was baptized! She shared a video of her baptism yesterday on her Instagram page. The star previously revealed in a different post that her baptism was on her 34th birthday in May last year.

Positive Impact

All my people gotta stay on a positive vibe

Leading to her series of new transformations, she reveals her baptism and found faith have impacted her decision makings positively. In her words, "I think my baptism on my birthday played a big part. Everything has been kind of trickling down for me and lining up perfectly."

Walk Of Faith


Following the Christian path, Angela stated she would no longer go by her previous self but in the Angela way. "Now I'm just going by faith. I'm not even really going by like the Blac Chyna way or the Angela way. Let me just let God lead me."

Her Reason For Change

Blac Chyna getting interviewed by Daily Mail Online
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Speaking with Daily Mail about her transformation and why she's embracing the Christian faith, she said, "I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired of the same repetitive things."